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How to Join Trump’s Truth Social App on Android and iPhone?

Former US President Donal Trump is launching his own social media platform called Truth Social after he was banned and suspended from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook last year. Find out how to join Trump’s Truth Social app on Android or iPhone here.

The upcoming social media platform was scheduled to arrive in February, but the recent developments suggest the launch is delayed for the now. Truth Social will prominently focus on encouraging “free and open conversation” by working as a rival site/app to other social media platforms.

Here is everything you need to about Truth Social, its features, price, and the process to join the platform earliest on any device.

What is Truth Social by Donald Trump?

Truth Social is an upcoming social media platform by Donald Trump and owned by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). It is already available on the Apple App Store via T Media Tech LLC, which is also a subsidiary of TMTG. The creators haven’t revealed the Android version of the app yet.

The first beta of the Truth Social app was released back in November 2021 for a very limited list of invited users. According to the description on its website, it will be an app that will feature open, free, and honest worldwide conversations without differences in political viewpoints.

Truth Social will supposedly be the “Big Tent” of America promoting Truth and Free Speech, which are also the key focuses of the constitution of the country.

Donald Trump has also said in a statement during launch, “I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech. We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced.

Features of Truth Social App

According to the former President, “Truth Social will be a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the Big Tech companies.” The first few glances of the platform are also suggesting the same.

The layout of the platform appears highly similar to that of Twitter, and a very similar set of features is available.

The Daily Mail reports that Trump already has an account on the platform. His son, Donald Jr. shared a screenshot on Twitter that revealed the former President’s first post on the upcoming social media platform. You can take a look at it below:

From the above screenshot, it is imminent that Truth Social will have basic features such as the Profile, Feed/Timeline, Search, Notifications, Comments, Like/Love, and Export/Share available.

How to Join Truth Social App on Android/iPhone?

You can join the Truth Social app right now despite the app not being available right now. The waitlist for Truth Social is available, and you can sign up for that if you wish to join the upcoming platform. It is expected that users on the waitlist will be the first users to be given a chance to use Trump’s social media platform.

To join the Truth Social waitlist, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website using a browser.
  2. Enter your first and last name in the available columns.
  3. Next, enter your email address where you shall receive an invite.
  4. Tick the box that states you agree to the “Terms & Conditions.”
  5. Finally, click on “Sign up.”

Done. After that, you’ll receive further communications from Truth Social at your email address. Keep an eye on that.

Sign up & Pre-order Truth Social on iPhone

Truth Social app is already available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. You can visit the App Store, search for the app, and pre-order it from there. After that, you’ll also have to join the waitlist using the method mentioned above.

When the Truth Social app launches, you can install it, register for an account, and start using it on your iOS device.

Sign up for Truth Social Waitlist on Android

There are currently no announcements available if Truth Social will be available for Android. However, as TMTG and Trump have mentioned that it will be a global platform for Freedom of Expression, it is evident that they’ll have to launch it for Android.

Once the app is available for Android, you can open the Google Play Store, and install it from there. After installing it, you can register for an account and start using it.

What is the release date for the Truth Social app?

The Truth Social app is currently in its beta testing stage as the first beta was released back in November 2021. The App Store description suggested that it was scheduled to release on February 21, 2022. However, the launch has been delayed for now.

Previous reports also suggest that the app will launch in the first quarter of the year. We expect that Truth Social will have a global release date in late March.

Is Truth Social free to use?

Users can join the Truth Social waitlist for free, and the upcoming social media platform will supposedly be free to use. However, the Daily Dot reports that you might have to spend money if you wish to reserve a certain username.

The same news outlet also reports that you may need to make a donation to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) in order to reserve the desired username. They didn’t reveal the amount of donation yet, it could be $1 or above for general users.

However, there have also been rumors that the app may cost as high as $4.99/week initially. Although there is no solid evidence available to back the statement.

More details about Trump’s proposed app will be available soon. Make sure you join the waitlist right now if you wish to join the Truth Social app at the earliest. Let us know what do you think about it via the comment box.

Saquib Hashmi
Saquib Hashmi
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  1. I am so excited!
    Waiting with patience.
    I hardly have any.
    I love my President and his great family.
    So I wait!
    Thank God for them.
    “Make America Great Again – Again!”

  2. I signed up some time back and am anxiously awaiting it’s start. I hope Android users won’t be left out for long. I can’t wait to interact with people who want to know, share and believe the TRUTH. We all have a responsibility to verify before we believe or share. I hope I make many many MAGA friends. Let’s hear it for DONALD J. Trump and Truth Social! We need this NOW!!

    • I was Sad they decided to start Truth Social on I Phone only! I believe Android the Conservatives Platform 😡
      Apple is a Liberal outfit I do not care for 😡
      President Trump is the Greatest President In My LIFETIME 👍

  3. So excited for Trump’s truth social. So all of us supposed conspiracy theorists can be proven right on the daily. Time for truth and honesty, without being shadow band or censored

      • we will be able to share truth, nothing will be blocked, legal documents, videos of proof, evidence which is so overwhelming in so many states of the stolen election. Truth about the jab, and covid and the plan the left (and china/big pharma/gates/soros/Klaus Schwab etc) had for many years – aka, new world order, one world government…non are conspiracy theories. People on the left use that word out of fear…it’s lame and so used up now.. We patriots can’t wait!!

        • I can’t wait to see all of the “evidence which is so overwhelming in so many states of the stolen election”. It has been almost 15 months and no one, not Trump, not his attorneys, not his family, not his supporter, not anyone in the conservative media at any level, not from any lawsuit final judgement in any state has been able to prove the alleged, wide scale voter fraud you say exists. Do you personally have that evidence? Could you please share it with me so I can hoist up my MAGA flag. I am on Android and TS can’t tell me when I might be able to join.

          • Have had your eyes closed all these years? Most has already been reported on, with documentary proof. Research it yourself, rather than asking everyone to do it for you.

          • You’ll have to pop your twatter bubble to find the truth because none of it is in any “news source” you consume.

  4. Let’s Go, Let’s Go! Can’t wait much longer to get things back to normal on Social Media. President Trump thank you for giving us an honest vocal platform to communicate on together as the America First Party moves forward!

    • Trump doesn’t know how to tell the truth,everything he says it’s always about how great he is.It’s a shame I always liked trump as a entertainer. When he ran for president his true colors came to light.He is a bully with a mean disposition and that’s when I turned to Hillary and Trump turned to Putin for help with all that propaganda and you people fell for it hook line and sinker. Trump is a traitor to this country he’ll never be the president again,thank god!

  5. Only trump’s supporters are dumb enough to pay 4.99 a week for something twitter provides for free, just for the privilege of never having their narrow worldview challenged

    • Is another worldview even allowed in the social bubble you use? Twitter? And, you think we are stupid? I’ll pay to keep rifraff and delusional leftists out of anywhere they’ll let me. Not all liberals, definitely woke jokes.

    • REDICULOUS RACHEL: The charge is likely to keep demon shills like you off the platform. Those who want to continue to be lied to can continue on with their “present daily dose” of obfuscation and blatant, intentional misinformation, just for the privilege of never having their narrow worldview challenged.

    • I agree Rachel! Fools and their money are soon parted 🤣🤣🤣. Only diaper donnie will be the one making money. BTY I don’t know anyone who reads the NYT!🤣🤣

    • Amen to that! Their willingness to be conned by this known & proven liar/cheater/grifter has absolutely no limits. The similarities between these people & Hitler’s supporters increase with each passing day & that’s what negates any & all humor from the scenario.

    • Its sad to se someone so uneducated to the real facts. This site will be 100% free, sorry but your lies and propaganda dont work anymore, especially to those with critical thinking skills.
      Good try though.

    • Rachel. I heard it was going to be $250 dollars a month for the first year then going up to $300,000 for the second year and beyond.

    • I don’t know your age Rachel, but suffice to say you CAN READ because you can write/comment…
      The ref to a $4.99 charge for TS is plainly written in the article as saying, “ However, there have also been RUMORS that the app MAY cost as high as $4.99/week initially. Although there is NO SOLID EVIDENCE AVAILABLE TO BACK THAT STATEMENT.” ( CAPS are mine for emphasis). Also upon researching the $1 donation to the NRSC is 4 Pinocchios
      The mere FACT that the article recites quotes from the Daily Dot (a left leaning media source) which it clearly states are unsubstantiated, and further passed on as ‘truth’ by…well, YOU and others who read the bold type, and large font headliners without actually ‘reading with critical thought’, IS the reason for the new platforms that sincerely support freedom of speech…ie; Rumble, GAB, Parler, and the newest, TRUTH SOCIAL.
      Given you and others in this comment thread are clearly NOT DJT supporters I can state with 98% certainty none of you have had the pleasure (sarcasm) of being suspended or booted from a social media platform because you support a certain democrat…When that day comes, and it is rapidly approaching, you will have a small inkling of what it’s like to suddenly be severed from your family and friends you interact with via SM because you liked a comment, retweeted a post, or posted support of ANYTHING the MEDIA powers do not want you to share for whatever reason…I don’t wish that on anyone as SM is by far a great way to verbally and visually stay close to those you love…
      I was left no other option but to join Gab, Parler, Rumble, and TS and my family as well so we could remain in touch with one another’s life happenings… TWITTER suspended my acct. for hate speech in my profile…That profile stated, I’m a pro-life, Christian, US Constitution supporting daughter of a USN Chief Veteran…Jesus is my audience.’
      THAT is hate speech according to Twitter…They’ve not explained to me why there are thousands of others on the platform who verbalize unkind things day after day yet their accounts remain untouched… Facebook wasn’t far behind, but their suspension was 7 days and 30 days…Then they shadow your account and only allow content or conversation they approve…They don’t tell you they’re shadow banning you, you figure it out when suddenly no one is commenting on any of your posts, and if you check with family and friends, they’ll tell you what they see on your profile page isn’t at all what YOU see…
      Political affiliation aside…People should stand up for anyone being mistreated in society…
      In the words of Martin Niemöller,
      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      You can read his story here…
      Be well Rachel, and be aware…After-all, each of us wants to enjoy the one life we’ve been afforded on this earth.

  6. Most of this is untrue, so… Not truth. You will not have to pay anything. And it was always scheduled for end of first quarter Apple was the only one that put that other date up.

  7. I am so happy that president trump has got the app Truth social that I can say exactly how I feel about the elections and all the terrible things that they have done to him damn can’t wait thank you president trump

    • You do know all the recounts x2 Republicans watched to make sure everything was done by the book. In every state the republicans found no wrongdoing of course Trump did not like that. The election was not stolen from Trump Biden won fair and square Biden is our president get over yourself. Democrats didn’t like when Trump won in 2016 did we go crazy like you people are doing now, no we did not we had to except and move on and so we did. You people need to calm down and just wait until 2024.

  8. Iwill not pay to be on Trumps social media. 4.99a week to much you can find truth for free why pay. So the rtruth comes with a price I’ll pass and I’m a big Trump supporterbut I won’t pay for social media!!

    • Sounds like you are slipping to the Demorats 🐀 if you believe anything this Liberal column is saying!
      TRUTH SOCIAL will be FREE to ALL, there maybe different levels you can pay for 😎

  9. So, what about the millions and millions of Android users?.
    Apple IS NOT the only technology the public uses!
    Answer ?: I’ll wait….

    • Jack I would say Android is the Conservative Platform I can’t believe they came out first on the Liberal iOS that actually pissed me off😡

      • I use android, but have TS on my iPad…I believe they came out on the leftist iOS because it’s those with car trouble that have need of a mechanic…Also, they anticipated a liberal insurgence to try to jam the server and crash it like they did Gab and Parler…Obviously conservatives have the gift of patience….My waitlist number using iOS on the start date was 446.000k. I just got in a week ago…Android is coming out shortly.

  10. For those of you on here think that you are not paying for social media, you are mistaken. You are paying with your information, every word you put out there, every sentence you write, every picture you post, in some form or way. Just think that the Social media you use is either selling you out to the U S Government or other entities in other forms or other countries. Yes, you are being spied and lied to about how you feel regarding what’s going on in this present day and just how you feel about the people running the jobs in the Government ! WHEN THE PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF THE GOVERNMENT ITS TYRANNY ! WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS SCARED OF THE PEOPLE THERE IS LIBERTY

  11. There is so much REAL news that people who only get their information from FAKE news are going to see on this platform. No editorializing. No Nazi post burning. A place where we can peal back the corrupt onion skins of our government, and their corporate lackies. A place to find out about Joe’s quid pro quo, his crack smoking, whore mongering, illegal gun toten
    Sons corrupt dealings. Along with All of killery’s dirty treasonous deeds.
    What a breath of fresh air this will be. Thank you Lord God for this reprieve in the destruction of our nation.

  12. Thank you president trump and first lady Melania.. I never realized how corrupt our government has become.. by being the most transparent administration ever my eyes were open to just how corrupt and in the bag of the democrat party was the fbi and the department of justice plus the lying fake news media… I mean they make excuses for Biden protect him and constantly lie for him… I mean look how they have treated you and the first lady… You never failed to talk to the media, even though they would twist your words… I mean you have been spied on lied about and my god could you imagine if you or one of your family had bleach bit supoened property.. you would be in prison and they would have thrown away the key…. Thank you for your integrity, your faithfulness to this country and it’s people… In closing I just can’t believe how stupid and deceived the democrats are…. How can they even love this country…. Impossible… Like the word of god says in the last days men will call good evil and evil good. Sure a sign of the times… Thank you President Trump and the most gracious first lady we have ever had… I hope this letter blessed you… God knows you deserve it….BGB

  13. What a kick to the gut that the $1,599 phone buying libs get months to be on the site and register conservative usernames before we get a chance. It feels like we are getting screwed intentionally. Who in the heck said “Hey, let’s give the liberals first dibs at the site and enough time to screw every popular but unearlyinvited conservative out of their ability to use the same username they have for all other social sites. Many on the left are vindictive like that. Who in the TruthSocial site team thought this was a good idea?
    This either needs to be a psyop to get libs off on the wrong path and switch in the real social site at launch, or a bunch of people need to be fired at TruthSocial and some fencemenders need to be hired – cause this is almost unbelievable that this would be allowed to happen.
    Fix this and Fire everyone involved in this decision (except for Trump. Him. I will forgive ,) and do it NOW!!!

  14. I started getting notifications of people following me and “mentioning” me. It seems very fishy because I still cannot get on the app. When I open the app it still shows me waitlisted. Any advice on what to do?

  15. We need it asap for android….missing alot…Trump follower but how can I when I have an android. Btw, would NEVER own iphone….

  16. It says that Truth Social is available in USA and Canada. When I go to the App Store to download the app, it tells me it’s not available in my country. Does anyone know how I can get Truth Social in Canada? Really tired of the censorship in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party that they have been doing on Facebook and twitter.

  17. It’s about time President Trump can fight back with the proof instead of just words. Just maybe now we will see people go to jail instead of constantly saying day after day how crooked they are. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary should be charged with TREASON among lots of others.

  18. Tech ?. I had no trouble signing up for two social but it did not come with a link for my icon page I guess you call it people told me to go to the App Store and I looked at some apps that create links but none of them had truth on it. I don’t know why it didn’t come with a link but does anyone know how I can get a link installed so I can get to truth social? I’m already following some people and they’re following me so I’m know I’m in the right spot.

  19. I still have not even had an option to install an app for Truth Social yet. It is now August 16th. I’ve been waiting for half a year to hear and speak the truth.


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