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How to Enable Parental Control on Your Child’s Instagram Account?

Parents today have to face a lot of changes with children getting more and more into social media there are very scary things happening on social media and these things are dangerous for children.

Meta has finally introduced the long-promised parental controls on Instagram for the safety of kids and teenagers on the Instagram app.

These new tools are now available after plenty of exposure against meta and its policy of neglecting the harm their social media platforms may be causing a lot of teenagers and their families! These new controls are Meta’s way of saying that their platforms are safe.

How to Access Parental Features on Instagram

  • You will need an Instagram account to supervise your child.
  • Your kid needs to access their own account
  • Go to the profile page of their account
  • Access the setting from the 3-line menu
  • Go to the supervision option and then your child will send you a supervision request.
  • Once you receive the request you can then supervise your child’s account.

Benefits of The Supervision Feature

The benefits of the supervision feature are a lot! The parent gets to control how much of the app the kids are using and who are they following. The access that comes with the supervision will allow the parents to ensure that there is no lack of concentration for the kids by using too much Instagram.

The parents being allowed the access to see who is following who will largely ensure that kids aren’t following any accounts that are unsafe for their age or might cause any violent tendencies in the kids. The access will ensure that kids follow accounts keeping in mind that their parents are watching.

This may seem like a feature that may cause some parents to seem overbearing but the truth is that this feature will ensure and promote the safety of teens and children on the Instagram app.

Eligibility For the Feature

The feature is limited to the accounts of children between the age of 13-17. The feature obviously is not for kids below 13 as that is a violation of Instagram’s terms of service. For teens above 17, they are legally adults so they have to protect their own right to privacy. If you’re interested in a free parental control software that doesn’t have age limitations, you can visit Earthweb.

Now one must understand that no matter how many checks and measures you put sometimes things can still go the wrong way, similarly, we may see cases of snooping by people using this feature but Meta will fix any loophole if found.

Is This Feature Good?

The idea and implementation of the features is pretty good but how people use them is still a question mark. Giving uninterrupted access to a teenager’s private Instagram is very scary for teenagers and they may be against this feature but it also will pave the way for a better and much safer Instagram for the teens!

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