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How to Create Your Instagram Recap Reel? Revisit 2022 with New Feature

Instagram has added yet another new feature before the end of 2022 and it recaps your year in a single Reel. Users can now create and share their 2022 Recap Reel on Instagram, and it will be narrated by one of the four artists- Bad Bunny, Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, and Badshah based on the template you select.

The new feature on Instagram is highly inspired by the trend of launching end-of-year experiences on social platforms. The fad was started by Spotify with the launch of Wrapped 2022, followed by Reddit, Twitch, BeReal, YouTube Music, and several others.

Last year, Instagram rolled out a similar feature called 2021 Playback which allowed users to share their highlights as a Story. This year, it’ll be a Reel amidst the Meta-owned platform’s attempts to transition into a more video-focused platform.

Instagram Rolls Out 2022 Recap Reels Templates

On Monday, Instagram rolled out a new in-app feature that lets users create their 2022 recap Reel. Although this confirms that the platform won’t be launching an annual recap like BeReal or Reddit, fans can now create their own yearly replay in a Reel.

The newly introduced feature provides four Reels templates for Instagram users to use in their 2022 recap video. Users can revisit their year and take a look at their memories in the form of a short video and also share it with their friends and followers on Instagram.

Your Instagram Recap Reel will be narrated by one of the four artists’ voices including Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, rapper Badshah or Stranger Things’ Priah Ferguson. The templates are available in English, Spanish, and Hindi as per Alexandra Terry, Meta’s spokesperson.

How to Create Your 2022 Recap Reel on Instagram?

Anyone on Instagram can create their 2022 Recap Reel using one of the four newly introduced templates. Before proceeding, make sure you are using the latest version of the Instagram app. If not, go to Play Store/ App Store, and update the app.

Once ready, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Instagram app and you will see a “Create your 2022 Recap Reel” prompt on top of the feed.
  • Tap on “Get Started.”

  • However, if you don’t see it, you can go to the Reels tab by tapping the play icon at the bottom of the app.
  • Next, tap the Camera icon present at the top right section.
  • Next, go to Templates, and select the Recap 2022 templates.

  • After that, tap on “Add Media” and select the pictures and videos you want to use in your Reel.
  • Once done, preview the Recap Reel and do the necessary edits.
  • Finally, post the Reel on Instagram with a suitable caption and hashtags.

That’s it. This is how you can create and share your 2022 Recap Reel on Instagram. Make sure to do it quickly as it’s trending right now and you are bound to get a great number of views on the Reel.

Instagram Reels Recap 2022 Templates Explained

Instagram has launched four templates for users to create their 2022 Recap Reel. Each of the templates syncs your picture and video collages with an artist’s narration. Bad Bunny, Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, and Badshah’s voices are available in the templates.

The number of media you can select also differs with each template. Here’s a quick breakdown of that:

  • Bad Bunny’s template allows you to select up to 21 media.
  • Priah Ferguson’s template allows you to select up to 15 media.
  • DJ Khaled’s template allows you to select up to 15 media.
  • Badshah’s template allows you to select up to 17 media.

You can select the template of your choice or based on your favorite artist among these. Either way, it’ll be one beautiful short video for your profile.

Instagram is leaving no opportunity to put more focus on “Reels” amidst the ever-rising popularity of the content format. This seems to be yet another attempt at that. Did you like it?

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