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15 Best Multiplayer Horror Games

Why are you playing Horror Games alone if you enjoy them? Get a companion and go on a terrifying adventure together. Yes, we’re here to recommend a few of the finest horror multiplayer games that are fantastic and that you’ll like playing with your pals. It’s difficult to pick a horror game that you can play with your buddies.

Despite the fact that there are numerous options available, we have simplified the process for you. We’ll assist you in making a decision from our list rather than scouring the internet for the ideal game to play with your buddies.

15 Best Multiplayer Horror Games To Play With Your Pals

Here is a list of 15 of the best multiplayer horror games to play with your pals. Continue reading to discover your ideal game, or try them all and embark on a wild adventure.

1. Left 4 Dead 2

Let’s start with Left 4 Dead 2, one of the best games. Valve developed and published Left 4 Dead 2, a 2009 multiplayer survival horror first-person shooter. Left 4 Dead 2 simply enhanced on the premise by throwing more undead at the player over the course of a four-act plot set in the south.

Players will be confronted with horrifying zombies, and the best part is that they can play with their buddies. The levels are becoming increasingly harder, but it’s a lot easier when you have a friend to play with. Fan of Resident Evil? Here’s to get the vibe.

2. Hunt: Showdown

It’s set in the world’s darkest corners, and it combines the adrenaline of survival games with a match-based system. Hunt: Showdown, from the designers of Crysis, is a competitive first-person PvP bounty hunting game with extensive PvE aspects.

You have the option of selecting legendary hunters, but do so with caution. As an excellent hunter, go on missions with your friends. The player takes on the role of a bounty hunter tasked with killing a fabled creature in order to claim the reward and survive long enough to reach an exfiltration station.

3. Dying Light

The plot revolves Kyle Crane, an undercover spy sent to enter a quarantine zone in the Middle Eastern city of Harran. It is set in an enemy-infested open-world metropolis with a dynamic day–night cycle in which zombies are slow and weak during the day but become very aggressive at nightfall.

When confronted with threats, the game focuses on weapons-based combat and parkour, allowing players to choose whether to fight or flee. An asymmetrical multiplayer mode and a four-player cooperative multiplayer option are also included in the game.

4. Until Dawn

When their lives are in danger, players take control of eight young adults who must survive on Blackwood Mountain. The game’s multi-linear tales and butterfly effect mechanism, in which players must make decisions that may modify the story, have a strong cinematic feel to them.

Depending on the choices made, any of the playable characters can live or die. From a third-person perspective, players explore the area in search of clues that will help them solve the mystery.

5. The Forest

Endnight Games developed and published The Forest, a survival horror video game. The playable protagonist Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy are survivors of a plane crash on an isolated, densely wooded island in the game.

The game includes unstructured game-play in a free world, played in first-person, with really no set goals or objectives, allowing the player to make their own survival options. Sounds amazing?

6. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a survival horror game in which you play as a first-person character. The player completes a deal by working alone or in a squad of up to four players to determine the sort of ghost haunting the specified location.

Participants can converse through voice chat, both locally within a limited distance and worldwide via walkies-talkies. Players can establish or join a lobby where they can prepare for contracts. To identify amongst group members, Phasmophobia allows players to modify their looks by choosing from eight different paranormal investigators.

7. No More Room in Hell

The player assumes the position of one of eight last survivors in a zombie apocalypse, with an emphasis on cooperation and survival. The game can be played in two modes: “Objective” and “Survival.” Well, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”


Players in GTFO establish a group of four scavengers who are tasked with exploring the massive underground compound in order to achieve the Warden’s requirements. The presence of terrible sleeping monsters, who have overtaken the entire area, complicates the operation.

To live, the players must plot, plan, ration resources, and murder enemies covertly, as well as work to meet the Warden’s requests and be allowed to flee.

9. Dead By Daylight

The game-play is a one-versus-four online multiplayer game in which one player plays as a murderous psychopath and the other four play as survivors attempting to flee the killer and avert being captured and made the ultimate sacrifice to the Entity.

10. Resident Evil : Outbreak

The player selects a story-line, a degree of challenge, and a character. The difficulty level is determined by the types of opponents and things encountered by the player as they advance through the adventure.

There are five scenarios in the game-play, each with an event checklist of special acts that the player must complete to gain 100% completion. The player will then be able to access “Infinity Mode,” in which all of the player’s weapons will never malfunction or run out of ammo.

11. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a multiplayer or solo first-person shooter video game that may be playable with up to six players. The virus has extended outside Europe in Killing Floor 2, which takes place a month after the original game, leading institutions to fall and communications networks to breakdown. Players fight their way through waves of zombie-like creatures called as ‘Zeds’ in this game.

12. F.E.A.R. 3

From a first-person viewpoint, players control their avatars. At any given time, the player can carry two guns and reload ammo by picking it up from dead soldiers and weapon boxes. The cover system in the series employs “peeking” rather than “tilting,” with players peering and firing around the borders of their shelter.

Damage appears as a crimson haze overlay on the screen. The character dies when the screen is completely filled. In cooperative and multiplayer modes, when a player dies, they enter a “Final Stand,” allowing teammates to try to resuscitate them.

13. Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is a third-person shooter that takes place from an over-the-shoulder viewpoint. Handguns, shotguns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers, as well as melee attacks, are available to players. To avoid attacks, players can make fast 180-degree turns.

The game has boss fights, several of which have timed events. Players can modify weapons with currency and treasure obtained in-game and cure themselves with herbs, just like in Resident Evil 4, however they can’t run and fire at the same time.

14. Dead Space 3

Clarke is pitted against the Necromorphs once more in Dead Space 3. The Resource Integration Gear (RIG) suit reappears, displaying health and ammo counts via holographic screens reflected from the combatants’ suit and weapons.

A timer will display on the player’s right shoulder in vacuum environments, displaying how much oxygen the character has left before suffocating. To dodge attacks, player characters can roll and take shelter.

15. Deceit

Deceit is an action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter that puts your trust and deception abilities to the test. You awaken in a strange environment to the noise of the Game Master’s voice. Surrounded by five others, a quarter of your team has been infected with the Game Master’s lethal virus. And has been assigned the mission of eliminating the other players.

As the infected try to pick you off one by one, innocent civilians must stay awake. Traverse the three zones, and escape through the safety hatch.

OMG! The article is concluded, and it was a pleasure enlightening everyone about the finest multiplayer horror games. I have a few more games in mind, but that’s fine. You can tell us about your favorite multiplayer horror games and why you believe others should play them as well. Have fun gaming!

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  1. i love horror games.all games are my favourite but i like to play DEAD SPACE 3…..THANKS for written about best horror games.


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