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How to Get Bluesky Invite Code as the Twitter-Alternative Goes Live on App Store

Bluesky, the highly anticipated alternative to Twitter, has now been listed on the App Store. The new social media platform, backed by Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, is said to be a decentralized and open-source alternative to other platforms.

While the app has made its way to iOS, it is still said to be in the beta testing stage, and new users can sign up only via an invite-only process using a code. So how can you get your Bluesky invite code? Read on to find out.

Twitter Alternative Bluesky Goes Live on App Store

The Bluesky project was initiated within Twitter in 2019 under the leadership of then-CEO Jack Dorsey. The financial backing for the project was also provided by Twitter. After leaving Twitter in 2022, Dorsey switched his focus towards Bluesky and described it as ‘an open decentralized standard for social media.’

What makes the new social media platform special is that it would not be controlled by any single entity or company. The open-source feature means that anyone can contribute towards its development.

Dorsey said that Bluesky ‘would reduce the ability for large, centralized platforms to have so much power in terms of deciding which users and communities could engage in speech and who would be responsible for moderating that content.’

Bluesky is based on the AT protocol, which provides a ‘means of creating a federated and decentralized social network.’ While the acquisition of Twitter was going on by Elon Musk, the two executives discussed the possibility of an open-source protocol. “new platform is needed. It can’t be a company. This is why I left Twitter,” Dorsey had told Musk.

How to Get Bluesky Invite Code?

As already revealed, you can only join Bluesky by an invite. To get an invite code, follow the below steps:

  1. Log on to blueskyweb.org
  2. Select ‘Sign up for the Bluesky private beta’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address.

Post that, the invite code will be sent to your email address. However, there is a high chance that you would be put on a waitlist before getting the code. In October last year, Bluesky stated that they had received 30,000 sign-up requests in just two days.

“Wow. 30k signups for our app’s waiting list in the last two days! Thanks for the overwhelming interest, we’ll do our best to get you in soon,” the platform tweeted at the time. The developers have not revealed how swiftly the wait list is cleared and the users get the code.

Bluesky Features and Interface

The users who have gotten access to the app have shared the details of its features and interface on social media. Unsurprisingly, Bluesky provides many of the same features as Twitter. While Twitter asks, ‘What’s happening?’ Bluesky quotes, ‘What’s up?’

Users can create 256 characters long posts, which may also include photos. There are options to like, reply, repost (similar to retweet), and report a post. There is a Notifications tab as well, and the basic features of profile picture, bio, followers and following. The DMs option has not been provided on the app yet.

Are you planning to try out the new social media platform? Tell us in the comments section.

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