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Why is Kik Down Today? Current Status and Problems Explored

Ladies and gentlemen, Kik is down today! Maybe there’s some problem that’s going on with the messenger behind the curtains. Read on to learn why is Kik not functioning properly and what is the main reason behind its current state.

What is the app Kik all about?

For those of you who are unaware, Kik Messenger popularly known as Kik is a mobile messaging application that can be used on both Android as well as on iPhone. It is a free app, that was launched in the year 2010. You can use the app Kik for chatting with your friends and family in group chats or via direct messages.

In short, Kik is just another instant messaging platform. You can sign up for the cross-platform application with the help of an email address and password. There is no need for a mobile number in the process of signing up.

The freeware instant messaging mobile app was developed by a Canadian company Kik Interactive and the best part about the app is that is free of cost on iOS and Android operating systems.

What are the problems that users are currently facing with Kik?

As of now, many users have reported that the Kik messenger is not working efficiently. The number of problems that have been brought to the attention are as follows: server connection issues, and difficulties in sending messages and receiving messages.

Kik users have expressed their concerns about the app on social media

Recently, the users of the app have openly voiced their concerns about its functioning on the social media platform Twitter. A large number of users have reported their issues with the app in the last 24 hours.

A user wrote, “My kik not working.”

One user wrote, “Just so you know it’s not just me having issues with kik, everyone is complaining about the app because it’s currently not working properly.”

Another user tweeted, “Kiks not working on iOS .Every time I try to open kik it crashes n gets back to home page. It’s been like that ever since after I updated the app. Is it gonna get fixed??”

Followed by a user who penned, “@Kik Kik is still messed up. I can finally log in but unable to join groups. I continue to get an error message “OOPs, Something went wrong. Try that again.”, when trying to join any group. I’ve checked my connection and perform other suggested actions and still not working.”

These were a few reactions of the users to the messaging app Kik as it is not working properly.

When will Kik start working properly?

As of now, the developers of the mobile messaging application have not made any official comment on the problem that the users have been facing lately. Hopefully, the app developers will soon resolve the problem of the users.

Have you faced any problems with Kik to date? Do let us know your experience with the app in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world.

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  1. Absolutely frustrating that messages aren’t happening in real time. Sending and receiving issues for 3 days. Don’t know who is getting my messages or when. Deadlines are being missed.

  2. I am unable to receive messages from anyone new. I can receive messages from whoever I was already chatting with but if someone new try’s to message me it shows I have a notification and new message but when I open the app it isn’t there and the notifications will not go away

  3. I have an iPhone and I am having the same issues that Josh said above. Show I have notification, but no where in the app can i see any new messages.

  4. Not sure if messages are actually being sent, even though it says Sent…and also the app image shows there is one message, but when I open the app, there are no messages? This has been happening for about a week or more now…

    • Footnote to my post –
      The app notification for one message will not go away either…no messages, and all this started after the last update to the app. I’m on iphone.

  5. @Kik please let’s find something to do bout this issue on ground my Kik isn’t working at all,I can’t text nor receive new chat I don’t know what’s wrong pls find a solution to it

  6. I’m not recieving messages from new people. And I know some people with the same proble. I can say because of that the app is usless. The point is to connect na meet new people….


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