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Instagram Launches New Searchable Map Inspired by Google Maps

Instagram has introduced a new searchable map on the app that’ll offer a more dynamic and immersive experience to users. It’ll let users explore popular tagged locations around them and filter location results by specific categories like restaurants, cafes, salons, etc.

On Tuesday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced via his Instagram Story that the company is rolling out a new searchable and dynamic map experience on the app. The updated map will be more friendly to businesses allowing them to get discovered.

Before this update, the map on Instagram only included posts from the location. There was no method to explore the localities. However, the latest update will turn it into a map that is very similar to Google Maps. Although it’s not boasting as many features yet.

We’re introducing a new searchable map on IG today,” Zuckerberg wrote in an Instagram story about the announcement. “You can now discover popular local businesses near you and filter by category.”

What is the new searchable Map on Instagram?

Instagram’s new searchable map completely overhauls the map experience by making it more riveting. Users can now explore tagged locations around them and filter the location results. They can search the map, access filtering options, and move it around.

Before this, you can only access posts when tapping on a certain location from posts or stories. The new map also lets users discover a new place by tapping location tags or by searching with relevant hashtags.

For instance, if you search for “#georgia,” you will be able to see what’s in and around Georgia while also seeing the recent stories, top posts, and relevant guides of tagged locations to learn more.

How to Access the new Searchable Map on Instagram?`

Instagram has launched the new searchable map with a new update. Hence, you need to update the app to the latest version by going to the Play Store or App Store. Once the update is installed, launch the Instagram app.

Now you can find and tap on any location tag from the posts on your feed or stories, and you’ll be able to discover the place with the new map. You can also go to the search bar in the Explore section to look for new places.

You can even search for any location using relevant hashtags. The new map also lets you filter the location results by specific categories including Restaurants, Cafes, Beauty Salons, and more.

If you find any location interesting, you can save it to revisit it in the future. You can even share the locations via direct messages to your IG friends and also in groups. If you have a public profile, you can also use location tags or stickers in your posts or stories to appear on the place on the map.

The new Instagram Map will offer an immersive experience

Instagram’s new map update comes after Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan revealed that youngsters are now often switching to apps like Instagram and TikTok instead of Google Search or Maps when searching for something.

He also stated that the young generation prefers discovering content in new and immersive ways over typing keywords and going through results. Instagram’s latest step seems to be in the right direction as the new map interface is compelling and dynamic.

As previously noted, Meta is on a quest to turn Instagram into an all-inclusive application where you can spend time, shop, and now even discover places. The location discovery features that Instagram has added will now compete with Google’s core products.

Snapchat also has a similar map feature that also shows off your friends’ whereabouts if they have turned on location access. Instagram might include that feature in the future as well. We’ll keep you updated when that happens.

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