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Ariana Grande’s Dating History: Messy Breakups & Cheating Scandals

Ariana Grande is one of the most famous and popular singers in the world. The 29-year-old Bang Bang singer is also a songwriter and actress. The young legend has made over $200 million so far and she is just getting started.

Grande got noticed when she starred in the musical 13 in 2008. That led to her bagging the role of Cat Valentine on Victorious and its spinoff Sam and Cat.

Her musical career began in 2011 with the soundtrack album Music From Victorious. Two years later, Grande released her first album Yours Truly and the rest as they say is history. So far, she has won over 207 awards, including two Grammys, one Bambi award, one Brit award, and many more.

Her musical talent shoved her into the limelight and her private life also got dragged into it. Here are her boyfriends from over the years.

  1. Graham Phillips

Phillips was Grande’s first official boyfriend. The two of them met as teenagers on the Broadway musical 13. They started dating in 2009 after about a year of being friends. The two of them were going strong for three years which bore several duets and a joint presence at the Emmys.

Ultimately, the two amicably parted ways in December 2011. They both remain on good terms, with Phillips posting a throwback picture with Grande on his Instagram.

  1. Jai Brooks

Back in 2012, Jai Brooks and his twin brother, Luke Brooks, both bet to see who could get Grande’s attention first. Both were part of the Australian comedy Youtube group and  boyband called Janoskians. Ultimately, Jai won when Grande gave him his phone number.

They went on to get into a long-distance relationship for about a year before Grande revealed publicly that Brooks broke up over a text message. Immediately, Brooks tweeted that Grande cheated on him with Nathan Sykes.

The couple reunited two years later in 2014 and got back together for a few months before breaking up again.

  1. Nathan Sykes

After Brooks and Grande parted ways initially, Grande went on to date Nathan Sykes, a member ofthe popular British boyband- The Wanted. They dated for five months before parting ways. However, they got back when they came together as opening acts for Justin Bieber’s Believe tour. Talk about fate!

They were smitten with each other and dated for another couple of months before the long-distance got too much for them and they called it quits again.

  1. Big Sean

Her relationship with Big Sean caught public attention back in 2015. They had met a couple of years ago when they collaborated on the song Right There on Grande’s debut album Yours Truly.

The couple made their relationship official with an appearance at the 2015’s Grammy Awards. After about eight months of bliss together, they went their separate ways due to conflicting schedules. It’s tough being a singing sensation, isn’t it? You write about love but get no time to enjoy it.

  1. Ricky Alvarez

After Big Sean left the scene, Alvarez entered and swooned Grande off her feet. Not many people are aware that this relationship even happened, maybe because it was short-lived.

Alvarez was one of the backup dancers for Grande on her tour in 2014. The two sent speculations flying when they kissed on screen in 2015. It is said that the couple dated from mid-2016 to 2017 before they broke up.

  1. Mac Miller

Although many of Grande’s past relationships might have appeared to be spontaneous or more of a fling, her relationship with Mac Miller was more than that. The two of them were spotted together sharing a steamy kiss outside a sushi restaurant in 2016, four years after their song Baby It’s Cold Outside was released.

They went strong for about two years before they confirmed that they were not together anymore. Although Grande hinted that the relationship was ‘toxic’, she went on to call him ‘an angel’ in her song Thank You, Next.

  1. Pete Davidson

The couple’s whirlwind of romance began when Pete Davidson broke off with Cazzie David and Ariana Grande called it quits with Miller. Davidson, from  Saturday Night Live, announced their relationship on his Instagram in 2018.

Fans were not even used to them being a couple when they got engaged just a month later. Davidson bought Grande a $93,000 ring. They adopted a pig together and moved into a condo to live together. However, they broke up soon after with Davidson wishing her “all the happiness in the world”.

  1. Mikey Foster

Grande dated the Social House member Mikey Foster for a short time. Foster opened for her on her Sweetener tour in 2019. They even made out in their collaborative music video Boyfriend which sent fans into panic mode as they tried to figure out whether they were dating or not.

After the music video, the two of them were together for two consecutive nights and were even spotted holding hands at one point. Later on, it was confirmed that they had been together for some time but they did not make it for too long before breaking up.

  1. Dalton Gomez

The couple was first rumored to be dating when they were spotted kissing on a night out with friends in February 2020.

According to sources, Gomez was hired to help find a house for Grande. We don’t know if they found a house or not, but they certainly found each other. The two of them kept their relationship private. Last year in May, they even got married in an intimate affair at home.

Ariana Grande’s personal life has been the topic of conversation and critique many times, especially when her former boyfriend Mac Miller passed away and she got blamed for it. After that, she  tries to keep her relationships safely hidden from the public’s eyes.

Those former boyfriends who did speak about their relationship with Grande have mostly good things to say about her. She has now been married for more than a year and the couple seems to be deeply in love.

Consciously keeping most details about their relationship private has worked well for the couple so far. Hopefully, the happy couple can inspire Grande to release more happy, lovey-dovey songs.

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