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Is Whatsapp Safe from Privacy and Security Point of View?

Whatsapp was introduced in 2009. After 6 years, it was acquired by Facebook in 2014. In recent times, WhatsApp has been garnering a lot of attraction for its encryption features that make its chats more secure than those of other messaging apps. People are becoming skeptical about the usage of WhatsApp as their primary communication service.

When you install WhatsApp on your android, you are asked to give any permissions to this app. This includes location, memory, mic, and a lot more. You must be thinking is it safe to give all these permissions to WhatsApp? All your doubts will get cleared after reading this article. In this article, we’ll tell you, is Whatsapp safe?

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a free messaging app and VoIP service. It is also called WhatsApp Messenger. While once a free messaging tool for worldwide communication, it has since evolved into a full-fledged social network. Facebook bought it in 2014, and it grew more popular. More than one and a half billion people rely on it every day.

Here’s the gist: WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for text, audio, and video chats, as well as the ability to share locations, documents, photos, and other messaging material.

Is Whatsapp Safe?

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users across the world, making it an ideal place for businesses to begin communicating with their consumers. As a result, WhatsApp is increasingly serving as a development ground for firms looking to create conversational applications.

Currently, WhatsApp Business is being used by more than five million companies. In addition, 85% of customers who have a favorable experience with a brand on WhatsApp do not return to other channels.

With such a huge amount of people using WhatsApp, it is important to know that is it completely safe. The answer to this question is Yes and No. Yes, it is safe but not completely. For day-to-day usage, it is considered a safe option. There are some reasons behind it being safe. These are discussed below.

  • End-to-End Encryption – End-to-end encryption protects WhatsApp messages and calls. In a business context, this means that only the business and the customer may read or listen to messages or calls. Nobody, not even WhatsApp, can decipher business messages.
  • Message restoration on servers – To provide its services, WhatsApp does not routinely store your communications. Instead of being stored on WhatsApp’s servers, your messages are stored locally on your phone. Your messages are only stored if they are not delivered or are forwarded by other users that including media. Temporary storage is used in both circumstances.
  • No Call Records – As it doesn’t store call logs as traditional cell providers do, WhatsApp is unique in this regard. This includes information such as the location of the caller, who is calling and texting, and how long the call lasted. To bill you for cell service, mobile companies may include this information in their monthly statements.

These are some of the criteria by which we can assume that Whatsapp is considered safe for your android. You can use WhatsApp without being concerned about security. I hope this article helped you. In case of any doubt, do let us know.



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