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How to Enable Auto Scroll on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most-used social media platforms currently. The short video-sharing app has close to a billion users who enjoy scrolling through the clips. People sometimes spend hours and hours watching videos on the app, but they have to scroll through each video manually, leading to a bit of discomfort.

For years, users have been asking for an auto scroll feature on the platform, which will allow them to swipe through the videos without having to touch the screen. Well, TikTok developers have finally given in to the demand and have started rolling out the feature. So how to use the auto scroll option on TikTok? Read on to find out.

TikTok Launches New Auto Scroll Feature

Since the start of February, many users have reported that they came across a new auto scroll option on TikTok. The feature is available in the video options tabs, along with the ‘Save video,’ ‘Clear mode,’ and ‘Report’ options. 

When you select the option, videos on your For You page will be swiped up automatically once they finish, and you will not have to scroll through them manually by swiping up the screen. TikTok has not officially announced or addressed the feature yet, so it appears like the developers are still testing it.

The app rolls out its new features gradually after testing them with a few users first and analyzing their responses. If the feedback from the test users is positive, the feature is rolled out to all users globally.

How to Enable Auto Scroll on TikTok

To enable auto scroll on TikTok, follow the below steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Go to the For You Page.
  • Open a video and hold it down.
  • The options tab will open. Select Auto Scroll from the options.

And just like that, you are good to go. The videos will now swipe automatically. If you are not able to find the feature currently, possibly it has not been made available to you yet. As we said, only a few users get the option first to test it. But make sure that you update your app and check back, as the global roll out of the feature might be starting soon.

Users’ Reactions to TikTok’s Auto Scroll Feature

A number of users have expressed their happiness about the new feature on social media. “Tiktok finally has auto scroll… So what means I can do my hair while watching tiktoks in peace. Dreams do come true lmfao!,” tweeted a user.

Another wrote, “auto scroll is the best thing to ever happen to tiktok,” white a user also tweeted, “AUTO SCROLL ON TIKTOK? I LOVE LIFE.” A surprised user tweeted, “did y’all know there’s an auto scroll feature on tiktok ??? i accidentally found it. make sure your tiktok is updated and hold down on the video and you should see it.”

“Heard TikTok has finally added the auto scroll we have been asking about. Saviour of lives tbh. Does anyone have this yet? I don’t right now. I am still waiting TikTok Let me have some peace too!” wrote another.

What are your thoughts on the auto scroll feature? Tell us in the comments section.

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