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How to Check Your Snapchat Year in Review 2022

The year is coming to an end, and to make the occasion special, many platforms are following the Year in Review trend to give users a recap of their activity during the year. The trend, which was started with ‘Spotify Wrapped’, has become quite popular this year, with platforms like Twitter, Apple Music, and even PlayStation also joining the bandwagon.

Now, Snapchat has also come with its Year in Review, named Year End Stories, which shows you all your special moments from the last year in a special nostalgic video. So how to avail of the feature and see your Year End Stories on Snapchat? Read on to find out.

How to See Year in Review 2022 on Snapchat?

You can find your Snapchat Year in Review in the memories section of the app. Follow the below steps to check your Year End Stories:

  1. Open your Snapchat and click on the camera tab.
  2. Swipe up to see the Year in Review.
  3. You will find the ‘A Look Back at 2022’ option here.
  4. Click on it to see your Year End Stories Video.

You can share the video as a story and can also save it to your camera roll. If you are not able to find the feature, chances are you did not have enough Snaps in the year, and that is why the app did not create a Year End Stories video.

Announcing the feature, Snapchat has said, “It was quite a year, and this is only the start of the story. We’re excited to deliver personalized Year End Stories for our community. Qualifying Snapchatters will be able to find their Year End Story made up of their favorite memories by swiping up from the Camera.”

Users’ Reaction to Snapchat Year in Review

The Year in Review features your photos and videos from the last year and also displays a text message over the video, which will be personal to you. If your snaps mostly feature beachside views, the message might say, ‘we spent time by the water.’ There are also some other messages, including ‘we laughed,’ ‘we loved,’ and ‘we listened to music.’

However, some users have also pointed out that they got a ‘we laughed’ message over pictures that actually featured them crying. While some users were excited to see their Year in Review on Snapchat, others were disappointed that the video mostly featured memories from their bedroom. 

“Snapchat wrapped thing is both the most hilarious and the most degrading thing of the year,” wrote a user. Another one tweeted, “Snapchat wrapped is both so bad cos it’s picks out some of the stupidest snaps from memories yet kinda sweet cos some of those moments were the best you had.”

“Snapchat wrapped thing did me so dirty bc tell me why i got to the ‘we laughed’ portion and it was ALL videos of me crying,” wrote a third one, with another tweeting, “my snapchat wrapped thing was just entirely my ex. did not need that.

So go ahead and check your Snapchat Year in Review. Also, let us know how did you like it.

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