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What is Tinder Shadowban and How to Fix it?

In today’s world, online dating apps like tinder are at their peak. Most of the youngsters as well as older people are using such online dating apps. You must have also used Tinder once in your lifetime. Using Tinder is easy. You just have to log in and add photos to your profile, and if anyone right swipes you, you’ll have a match.

As there are two sides to a coin, there are some limitations also. There are some instances where you don’t get any matches for some time, or your profile doesn’t show up to anybody. This is called shadowban. Are you also facing such a problem? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss What is a Tinder Shadowban and how to get rid of it.

What is Tinder Shadowban?

Tinder punishes you for disobeying its rules by issuing a shadowban, which is a kind of expulsion from the app.

Despite having access to the app, your account remains hidden from other users and you won’t be able to find any matches.

There are mainly two ways by which Tinder can punish you if you breach its guidelines.

It’s possible for Tinder to either ban your account without ever disclosing the reason, or to shadowban your account, which means you can still view your matches and even send them messages, but they won’t respond.

How to Know if you are Shadowbanned?

The official Tinder doesn’t mention it anywhere but we know what are the consequences of getting shadowbanned. If you are also facing the below problems, then congrats my friend, you are also shadowbanned.

  1. Fewer matches – Having fewer matches is one of the most obvious indications of a shadowban: You are shadowbanned if you had a lot of matches at first and then they abruptly dropped to zero or a few.
  2. Limited Responses – Another warning symptom is a lack of interest from the folks you’re trying to match up with. People who can no longer see you may not respond to your text messages if are recently shadowbanned.
  3. Issue warning – Tinder is known for issuing warnings to users who breach the community guidelines. That message isn’t a big deal if it pops up once, but if it does so frequently, you may have been blacklisted.
  4. New account with same details – Earlier Tinder used to allow its users to make a new account with the same details. But this made the users always make a new account if something bad happens. Recently, Tinder updated its guidelines. Now, if you make a new account with the same details, you may get shadowbanned.

How to Not Get Shadowbanned?

Tinder’s goal is to keep the service safe for all users, which is why they have several community rules that you must follow. Tinder may delete your account if you get into trouble, but they don’t want to lose money by doing so, so they’ll shadowban you so that you’ll keep paying for the service even though you don’t gain access to it.

Listed below are the reasons why you might be shadowbanned from the site.

  • Don’t send inappropriate messages to your matches.
  • Don’t do something that may get you reported several times.
  • Also, don’t add some inappropriate photos on your Tinder profile such as animal cruelty, sexual pictures, etc. These kinds of photos are a violation of guidelines and may get you shadowbanned.
  • Don’t swipe uncontrollably

What to do if you get Shadowbanned?

Shadowbans are more difficult to get out from. If you are banned, then you can just make another account and don’t repeat your mistakes. If you’ve been banned several times, you’ll be subject to a shadowban as your last punishment.

When you’re shadowbanned from Tinder, it keeps track of every action or steps to make sure you are not coming back to the app ever. Avoid reusing any of your old information when creating a new account.

Depending on your device and the subscription you choose, this entails setting up new email and Facebook accounts, as well as a new phone number and Google Play or Apple ID. Do not link any of these to any of your prior Tinder accounts before you begin resetting the app.

Here’s how to reset your account.

  • Start by deactivating your Tinder Account – Head on to the settings. Scroll down until you see “Delete your account”. Tap on it and deactivate your account.
  • Uninstall the Tinder app from your Phone.
  • Then you have to factory reset your phone. You can also use a different phone if you have one.
  • Get a new sim card.
  • Restart your Router with default settings.
  • On the new phone, create a new google/apple account. Don’t use your previous email, you’ll again get banned.
  • On the new device, reinstall Tinder from the Play/Apple Store.
  • After installation, make a new Tinder account.

By following these steps, you can get out of a shadowban. You can’t get out of shadowban on its own, you have to make a new account by following the above steps. I hope this article helped you.



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