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30 Weird Places on Google Earth (With Pictures)

Google Earth is a virtual Globe that lets a layman person see any part of the planet. If you can’t go somewhere, you can go there virtually. It is a model of Earth which compiles images from various sources such as satellites from geosynchronous orbit that captures low-resolution images and satellites from closer to search that captures high-resolution photos.

You may be shocked to know that there are some weird places on Google Earth. These places may or may not exist on the real map. If you want to know such weird places, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss 30 Weird Places on Google Earth.

30 Weird Places on Google Earth

It’s wonderful to see the world via Google Maps’ perspective. Imagine the bizarre and wacky creations that the public has created by mowing across open fields, spray painting their homes, and modifying traffic circles! Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Galešnjak: the Lover’s Island

The Adriatic Sea separates Italy from Croatia, where this teeny-tiny island may be found. Even though the island is a desolate wasteland, the Juresko family has always advertised it to hand in some extra money.

The 32-acre island doesn’t have any kind of freshwater or buildings on it. It has been marketed as “Lover’s Island” by the Jureskos since it was initially shown in 2009 on Google Earth.

2. Sprawling Swastika

More than 50 geoglyphs, including this swastika-shaped artwork, were unearthed by scientists in northern Kazakhstan, Central Asia. However, unlike the swastika sign, many geoglyphs were constructed of clay mounds. Swastika sign is made of Timber.

Geoglyphs in the area seem to be at least 2,000 years old, if not more. Swastikas were prevalent throughout Europe and Asia at that time and had no connection to any political ideology.

3. Will U Marry Me

There’s a building in some locality on which somebody has proposed. Though the actual location of this weird place is not known, this image is one of the weirdest places on Google Earth.

4. Shamrock Maze in Dublin

An amusing hedge labyrinth may be found just off a major Irish highway south of Dublin Airport. These major roads in Ireland are also called motorways.

Though no information can be found on this, the road leading to it is blocked by a large metal gate in Google Street View. The notice informs that it’s private property guarded by attack dogs.

5. Lake on an Island or Island on a Lake

This is the next weird thing on our list. Its an island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island. This is something very interesting and rarely seen. This image is taken from a tiny island that is situated inside a crater lake on an island known as Volcano Island. It is situated on an island itself called the Philippines.

In the early days of Google Earth’s existence, this was supposedly the biggest of its sort that had been seen for years.

6. Google Escher Effect – Paris, France

In cases like these, photographs of structures being shot from various angles, are stitched together satellite images and aero images of cities. Taller structures at each image’s margins look to be leaning toward or away from one another at sharp angles after being stitched together.

7. Luecke Farm, Texas

There’s a farm deep in the heart of Texas, and a narcissist farmer lives there who has written his name on his field.

Austin’s Luecke Farm is a ranch located approximately an hour southeast of the capital city. The farmer cut down the majority of the trees to make room for his cattle, but he kept others to serve as an animal habitat.

This is not just ecologically friendly, but NASA utilizes this three-mile-long landmark to calibrate its satellite and aerial photography sensors.

8. Weird Wheels

Google Earth has detected some ancient creativity carved into the surface of the globe, including wheel-shaped geometric formations that may stretch back some 8,500 years. These are even older than Peru’s Geoglyphs that are known as Nazca Lines.

9. Graffiti in Google Maps

Cerro Prieto, the crater of an extinct volcano is situated in Baja California. Graffiti large enough to be visible from a height seems to have been added by many of the site’s visitors. People standing on the eastern rim of the crater’s rim may view the graffiti, which suggests it was intended for them to see. You can refer to the photo above to have a clear image.

10. “Welcome to Cleveland” Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This one is my favorite. There’s a house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the terrace of which, it is written: “Welcome to Cleveland”. So, whenever your plane moves above Cleveland, you can see the message.

11. Bull’s eye

Middle Eastern “wheels,” which appear like bull’s eyes with three triangles pointing to the eye and a little pile of stones going to the bull’s-eye wheel, is the next on our list.

It is described as a “central bull’s-eye tomb with, in this case, three triangles with at least part of a connecting line of stone piles flowing to the center” by co-director David Kennedy of Western Australia University.

12. Mystery Stone Arrow

Somewhere in North America, there’s an arrow on a roadside made of stones. The exact location of this scenario is still unknown. But it has made us think about whether this stone arrow is man-made or nature-made.

13. Giant Pac-Man Game on Breckenridge Road, Tewksbury, MA

Would you like to see your neighborhood transformed into a huge Pac-Man game? But the sound of the grinding tiles would likely keep you awake at night.

The pic above resembles the legendary game of Pec Man. This place is located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

14. Mysterious pyramid

The image is from Google Earth showing an anomaly that some belief is an unexcavated Pyramid. Many abnormalities in Egypt have been seen using Google Earth in recent years, however, there is disagreement as to whether they are natural or manmade.

The quantity and extent of excavations in Egypt have been constrained due to the country’s security and economic conditions.

15. Auto Antics

Do you cry about a parking place in your locality? Look at the picture above. In Westenbergstraat, Netherlands the car drivers are parking cars on the sides of the wall. So, don’t worry about your parking, at least you don’t have to park over a wall.

16. Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt is known for its pyramids. These Pyramids are dated back to some 1000-2000 years. Look at the picture above. Can you tell whether this pyramid is eroded or it’s just like that only? Do tell us your views in the comment section below.

17. Stealth Bomber Swimming Pool at Whiteman AFB

This Swimming pool was kept blurred by Google Earth for a long period. But now the secret has been revealed. Street Bombers are Amphibians. This pool, before 2007, looked like a slate of Ice.

As such, Google Earth amended its mistake and made it clear in recent times. This Swimming pool is situated on the outskirts of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, home of the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

18. Face of Satan

There’s an anonymous man who claimed this pattern to be the face of Satan. The pattern formed by the local roads of this place is compared to a symbol. This symbol, according to him belongs to Satan. This brings thrill into reality. What do you think?

19. Cruise Ship Mall, Hong Kong

For a long time, a sign near San Diego’s harbor said, “Cruise ships use airport exit.” Following the warning, this ship veered off course and became entangled in a jungle of Twitter hashtags.

Whampoa Gardens is a massive Hong Kong housing complex constructed on the site of old dockyards, including a ship-shaped commercial mall.

20. Phantom Island

A Manhattan-sized island in the South Pacific was “undiscovered” in 2012 by an Australian research team. Sandy Island, a strange location northwest of New Caledonia, was shown on maps. It even appeared on Google Earth as a black polygon. But when scientists decided to go there in later 2019, it was open water instead of Solid Ground.

21. Man Shaped Lake, Brazil

You may have seen lakes and rivers of many shapes. But this is different. In Brazil, there’s a place where the lake is designed in the shape of a man. This is a man-made lake otherwise it would not have been formed.

22. Parque Gulliver in Valencia, Spain

You must have read Gulliver’s Travel in your Childhood. This place in Parque Gulliver in Valencia, Spain still torments the Gullivers by Lilliputians. This place is named after the Gulliver.

It offers tons of interesting things. In the image, you can see. He is on the upper left side with big houses and on the lower right side, you can notice the Gardens of Turia.

23. Iraq’s Bloody Lake

There was much dark speculation about this blood-red lake in Iraq’s Sadr City when it was discovered in 2007. Somebody claims that Iraqi slaughterhouses occasionally pour blood into canals. Although no official explanation has been provided, it’s more probable that the color is due to sewage, pollution, or a water-treatment procedure.

24. Atacama Giant

On the Cerro Unitas peak in the Atacama Desert, Chile, there is an anthropomorphic geoglyph called the Atacama Giant. It is a Prehistoric anthropomorphic figure with a length of 119 meters. It was a deity for the inhabitants of the area from AD 1000 to 1400 and was the world’s largest.

25. Puzzling Pentagram

In the area of Central Asia, there’s an isolated corner of Kazakhstan. In that isolated corner, there lies a big Pentagonal structure measuring up 1,200 feet (366 meters) in diameter.

You can see the pentagonal structure bounded by a circle, which is located on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir. Some people relate this structure to devil’s workshops or nefarious religious sects. What are your views on this?

26. Issaouane Erg desert – Dunes (Algeria)

This is a beautiful picture of the Erg Desert. You can see the 3 Dunes. These dunes are just the tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds and thousands of dunes just like that. The color combination and shape of these dunes in the desert are amazing.

27. UFO Landing Pad Mat in Holland

In Poland, the state has made an official UFO Landing site with traffic advisory lights to completely direct the aliens. It’s a roundabout between roads and the area between it is where the UFO landing pad has been made.

So, the next time the aliens are coming, they know where to land their Unidentifying Flying Object(UFO).

28. Abandoned Launch Sites

During the Cold War, almost 300 Nike missiles, which were supersonic surface-to-air missiles, were ready to fire at nearly 300 locations around the United States. Even nuclear warheads were on some of the rockets. Once a necessary weapon, long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles are now considered obsolete.

29. Fingerprint on Lens in Brighton, UK

Did you ever imagine a field in the shape of a fingerprint? Think no more, there’s a site in Brighton, the United Kingdom where you can see the Fingerprint shaped area.

30. Desert Breath

An alternative world via a spiral door? What if it’s a communication from another planet? What if it’s a relic from a long-dead deity?

Desert Breath, an artwork in the Egyptian desert near the Red Sea, has a massive spiral shape. Designed to honor “the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind,” the 1 million-square-foot (100,000-square-meter) artwork was completed in March 2007 by Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, and Stella Constantinides.

These are all the 30 weird places on Google Earth. These images are taken from google earth and you can revisit them as soon as possible. Because, when these came to the notice of Google, they might remove them.



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