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11 Most Developed Countries in Africa

The African continent is the most overlooked continent of the world. While the remaining continents witness exponential development in infrastructure, technological advancements, trade, commerce, foreign relations, education, and standard of living, a large portion of Africa remains behind the curve.

Africa has plenty of natural resources. The continent is also rich in cultural and ecological development. Despite all these plus points, it remains underdeveloped. According to the recent survey, no other continent has been enlisted in the least developed nations more than Africa.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Few African nations have defied the odds like malnutrition, corruption, economic crisis, civil unrest, and others. They are more developed than the remaining countries in the continent, and still developing compared to the other parts of the world.

Most Developed Nations of Africa

Here are the 11 most developed countries in Africa, listed by the Human Development Index.

  1. Seychelles

The Human Development Index has named Seychelles the most developed country in Africa. The HDI of this country is 0.797, and its GDP per capita is $16, 332 respectively.

This country is a cluster of 115 islands situated 1500 kilometers east of the Eastern African coastline. The economy of Seychelles once relied on plantation farming. The most booming aspect of the economy here is its tourism. Seychelles is looked upon as one of the most popular tourist destinations by honeymooners. Besides this, the country also depends upon other sources such as farming, boat building, poultry, beverages, and others

  1. Mauritius

Mauritius is the second most developed country on the African continent. It is also a tourist hub in Africa. Every year, thousands of tourists visit here to spend their vacation.

The country first relied solely on agriculture for its economy. However, it has diversified its economic setup manifold since then. The GDP per capita of Mauritius is $10, 437 and its HDI is 0.790. Recently, Mauritius has undergone an impressive expansion in the sectors like sugar, textile, and financial services.

  1. Algeria

Algeria owes its development to its booming infrastructure. When compared to other countries of the continent, the standard of living of citizens is much superior. The population of Algeria reflects well on the economy stands.

The country is also on record to have achieved the incredible feat of reducing poverty by a whopping 20 percent in the last 20 years. Algeria is still developing. The GDP per capita of this country is $4,669.

  1. Tunisia

Like Algeria, Tunisia has also turned out to be one of the stable and growing economies of Africa. Once a poor nation, it has witnessed a drastic change and development in the past decades.

A vital portion of income in Tunisia comes from agriculture, tourism, electrical and mechanical exportation. The standard of living of people here is better than other African nations.

  1. Botswana

This landlocked country rests in Southern Africa and is considered the fifth most developed country on the continent. The population of Botswana is sparse, with only 2 million individuals living here.

The HDI of Botswana is 0.717, and its GDP per capita ranges at $8,442. The primary sources of income in the country are tourism and mining. Cattle rearing is another notable medium strengthening the country’s economy. According to the economists, Botswana will witness an incredible expansion in the coming years.

  1. Libya

Libya is also counted among the most developed nations of the African continent. The country predominantly depends on oil as its source of income. It holds the largest oil reserves in the whole African continent.

The GDP per capita of Libya is $7,998, and its HDI is 0.706. There are many setbacks that Libya is yet to overcome. Its poor climate and unemployment are some of them.

  1. Rwanda

Owing to many government reforms and leadership, Rwanda has emerged as one of the most developed countries in Africa. The country witnessed a massive genocide in 1994, after which its infrastructure, economy, and standard of living were greatly affected.

With supportive leadership and government reforms, the country overcame all the obstacles. Today, it has a total GDP of 9.14 billion USD. Rwanda is still working on the sectors such as education, employment opportunities, and technological advancements.

  1. Egypt

Egypt has a GDP per capita of $2,501 and HDI 0.696, making it the eighth-most developed country of Africa. This Middle Eastern country is known for the beautiful pyramids of Giza. It attracts many tourists all around the year.

In terms of economy, Egypt largely relies on the sectors such as telecommunication, agriculture, mining, and others. Today, it has become a middle-income country. But the economists have predicted potential for more expansion opportunities in all the sectors.

  1. Morocco

Morocco in Africa is known for its beautiful culture and diversity. It also happens to be one of the most developed countries on the continent. The GDP per capita income of Morocco is $3,435 and its HDI is 0.667. the resources of Morocco come from its mining, service sectors, manufacturing, textile, etc.

The country also relies on tourism, information technology, and telecoms. The future of Morocco seems bright.

  1. Namibia

Namibia is situated in the southern part of Africa and is considered the tenth most developed country in Africa. The economic growth and expansion of Namibia are closely related to South Africa. It is because both countries have a shared history.

Some of the sectors which have resulted in economic growth in Namibia include technology, mining, agriculture, and tourism. Today, the country is developing an effective online banking system for its citizens.

  1. South Africa

South Africa has an HDI of 0.699 and a GDP per capita of $6,541. It is considered one of the most developed nations of Africa. The economic development here is aided by many activities – mining, tertiary services, industrial growth, to name a few.

Out of all, mining is considered a vital industry in South Africa. The citizens here enjoy employment and education opportunities and a better quality of life.

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