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New Profile Pic App: Is it Safe and How to Use it?

The New Profile Pic app, also known as the New Profile Picture Editor, is trending all over social media platforms as it allows users to turn their selfies into artsy paintings. However, a rumor has spread against the app, and people are wondering if the NewProfilePic app is a scam, or if it is a legit photo editing tool. Find out here.

This highly popular photo editing app and website went viral in May 2022. However, there have been rumors that it is not safe for users as it steals data from the device, hacks it to steal money, and is created by Russia to harm western users digitally.

We’ll debunk the rumors in this post along with proof to explain if you should use this app or not. If you are eager to turn your profile picture into a beautiful painting, this would be the right app to do so.

What is the New Profile Pic App?

New Profile Pic app is a photo editing tool that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to turn your display picture into a painting-like image. It also has a website that serves the same purpose. The app is available for both Android and iOS users in the Play Store and App Store.

The New Profile Pic app is currently trending and people are using the edited images as their DP on various social media platforms. Its maximum users are from the US and the UK. However, it is available in over 100 countries and in up to 10 languages.

NewProfilePic app is created by Informe Laboratories Inc. It is an app developing group that has also produced the ToonMe service previously.

Is the New Profile Pic App Scam?

No, the New Profile Pic app is not a scam, and the rumors spreading against it on social media platforms are baseless. It is a legit photo editing app that can turn your profile picture into a painting.

You can find many people on Twitter posting about the app as a scam or fake. However, when we researched about it, there were no red flags. Some users claimed in their tweets that the app is a phishing scam and steals your data, and will eventually steal your money.

Fortunately, it isn’t true and there have been no such incidents yet. Another rumor claims that it is a Russian app that aims to harm users. We took a look at the “Who Is” information on the website, and the GoDaddy domain indeed appears to be registered in Moscow.

Update: After the social media outcry about the app sending users’ info to Russia, the developers have changed the domain registry location to Florida, USA.

However, there is no point to worry about that as the app is genuine. It has an overall rating of 4.8 stars on the App Store after 1,400 ratings. There are also 844 reviews and only one is negative while the other users have absolutely loved it.

Should you use the NewProfilePic App or Website?

Yes, you can use the New Profile Pic app or website without worrying much. It is a genuine photo editing tool. However, you should always take caution with any new and upcoming app or website. There is always a concern available while you are connected to the Internet.

If you don’t trust any app or website, you shouldn’t risk your data or personal information. Jake Moore, the Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security, has stated “people must be incredibly careful when uploading photos to new websites.”

Although the New Profile Pic app is safe, you should always conduct proper research before using any app or website. The ultimate decision is yours. If you don’t trust this app, you are better off staying away from it.

How to Use the New Profile Pic App?

You can download the New Profile Pic app from Play Store or App Store for free. Once installed, launch the app, or you can also use its website. Follow these steps after that:

  • Select an image from the camera roll or gallery and upload it.
  • When the image is uploaded, go through the filters and effects, and select the one that you want to use.
  • You can select cartoon effects, art effects, and aesthetic filters.
  • After applying the filters and effects, tap on “Done.”
  • Finally, download the edited image to your device.

That’s it. Afterward, you can use this artistic picture as your display picture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking platform.

Are there any risks involved in using it?

No, there are no risks involved with using the New Profile Pic app. However, you should only use the original and trusted application that has a good overall rating and reviews. You shouldn’t download multiple clones and similar apps available on the Play Store.

You can also use the official website to edit your pictures to a cartoonish image or painting. The rumors that claim that this app and website are a scam are baseless. There’s no truth or solid reason backing them.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using this app. Still, you should always use your pictures online cautiously.

Have you tried this app yet? How was your experience with it? Share your opinions using the comment box.

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