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How to Get FuboTV Free Trial in 2024

The need for ”cord-cutting” platforms has always been roaming around the corner. No wonder, cable TV packages have a demanding price tag, hence the need for options like FuboTV. Today, we have FuboTV Free Trial Offer for you. 

FuboTV can be counted as a streaming service just like any other. Therein, subscribers have the flexibility to watch Live TV Channels, stream live sports, browse through local and international news.

Fubo TV Free trial

You see, so many reasons why you could get FuboTV if you haven’t!

Don’t worry, there are so many perks that by the time you finish reading it, you are going to grab nothing but at least a FuboTV Free Trial for 7 Days.

What is FuboTV?

Back in 2015, FuboTV saw its launch as a streaming service. However, today, it is counted as one of the best cord-cutting services for viewers. With more than 109 Live channels including entertainment, sports, and news.

Moreover, you can always turn to delights i.e., get access to exercise and use premium channels and amazing new content. Allowing the ability to watch live sports at 4K, the options just get bigger and better.

For most streaming services, free trial and discount is common thing for new subs. This trial period is the best time to stream content and analyze if you actually need the service. FuboTV, as said, is a cord-cutting service and with the flexible offer of 7 days free trial, we fall in the perks.

Well, there is always a borderline though! So, let’s find and figure out all of it, yeah?

FuboTV Free Trial

When you get a trial for 7 days, most certainly, you would want to know the way to use it. Disclaimer though, you will need to add your credit card number along with billing details to get authorized.

Let’s quickly walk through the process.

Step 1: Walk up to FuboTV and then go to ”Start Free Trial”, you will find that on the screen after you hit the website.

Fubo TV Free trial

Step 2: Once you are redirected, enter the personal information that the page needs. It will include your username, password, etc. Alternatively, you can also choose to sign up from Google or Facebook ID.

Step 3: Time to choose the free trial plan. On your screen, you will find all the available plans like Family, Ultra, etc. Read the features and choose the best fit.

Fubo TV Free trial

Step 4: There are also options to choose add-on. If you wish, go for it. Finally, skip to the last step.

Step 5: Fill in all your credit card details like Name, Card, Expiry Month, etc. As soon as you submit, your trial period for 7 days will start.

Fubo TV Free trial


FuboTV Paid Plans – Have a Look!

Ideally, there are three paid plans for FuboTV. The names might differ but the agenda stays the same.

The three plans are: –

  • Fubo Family – With a total of 109 channels, the options are never limited. Sports, Regional News, Cable Networks, etc.
  • Fubo Elite – Brings you a total of 155 channels to pick from. Switch to a cooking show when you have the craving or jump to the DIY network to get your hands full. There is no free trial for this plan.
  • Fubo Latino/Espanol – It consists of 32 Spanish languages. Includes Sports channel and more.

How to Cancel FuboTV Trial?

You can cancel your free trial if you think it’s not living up to your expectations. The rules are simple, follow the steps.

  • Go all the way to your ”Account”
  • Travel to the subscription and billing section under your ”Account”
  • Locate the ‘Cancel Subscription” tab under the subscription and billing section
  • Choose the identified reason for your cancellation. Hit continue
  • Click on ”Cancel My Trail”

That Easy!! You are done!

Fubo TV Free trial

FuboTV Free Trial – Yay or Nay?

I say, why not?

When you opt for the free trial, you are not deprived of anything. You can browse and access almost every channel and feature.

Starting from DVR Storage to unlimited channels, the free subscription lets you use them regardless of not having a paid plan. Isn’t that the best thing ever?

The list of pros goes like this.

  • Cancel whenever you want
  • Add-on Channels to your Free Trial
  • Emails notifying about subscriptions
  • Access every feature of FuboTV
  • 7-days Free Trail

There is no way one should let go of a chance like that, FuboTV, you are definitely a YAY! Honestly, it is the best go-to option and especially because you can cut the cords Whenever you want.

Final Words!

Continuing FuboTV after FuboTV Free Trial is over is a choice you have to make. However, from the above-listed reasons and thesis, it surely is a great choice.

Cord-cutting services are so IN and hence, to have one for yourself particularly when it is knocking in so many flexibilities is a considerable offer. Either way, Enjoy!

Arpita Roy
Arpita Roy
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