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How to Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen?

A little ‘Seen’ appears beneath each message you send on Instagram when the recipient views it. The Seen receipt on Instagram is quite useful, but there are times when it would be nice to read messages without alerting the other party.

Instagram does not enable you to view your DMs without providing a “read receipt” to the sender, unlike other Instant Messaging platforms. While most users won’t care, it’s possible that some may choose to browse their messages in an anonymous manner. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to read Instagram direct messages without being seen. We’re going to show you a few of the simplest workarounds right now.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to read Instagram messages without being seen.

5 Methods to Read Instagram DM’s without being seen

You must have had some friends, whose DM you want to see without letting them know. So, you must be thinking is there any way out. To your surprise, YES, there is. And in fact, there are more than one methods to do the same. Here’s all of them explained in detail.

1. Through Notification Bar

If you want to read a direct message on Instagram without letting the sender know, you can read it through the notification bar only if you haven’t cleared the notifications. It’s possible to read the full DM via the notification bar if the message is not too long.

If the message is too long to be seen completely in the notification bar, you can expand it. You can do it by dragging down the notification when it comes to the top of the screen. You can also long-press the notification bar to see the full text of the message.

If you are an android user, you can expand the message by tapping on the down arrow button present in the notification. You have to be cautious here. You may accidentally open the message.

2. Restrict the User

The next reliable method to read the DM without letting them know is by restricting the user messaging you. Basically, it’s a technique to restrict someone’s capacity to interact with you on Instagram without the need to block or unfollow them.

If you restrict a person, ┬ámessages are moved into your message requests and they won’t know you’ve seen their messages until you accept their DM (at which point, you’ll be requested to un-restrict them as well). Now, you can easily get some privacy from your nosy relatives without actually blocking them. Here’s how you can restrict any other person.

  • Head on to the person’s profile whom you want to restrict.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen at their profile.
  • Tap on the restrict option from the drop-down menu. A pop-up will appear to confirm your action.

Now that you have restricted them, you may read their messages without them even knowing about it.

3. Turn Off Your Mobile Data/WiFi

You may view your Instagram DMs without the message sender seeing a read receipt if you switch off your phone’s internet connection. However, the sender will be able to see that you’ve viewed the message as soon as you switch on the internet. So, switch on the internet only when you want them to see that you have read the message. Here’s what you’ll have to do.

  • To go offline, turn off your phone’s mobile data or WiFi connection.
  • Open the Instagram app and read the message.
  • Now, you’ll have to force stop the Instagram app. Head on to the Settings>Apps. Find the Instagram app and open it.┬áTo stop it from running in the background, just press the stop button.
  • So long as you don’t open Instagram, the message won’t be recorded as “Seen”.
  • Because it will be marked as read as soon as you get online, I recommend that iPhone user remain offline until they’re ready to let the sender know.

4. Disable Internet and Log Out from Instagram

This method is quite similar to the above one. But it does not have the danger of marking the message as “Seen” if you accidentally connect to the internet or Instagram connects in the background. Here’s how to do the same.

  • To go offline, turn off your phone’s mobile data or WiFi connection.
  • Open the Instagram app and read the message.
  • Now, log out of Instagram while it is still offline by going to the Instagram settings and selecting Log Out at the bottom of the page.
  • Or you can clear the data of the app from the settings of your phone. This will automatically log you out of the Instagram
  • Now, you have successfully logged out of Instagram.
  • Now, when you connect to the internet, the message will not be marked as “Seen”. It will only be seen when you log in to your account on the phone.

5. Using 3rd Party App

There’s an app known as AiGrow. This app’s basic feature is to get you organic and genuine followers in no time. There are some other features as well such as adding links in your bio to get more traffic, pre-schedule your posts and stories and rewards for your followers etc.

You can also use the website order to check messages without letting the other person know that you have read them. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Sign up for your account on AiGrow.
  • Upon entering the dashboard, choose “Direct Messages” from the drop-down menu to access your direct message inbox.
  • In the “Inbox” tab, you’ll see all your DMs.

You’ll be able to view all of your Instagram chats right here. If you get messages from other accounts or send messages to other accounts, the conversation will be saved here. You can see the messages and the person will not get to know. Just don’t open the message, read from the outside only.

I hope you got to know how you can read Instagram messages without being seen. Try these out and you are good to go. In case of any doubt, do let us know in the comments section below.



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