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Tinder Blind Date Feature: Everything You Need to Know

Tinder is coming up with a new feature that will remind you a lot about how dating happened in yesteryears. Tinder wants a person to set one’s heart not just on the face of their match but also want them to give equal importance to their personality as well.

The latest feature will add some more spice to the app and it will be more entertaining for the audience as they make use of this feature. Through this feature, the users of the app will be matched with each other based on their common interests which can be figured out with the help of a few questions and answers and also via fun games.

For an instance, if both sides have an inclination towards one another, then they have an option of finally seeing the face of each other by photos. There’s no instant pressure on you to impress someone all at once you can take it slow and find a person you gel with. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so if your vibe matches with an individual, then give it a go.

What kinds of questions are asked in the Blind Date Feature?

There can be some exciting, cool and quirky questions that can be asked by the users to take the process further. For example, “It’s OK to wear a shirt ___ times without washing it” or “I put ketchup on _______.”  Be honest with your answers if you want to find your person.

If you feel happy with the answer you can match and if you think it’s not something you can relate to or like then there is no problem you can find someone else. There is a lot of fish in the sea.

These questions are designed to break the ice between two people. If the two people answering the questions have similar answers, then they are paired together. The user can enter a timer chat and give the answers to the given set of questions.

What is Blind Date Feature all about?

All the funky trends of 90s are making a comeback now. The kids who belong to Gen Z have a liking for them and they tend to show it over various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

The Blind Date Feature has been added to the bandwagon to gather the attention of the youth. Tinder wants to give young people an experience similar to the 90s. The platform wants the people to meet one another but with a twist. The twist in the tale is the way of meeting. Tinder took a little bit of inspiration from the era before all this technology existed. For this feature, personality comes first.

The makers of the app hope for the younger generation to bond and make real connections with the help of their app. The physical appearance of an individual does not have to be the only criterion. Physical appearance is just one asset of a person. You cannot judge someone by just that, you have to listen to their point of view, and then you can figure it out accordingly.

Through the concept of blind dating, you might match with someone you never thought could be your perfect match. So this feature will introduce you to some different aspects.  You might like it as it’s a little unusual and seems like a breath of fresh air.

How to make use of the Tinder Blind Date Feature?

With this new feature, Tinder will not show you the picture of your match on the first go.  But at first, you will have to chat with the person.  And if you feel like you have your met ideal match, then you can go on.

Tinder yearns to find a perfect balance between modern dating and old-school dating. It wants to merge the scenarios of the millennials and the concept of dating back in the good old days. It doesn’t want to leave that feeling of old-school love behind. So it keeps a track of that as well.

When Tinder was in its pre-production phase, where all the experiments and testings were being done. The app got a transparent point of view from the people. It saw that 40% more matches were made in comparison to their other features like Fast Chat and many more.

The Fast Chat feature consists of a bunch of visual images, profiles of the users. Through this feature, Tinder gives a chance to the users to connect with someone they might not usually look over. Tinder also has other features which include hot takes, adventure games, and swipe night.

The US users can get their hands on this new feature right away. Tinder will make sure that this feature is available for its users all over the world in the upcoming weeks. Your ideal match might be near the corner so keep swiping. Just be your authentic self and the right person will find you soon.

How Tinder transformed online dating?

Tinder completely changed the picture of dating worldwide. Nobody could have thought that we will meet and form new connections with the help of an app. But see now, a large majority of our population is utilizing the app to find a romantic connection.

Swipe right if you can see some light, otherwise, go for the left you can don’t want to end up like a thief caught in a theft. Tinder continues to be at the top spot when we talk of the dating apps in the world. There are several other online dating sites in the business as well like OKCupid, Bumble, Hinge, Match, OurTime and many more.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding a person with whom you can be truly yourself. So place all your attention on the person who is behind the screen as this might be your time and the stars may align for you and your person. Tinder looks to provide a memorable experience to all its users with this new feature.

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