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How to Add Music to Instagram Notes as Meta Introduces New Feature

Instagram has added yet another exciting feature to its app to keep users hooked. The Meta-owned social media platform, which added the Notes feature in December last year, now lets you post music to the Notes as well.

Till now only text and emojis could be posted in the section, which appeared over DMs in the app. On Tuesday, Meta announced that users can now add 30-second clips of songs in Notes. Read on to find out the steps to do the same.

Instagram Now Lets You Add Music to Notes

Instagram Notes serve as post-it notes that can be viewed by your friends and followers. The 60-character status updates appear like the ‘About’ section on WhatsApp but disappear in 24 hours like Instagram stories. The feature was first introduced in December 2022 and appeared in the Chats section of the app.

With the latest update, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that users will now be able to post both a 30-second music clip and a text message to go with it. When your followers tap on the Note bubble, the music will be played. The note will remain active for 24 hours and will automatically be removed post that.

“People enjoy sharing throughout their day Stories – from highlights to the more everyday moments. We’re testing new features in Stories to help people more easily share in spontaneous, fun ways to help create even stronger connections with friends,” Meta announced.

How to Add Music to Instagram Notes?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to add music to your Instagram Notes:

  1. Update the Instagram app on your phone to the latest version.
  2. Open the app and go to your DMs section.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add Note’ icon in the left corner.
  4. Select the ‘Music’ option available below your profile picture.

5. Select the track of your choice.

6. Tap on share to post the music in your Note.

7. The Note will be posted and will start appearing in your followers’ DM section. People will then be able to listen to the track when they tap on your Note bubble.

Social Media has Mixed Response to Music in Notes

While some users have appreciated the new feature, others have criticized Meta for unnecessarily complicating things on Instagram, as they could already put music on their stories and posts.

“Instagram needs to take away the notes feature this app was to post a silly little selfie,” wrote a user. Another wrote, “It’s been a long day of judging everyone’s music taste on the Instagram notes feature phew.” One also commented, “WHO ADDED SONGS TO INSTAGRAM NOTES….BIG DAY FOR ANNOYING PEOPLE.”

“Yo if ya gonna put a song on ur Instagram notes make sure it’s a good one Y0h,” tweeted a user. Another penned, “u can share songs in your instagram notes now?! prepare to be SICK of me.” A user also wrote, “‘nobody cares about your instagram note song’ i do. i do care. please post them.”

What are your thoughts on the new feature? Let us know in the comments.

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