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Ashton Kutcher Dating History – Meet The Ladies the Star Has Dated

Ashton Kutcher is one of the successful names in Hollywood. His long-living career includes his experiments with different areas of the industry – modelling, television, movies, production, and everything in between. Kutcher has established himself as one of the prominent names. Some of his notable acting works include Where’s My Car, Dude, Coming Soon, My Boss’ Daughter, and No Strings Attached. Ashton has also produced the hit reality show on MTV, Punk’d.

Besides his acting mantle, Ashton is also known for his dating history, having dated some top names from the industry.

Who Has Ashton Kutcher Dated?

Here is the list of all the women that Ashton Kutcher has been with, in reality, and as per rumors.

Monet Mazur

Monet Mazur is an American actress well-known for her role in All American. She and Kutcher dated each other in 1995. Both were teenagers and did not take their love life so seriously.

January Jones

Kutcher went on to date another American actress and model, January Jones. Jones is famously known for her role as Betty Draper in Mad Men. The couple was together from 1998 to 2001.

Ashley Ellerin

After stepping out of his previous relationship, Kutcher was seen many times with Ashley Ellerin. At that time, Ashley was studying fashion. Unfortunately, she was murdered in February 2001. In testimony in May 2019, Kutcher stated that he wanted to take her on a date to a Grammys afterparty but never heard back from her.


When Ashton visited her, she did not answer the door. He assumed he arrived too late and she had already left. Ellerin’s roommate, however, found her body the next day. After investigations, Michael Gargiulo, or the Hollywood Ripper, was found guilty of murdering the girl. He was sentenced to death in July 2021.

Ashely Scott

Another famous name in Ashton Kutcher’s dating history is Ashely Scott. Scott is an American model and actress known for her work in the video games The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, where she voices the protagonist, Maria Miller.

The duo shared a relationship in 2001. However, it was very short-lived and lasted for nine months.

Brittany Murphy

Ashton and Brittany shared the screen in Just Married. The co-stars began dating after wrapping the film. In 2003, many rumors about their engagement surfaced in the media. They were spotted wearing matching rings. However, they ended their relationship after five months.

Unfortunately, Murphy died of pneumonia in December 2009 at the young age of 32.

Kutcher remembered her co-star and alleged ex-girlfriend. According to him, she was like the person who walked into the room and was the first one to dance.

Demi Moore

One of the most serious relationships that Kutcher ever had was with Demi Moore. Although there was a big age difference between the two, the couple barely cared. They started dating in 2003 and first stepped out in May of the same year. The couple decided to take their relationship a step further by tying the knot in September 2005.

They would often be spotted romancing in public. Kutcher also embraced being a stepfather to Demi’s three daughters. All hell broke between them when the rumors of Kutcher’s infidelity began to surface in 2011. These rumors led Demi to announce their split.

Both filed for divorce in December 2012, and the proceedings were finalized in November 2013.

Sara Leal

Reportedly, Kutcher’s closeness with Sara Leal broke his marriage with Demi Moore. According to an administrative assistant, Kutcher slept with her after an all-night party in his suite at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel in September 2011. It was the same night of his sixth anniversary with Moore.

According to Sara, “He just came up and kissed me.”


Many rumors about Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna seeing each other spread across the newspapers and the internet. The gossip surfaced when Rihanna was spotted leaving his home in 2012. However, she shunned these rumors and stated she was completely unattached to Kutcher.

Their apparent fling lasted for eight weeks only.

Mila Kunis

Kutcher and Kunis played an onscreen couple on That ‘70s Show years earlier. But they began dating later in 2012 amid his divorce from Moore.

The couple got engaged in February 2014 and welcomed their daughter Wyatt. They were co-stars first, then became friends, friends with benefits, and parents. Finally, they decided to marry each other and became husband and wife. Their wedding was a private ceremony, that took place in Oak Glen, California, on the 4th of July, 2015.

In November 2016, the couple welcomed their son, Dimitri. In 2019, some rumors about their divorce spread over social media. But the couple canceled them. Following the tension between Ukraine and Russia, Mila immigrated with her family, and Kutcher launched a fundraiser to help refugees fleeing the war.

Reportedly, the family resides in a sustainable farmhouse in Beverly Hills. The property is said to be designed by the couple and architect Howard Backen.

Fun Facts About Kutcher that You Didn’t Know

  • Ashton Kutcher’s real name is Chris. After joining a modeling agency that already represented a guy named Chris, he decided to be called his real name Ashton.
  • Ashton Kutcher has webbed toes. The actor often joked about his webbed feet in several interviews. He shares this characteristic with other celebrities, Danielle Panabaker and Dan Aykroyd.
  • Ashton Kutcher was not born with a silver spoon. Thus, he had to run pillar from the post to earn money. He had performed various odd jobs, from washing dishes to sweeping up the Cheerio dust and others.
  • After his divorce from Demi Moore, Kutcher fasted for a week. He went to the mountains by himself and did not eat anything except water and tea. He also disconnected from computers, laptops, and his phone and spent all his time alone.
  • Not many people know this, but Ashton Kutcher has a twin brother. His name is Michael. Ashton’s twin brother has dealt with several health issues. He was born with Cerebral palsy and had a heart transplant at a young age.
  • When married to Demi, the couple had to go through a personal tragedy as Demi suffered a miscarriage. It is believed that this event strained their relationship as Moore felt Kutcher did not understand the pain she had to deal with.

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