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10 Best Dog Food Brands for 2024

Caring for your dog is not merely limited to taking them to a dog spa or having a fun time with them. It is also about what you feed your pet and how much you care about their nutrition.

For your dog to stay fit and active all day, you must give them a good diet. Thankfully, there are many brands to choose from when it comes to buying dog foods. They provide different kinds of dog edibles to help them stay healthy and active and boost their immunity.

What are the Best Dog Foods in America?

Many American pet owners look forward to buying dog food from the below-listed brands.

  1. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh

When it comes to the best brand of dog food, The Farmer’s Dog enjoys massive attention. Their entire line of human-grade dog food is loaded with premium ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, turkey, and pork. The manufacturers claim they use fresh ingredients in making dog food.

Another plus point of buying from this brand – it customizes each recipe according to your dog’s health and energy needs, including age, allergies, and other conditions.

  1. TruDog

This one is a family-owned pet food company located in the Midwest. The founder of the brand turned to raw feeding to give her dogs better quality food. Lori soon found the inconvenience of feeding raw to be too much, which further helped her create her own brand.

TruDog is all about making free-dried food containing all the essential nutrition to help you feed your dog without the mess. It doesn’t contain fillers, grains, added salt, or sugars and is free from chemicals.

  1. BIOethics

Another sought-after brand to buy dog food from is BIOethics. The brand operates within the Los Angeles and Orange County area, ensuring your dog is fed well with healthy and nutritious food.

BIOethics prepares the dog food by making it in small batches. The brand claims its food is minimally processed and only uses fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, and USDA-certified meat. Thus, rest assured for you will not find any artificial preservatives or coloring in the food. All the ingredients are fresh, human-grade, and locally sourced.

  1. Spring Naturals

Another sought-after dog food brand you can rely on is Spring Naturals. It believes in a whole food nutrition approach to feeding pets and includes only real meat in all its exclusive recipes. All the dog foods created by the brand are low glycemic formulas designed to extend your pet’s life. They do not contain starches or carbohydrates.

Spring Naturals offers a whole line of whole-grain, grain-free, and organic wet and dry food and treat options for your pet. You can make a choice and feed them healthy food.

  1. Iams ProActive Health

Iams ProActive Health is an efficient dog food brand operating in the United States of America. It comprises chicken as its first ingredient and includes other sources of protein as well.

All the dog food choices of this brand have flax seeds that provide a source of omega fats to boost their immunity. Besides this, the dog food at Iams ProACtive health also includes vitamins and minerals to keep away infections and allergies. There are no harmful colors, chemicals, or preservatives.

  1. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo features deboned chicken as its first ingredient and also comprises chicken meal for added protein. This dog food also includes blueberries, cranberries, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other ingredients that collectively provide your dog the much-needed nutrition, thus keeping them fit and healthy.

The composition of this dog food also includes L-Carnitine to help build strong muscles, while chondroitin and glucosamine help protect their joints and ease the pain of arthritis. The food doesn’t contain harmful preservatives.

  1. American Journey

Talk about grain-free dry dog food, and the mention of the American Journey is a must. The brand is considered one of the reliable companies that feature debone salmon as its top ingredient and has other make proteins too. The extra protein in American Journey helps in the development of muscles and makes your pet feel full for a long time.

This dog food has other high-quality ingredients such as chickpeas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and blueberries. All these ingredients offer plenty of antioxidants to your pet’s diet, thus keeping them fit, healthy, and free from infections and allergies in the long run. The composition of this dog food brand also boosts their immune system and helps them maintain smooth-running digestion.

  1. Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals is a brand dedicated to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing process. It is based out of Oregon. The company specializes in raw and freeze-dried pet foods produced in a USDA/Oregon Tilth/Global Food Safety Initiative Certified facility.

The best quality about this brand is that all their foods are minimally processed and distributed to independent retailers. It helps them avoid extended storage periods. The dog food utilizes anti-biotic free and hormone-free beef, bison, lamb, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon in their foods.

  1. Portland Pet Food

The company is based in Portland, Oregon, and is considered one of the best manufacturers of dog food in America. It is dedicated to changing the world of pet nutrition and animal shelters. The individual pouch meals provided by this brand are cooked from scratch. They also include biscuits rolled out by hand.

The best thing about buying from this brand is that 5 percent of all net profits from this dog food made in the USA are donated to animal shelters and programs dedicated to animal welfare. All their food items are made out of USDA-approved commercial facilities.

  1. Whole Earth Farms

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Dry dog food is another healthy food that comprises pork, beef, and lamb proteins for strong muscle growth. The grain-free food also includes apples, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, and other essential fruits and vegetables to boost energy and supply antioxidants.

All the food from this brand has an easy-to-digest formula that doesn’t upset your pet’s delicate digestive tract.

The above-listed dog food brands have been passed by all the vets in terms of quality and nutrition for your pet. Thus, why wait? Grab your hands on these dog food brands for your pet and feed them healthy food.

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