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Simple and Effective Tips to Free Up Space on a Mac

There are many times when we don’t have enough space on our Mac for the apps and tools we need to install/use. That’s when it makes sense to free up space. And while it might seem hard to do, the process is actually very simple. It all comes down to finding the right methods that help free up space.

Clear the junk files

You can use a Mac cleanup tool to remove junk files from your device. That’s great because not only will it save time, it also helps remove junk files fast. Generally, junk files slow down your Mac and they also waste valuable space. A cleanup tool can solve the issue and make things easier for you.

Optimize the Mac storage

Go to General/Storage/Recommendations and adjust a few settings. Optimize Storage is one of them since it removes stuff that you already watched and which just wastes space. In addition, turn on the option to Empty Trash, because it saves a lot of time. 

Uninstall some apps

Browse the Applications folder and see what apps you are not using. Then all you have to do is remove them. More often than not, you will have tons of apps that waste space. Remove them and keep space clear for stuff that you don’t use. And while here, go to the Downloads folder and delete any unused DMG files too. Clear the temporary files like caches from the Library as well.

Delete any duplicates

A cleanup tool can also help with this. Or you can just try to do it manually. The main idea here is to try and remove duplicate files that just waste space. Many times you will have lots of duplicates that you downloaded or split by mistake. Deleting them helps time and it also offers you a way to save space in no time.

Lower the Photo Library size

Photo libraries can get very big if you’re not careful. Go to the Photos app, and here you want to identify what apps you don’t want to use. Control Click and then you will delete the photos. Go to Recently Deleted, and delete everything. You could recover stuff that you deleted by mistake.

Compress files

Yes, compressing files can be a great idea and it can help save a lot of space. The best approach here is to right-click on larger files and press Compress. That way you know that you’re saving some space, and not have to deal with any problems like that. Do this to all larger files that you need to use from time to time.

Following the steps in this post can help a lot if you want to free up some space on your Mac. Cleaning up your Mac’s space is great because not only does it save time, it also helps eliminate any downsides like dealing with malware. After all, deleting stuff you don’t use can actively help remove malware and keep your device safe. So it’s important to free up space as often as you can, as it will be worth it!

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