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Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot a Story?

Taking screenshots (or screen recordings) of what you see on Instagram, or any other social media platform may be a strong temptation. Do they have any idea that you took a screenshot of their post or story? And what if someone took a screenshot of your post or story, will you get to know?

Generally, if you’ve taken a screenshot of someone else’s image, message, or anything else they’ve shared, the other person will not get any notification. There’s only one scenario under which someone will get a notification of your screenshot. That, we’ll discuss here in detail.┬áIn this article, we’ll tell you, does Instagram Notify when you screenshot a story.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story, Post, or Message?

You get to see many things on Instagram that you want to screenshot. But in certain cases, you get skeptical about the owner getting the notification of screenshots. So, you should know the reality. So, let’s have one by one discussion on it.

1. Notification for screenshots of Photo or Video Post

Regular Photo or Video posts from your friends or different influencers that you see on your feed or explore page are completely safe from screenshot notification. That means you can screenshot the photo or video post of anyone without letting them know. Along with screenshots, videos screen recording can also be done with video posts. They’ll never know that you can take a screen recording of their video.

2. Notification for screenshots of Stories

Some years back, Instagram tried to roll out a new feature under which you’ll get notifications of your story being screenshotted. In February 2018, the feature was discovered. By the end of June, it was rolled back. For the past few years, Instagram users have been allowed to take screenshots or screen recordings of other people’s stories without them knowing.

3. Only Exception – Instagram notifies you if you take a screenshot of a disappearing photo or video in a DM chat

If somebody has sent you a disappearing photo on DM chat, you can’t screenshot that without letting them know. They’ll instantly get a notification that you have taken a screenshot of that disappearing photo or video. The only way that you can save that disappearing photo or video is by pointing another phone’s camera at your phone’s screen.

Taking a screenshot of an Instagram disappearing photo or video in a DM discussion will alert the other party, so do it only if you’re OK with the other party knowing.

As of now, Instagram doesn’t notify users about screenshots or screen recording stories or messages, but disappearing photos & videos are an exception. So, you can take screenshots of almost everything except disappearing photos or videos.



  1. There has been rumours going around this month that the feature has been introduced and it is the case that the notifications of screenshots are being send… Any comments on that.


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