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Stay Safe from Snapchat 2FA Text Message Scam

2FA or Two-Factor authentication is an efficient way of keeping your account data more secure from hackers. This term becomes more important with social media platforms like Snapchat, which is the most favorite place for hackers to steal your personal information.

In laymen’s terms, 2FA adds a protective layer between you as a user and an unauthorized person trying to access your information. So, if you aren’t in favor of Two-factor authentication, for your device, and accounts that contain your personal information, then you are keeping both of them open for hacker attacks. In most apps and websites, it is mandatory to follow Two-factor authentication, but on platforms in which you are given the option to choose or reject, go with choosing the 2FA, as it is an essential tool to keep you safe from scammers.

What Is Snapchat 2FA Text Message Scam?

So, if you have been using Snapchat for a long time in we are pretty sure that you must have received a message about your device getting pinged for a 2FA request. Recently, a Snapchat user, Alex Zaboura talked about this matter but tweeting, alright so it seems everyone is getting 2FA texts. It’s been happening to me today since the afternoon. I think it’s probably(sic) a glitch in the system or something because even after changing a password to an insanely(sic) amount of characters we still seem to get these text. @snapchatsupport I filed the support ticket but wanted to flag that I am getting Snapchat 2FA codes via text every 10-15 minutes, I can’t block because it’s coming from different phone numbers. Someone is manually entering my phone number. Please help resolve!!”

One crucial thing to notice about these 2FA text messages is that they are directly coming from Snapchat, which is a completely new way of phishing attacks.

In general, hackers mainly impose you to click on a link by claiming that you will get free Amazon gift cards or you need to click on the link to protect your account from being deleted. And once you have clicked on that particular link, it is going to affect the performance of your system as it will automatically install the malware in it. Whereas, sometimes once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to a web page where you have to fill in your personal information.

But now, scammers have invented a new way to scam users, i.e. sending Legend 2FA messages from Snapchat itself. According to many complaints, many users are getting 2FA messages from Snapchat, every couple of minutes, which is definitely irritating. The worst part about these messages is that they are coming from different numbers every time, blocking a particular number doesn’t make any sense.

Snapchat hasn’t talked about the issue yet, but the count for the voices facing the issues is increasing day by day.

How To Stop These Messages?

There isn’t any official way to solve this issue, but you can try disabling use Snapchat account for a couple of days, and then re-enable it. This step might stop the messages coming to your phone number.

Most importantly, you should never reply back to these messages or accept them. Doing this might give scammers access to your account, and help them in stealing your data.

So, be alert. Be aware of different scams and tricks used by hackers, as being aware is the only way to keep your data safe from hackers.

Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar
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