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How to Use NameDrop: The Feature Introduced by Apple to Make Contact-Sharing Easier

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference gave a glimpse of a host of new features and products being launched by the tech giant in the near future. Apart from the much-talked-about Vision Pro Headset, the company also unveiled some significant upgrades that will arrive with the upcoming iOS 17.

One feature that has particularly excited users around the globe is NameDrop, which will let you share your contacts with another Apple user by simply bringing your phones close to each other. So how will the feature work? Read on to find out.

Apple Introduces NameDrop to Easily Share Contacts with Others

NameDrop will be an extension of AirDrop and will be available with iOS 17 update. The feature will enable you to seamlessly share your phone contacts with another Apple user. The contacts can be shared with an iPhone and Apple Watch as well. 

You will also get to choose to share the contact wallpaper, phone numbers, and email addresses. Just like AirDrop, the contact details will be transferred from one device to another with a few simple clicks, if the two are in the vicinity of each other.

How to Use NameDrop Feature on Your Device?

Follow the below steps to use the NameDrop feature on your device:

  1. Update your device to iOS 17, once it is launched.
  2. On your phone or watch, find NameDrop option in the Control Center or the Settings menu.
  3. Bring your device close to the target device and keep the two in proximity.
  4. Choose the contact you want to share from your device.
  5. Tap on the ‘Share’ or ‘Send’ button.
  6. Accept the prompt on the receiving device to confirm the receipt of the contact.

And that’s it. Your chosen contact will be shared and you will receive a notification confirming the same.

iOS 17 Update Will Get Some More Exciting Features

Apart from NameDrop, a number of other new exciting features were also announced at the WWDC on June 5th. Apple announced that there will be enhanced functionality in AirDrop and users will be able to step away from each other while their files get transferred from one device to another.

“We’re also using this same gesture to make it easier than ever to Airdrop content and even kickoff shared experiences. When you want to share the stunning photos you took on your latest adventure. Again, just bring your phones close together.” said Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple.

“For those times when someone is sending over a ton of photos or a large video file, and you need to step away you can now leave AirDrop range and your content will continue to send securely in full quality over the internet,” he added.

The SmartPlay feature will also be made available in iOS 17, which will let you stream the same content and listen to the same playlist simultaneously with someone else by bringing the iPhone closer. Apple has also switched to a new language model to upgrade the keyboard input method and enhance the automatic correction function.

What are your thoughts on the new NameDrop feature? Let us know in the comments section.

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