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What Does Blue Check Mark Mean On TikTok?

Tiktok is one of the greatest communities to make, share and watch entertaining videos. People all around the world make short videos on Tiktok to get likes and comments. Many people use Tiktok as their main source of income. Even many celebrities are on Tiktok and they post their videos on the platform regularly.

Since there are a large number of people on Tiktok, it becomes difficult to tell their legitimacy. Many people use the names of celebrities and big influencers and it becomes difficult to know whether they actually are those particular celebrities or influencers or not. For that purpose, there’s a feature on Tiktok known as a blue checkmark that helps to authenticate the profile. Read to find out in detail.

In this article, we’ll tell you what the blue checkmark means on TikTok.

What Does Blue Check Mark mean on Tiktok?

The blue checkmark on TikTok signifies that an account is verified. When a blue tick is given to a profile on TikTok, it has been confirmed that the account profile actually belongs to the person whose name is written on it. However, it is not a full-fledged parameter of authenticity. There have been instances of a fake account is incorrectly verified.

The blue checkmark on TikTok works in the same way as it is seen on other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, and it helps to check the genuineness of the profile. When it comes to celebrity accounts or accounts for significant influencers, this is very helpful.

So, when you see a blue checkmark next to a profile’s username or profile picture, then you know it is a genuine and verified account. However, there are some fake verified blue checkmarks as well, so, take care of that also.

How to Get Blue Checkmark on TikTok?

It is to be noted that there’s no sure-shot procedure or parameter by which you’ll get a blue checkmark on your Tiktok profile. For example, there’s no minimum amount of followers you need to have in order to get your blue checkmark. According to the company, the blue checkmark is more about quality than quantity.

Also, unlike Twitter, you can’t apply for a blue checkmark. Tiktok has its own secret verification process where the staff checks out for profiles to give blue check marks. However, there are certain things that you can do so in order to get the blue checkmark faster. Here are some of them mentioned.

  • Post videos of a particular genre and stick to that type of genre throughout.
  • Try to be consistent in producing the videos. For example, 3 videos per week.
  • Engage with other users that are actively liking and commenting on your posts.
  • Get featured in media: If you get featured in media like magazines or newspapers, it may help you get your blue checkmark even faster.
  • Get verified on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Stick to community guidelines: Going against the rule may get you eliminated from the race of blue checkmark.

These are some parameters that are observed by many Tiktokers which helped them to get the blue checkmark. So, follow these parameters and get your blue checkmark in no time.



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