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How To Get a Chegg Free Trial Account?

Being a student, we all know how high some particular books can cost us when we are in need of some urgent study material. To tackle the situation, app premium content textbook provider, Chegg was introduced to the market.

In a nutshell, Chegg is the one platform where you will find study materials and textbooks for every subject and platform. By default, on Chegg, you get 90% off most of the study materials. And this offer itself is enough to save a lot of money from your pocket. Further, you also have the option of the Chegg app don’t even need to purchase the premium membership account in order to get books and textbook material at a cheaper rate. However, for some students, it’s hard to arrange money to purchase the Chegg membership. They are in search of ways on how to get a Chegg free trial?

So, if you are among those students who are in search of ways for getting a free Chegg account, this is the place where you need to be. Here in this post, I am going to share two working methods that will help you to get a Chegg premium membership account for free.

How To Get Chegg Free Trial?

Here are all the working methods to get Chegg’s free trial.

Method 1: Create New IDs

This is one of the easiest and the most common ways to get a Chegg free trial. As you must be knowing, Chegg provides a premium membership account for free for all the new users. So all you have to do – create a temporary account on Chegg, and register your account.

And whenever the free trial period ends, create a new account again and repeat the process. You can use this method as many times as you want until you arrange the money for purchasing premium Chegg membership.

Method 2: Free Trial Though Survey Sites

There are a lot of survey sites that provide money for completing a particular task. But for this tutorial, we are going to take the help of Swagbucks. It is one of the most popular service sites through which you can earn money. All you have to do is, visit the website, and complete the task assigned to you.

After completion of each task, you will be paid a certain amount of money through PayPal. And once you have collected a huge sum of money, go for purchasing a Premium Chegg account.

Method 3: Go To Reddit

We all know the fundamentals of Reddit and how it works. It is one of the most popular websites where you can share your thoughts and ask questions to anyone sitting in the world. From all the questions asked, Chegg free trials is one of the most popular questions on Reddit. On the platform, you will find many accounts and passwords that you can use to get a free Chegg trial.

But make one thing sure, that you don’t blindly click on any of the links or hacks provided to you by an anonymous person. Because there’s a great chance that it might contain a virus or Malware that will hack into your system. So, click on only those links that are sent to you by a trustable person.

So, these were all the working methods through which you can get Chegg free trial. If you are aware of any other working method, let us know in the comment section.

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Aman Kumar
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