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What is the New ‘My AI’ Feature on Snapchat and How to Use it?

2023 seems to be officially the year of AI, with new advancements being achieved in the technology almost every day. Multiple platforms have integrated AI into their systems already, including Google, Microsoft, and even Spotify.

Snapchat has now also joined the league and became the first social media platform to roll out its own AI chatbot. Named ‘My AI,’ the new feature on the instant messaging app will enable users to experience a host of new things. So what exactly is the My AI feature, and how can you use it? Read on to find out.

Snapchat Introduces My AI Feature

My AI is a GPT-powered chatbot on Snapchat, which can be used to talk about various things. Apart from conversational interactions, the feature can also do a number of creative things, including planning trips for you, recommending birthday gift ideas, suggesting recipes, and writing poems and haiku.

My AI can be given a custom name and wallpaper by the user. Snapchat has used a customized version of OpenAI’s GPT technology to bring the feature to the users. However, unlike ChatGPT, My AI would not be able to write blog posts or essays or do your homework.

Snapchat has said that the conversations with AI will be stored at the backend to review and enhance the user experience in the future. The social media platform also warned that there might be some mistakes in the results in the initial days.

“As with all AI-powered chatbots, My AI is prone to hallucination and can be tricked into saying just about anything. Please be aware of its many deficiencies and sorry in advance! While My AI is designed to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, mistakes may occur,” read the official statement.

Snapchat has also listed the things the chatbot should not be used for. “Don’t use My AI to generate political, sexual, harassing, or deceptive content, spam, malware, or content that promotes violence, self-harm, human-trafficking, or that would violate our Community Guidelines,” said the platform.

How to Use My AI Feature on Snapchat?

The feature is currently only available to Snapchat+ users in the US. The platform has not yet announced when it will be rolled out to other regions of the world. If you are a Snapchat+ user residing in the US, follow the below steps to use the My AI feature on the app:

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone.
  2. Swipe right from the Camera tab to open the Chat tab.
  3. My AI will be pinned under the Chat tab by default.
  4. Tap on My AI and start a conversation with the chatbot.

You can also unpin the chatbot or remove your conversation from the feed. To unpin, simply go to your Snapchat+ management screen and toggle off My AI. To remove the conversation, use the following steps:

  1. Tap on your profile icon and go to settings.
  2. Go to Privacy Controls and select Clear Data.
  3. Select ‘Clear Conversations’ under the Clear Data tab.
  4. Click on the ‘X’ icon beside ‘My AI,’ and the chatbot conversation will be removed from your feed.

What are your thoughts on Snapchat’s My AI? Tell us in the comments section.

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