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12 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

In order to keep track of all the things you need to do and the times you need to do them, you can use a calendar app. On your mobile device, you may keep track of anything from scheduled events to completed tasks. You can mark up important dates and birthdays in your calendar app.

The Apple iPhone has an in-built calendar app that can perform almost all functions of a regular calendar app. But, sometimes, the app falls short of features, and therefore, not everyone likes it. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of calendar apps available in the App Store.

In this article, we’ve made a list of the top 12 Best calendar apps for iPhone.

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone to Stay Organized in 2022

Many of us spend our days at work and stay busy, which almost makes us lost in our own world. It’s easy to lose track of time in such a situation, missing deadlines, and appointments. Sometimes these appointments and deadlines are important. Therefore, it’s preferable to maintain a record of them. So, here’s a list of the best calendar apps for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Apple Calendar

The calendar app that comes preinstalled on your iPhone is a nice example of Apple’s minimalistic approach to design and user-friendliness. If you tap the month or year in the upper left, you can expand your view beyond the current day and see the entire month or year. To go back to the present, tap Today at the bottom left corner. Now I see the big picture.

It’s not that attractive, but it works flawlessly on an iPhone.  It has all you need from a basic calendar app. You can easily create and share iCloud calendars with just a few touches, and syncing with other calendars means you can easily add and modify events across all of them. Apple’s Calendar and Maps are always in sync, so when it’s time to depart, you’ll receive smart notifications that tell you the time to leave by calculating the travel time and current traffic.

2. Google Calendar

Google provides a free iOS software called Google Calendar. It is the best calendar app if you rely significantly on other Google services, such as Gmail, Google Keep, and Google Tasks.

One of the app’s most appealing features is the seamless integration it provides with other Google apps, making it easy to view and manage all of your events and tasks in a single location. To ensure you never miss a scheduled event, your calendar will now automatically incorporate all of your upcoming appointments, projects, and meetings.

Google Calendar also provides smart suggestions to help you add new events. Not only that, but you can also sync with other calendar services like Exchange and iCloud. The fitness-minded people can sync their Google Calendar with Apple Health to monitor their progress toward their personal fitness objectives.

3. Fantastical

Fantastical is a great alternative to Apple’s own Calendar app. It’s easy to set up new activities and events in a user-friendly interface.

Fantastical is better than other iPhone calendar apps as it supports the feature of natural language parsing. For those who don’t know, Natural Language Parsing is a tool that lets you use everyday language to set a reminder, organize an event, or construct a to-do list. You can make a lunch date with John at 1400 by entering “lunch with John at 1400” in your calendar.

Also, you can now integrate multiple calendars at once and instantly switch between them with Fantastic. This means that all of your invitations and events can be managed in a single place. In addition to iCloud Reminders, Google Tasks, Todoist, etc., Fantastical supports integration with a variety of other services for managing your to-do lists and reminders.

4. Any.do

Any.do is a fantastic iPhone calendar app that you can use in order to organize meetings and events. The app integrates task management with the calendar, allowing you to view all of your appointments in one convenient place.

This app was previously known as Cal before it changed its name to Any.do. This app has certain features that other calendar apps don’t, like recurring events, location-based reminders, and also natural language parsing. The moment is one of the best features as it provides a guided review of the day’s activities and tasks, allowing you to organize your time better the next day.

The calendar in Any.do may be seen in four formats: agenda, day, three-day, and week. You can see the full-month view by tapping the caret beneath the month. There are eight available widgets that will provide you an overview of your tasks, your calendar events, or both when you place them on your home screen or in the Today view.

Any.do, like the other iOS calendar mentioned in the list, is compatible with Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. Several gadgets, including those with Amazon Alexa, can be used to schedule events and initiate tasks.

5. Timepage

Though the Italian company Moleskine is better known for its notebooks and journals than its smartphone apps, the Timepage calendar app is surprisingly feature-rich.

In the first place, it has a fantastic visual appeal. That shouldn’t come as a shock as the brand is known for producing fashionable goods. This is the most classy iPhone calendar software available.

However, Timepage also provides useful content. In this app, the Heatmap is the most innovative feature. A circle is placed around the days in your agenda; the busier your day gets, the more colorful the circle.

Additionally, widgets may be added to the home screen, and Siri support is included.

The app’s initial download is free, but it supports itself through in-app subscriptions. There is a $12 annual fee or $2 per month.

6. Calendars: Planner & Reminders

Since its release, the app has attracted quite an audience. The seamless integration with your Google Calendar and the ability to drag and drop appointments right into its calendar are some of the best features. The event may be easily managed both online and offline. Also, it includes specialized keyboards that make setting reminders and appointments twice as fast as the native iOS calendar.

6. Calendars 5 

Another well-known iPhone calendar app is Calendars 5. It was developed by Readdle, the creators of popular apps like Spark Mail and Documents, and it is a superb task and event manager.
Natural language input is used in Calendars 5, similar to Fantastical, allowing you to add events in your language. What makes it stand out from other calendar apps, though, is its event-focused UI, which provides a snapshot of all of your work schedule at a glance. Schedules can be seen by day, week, or month, depending on your preference.

In addition, Calendars 5 allows you to make your own events, customize your notifications, and send invitations right from the app. More importantly, you can add, change, or remove appointments or tasks while offline and then resynchronize them when you connect to the internet.

7. WeekCal

Week Cal is another good app that can help you keep track of your busy schedule. It presents a variety of viewpoints (week, list, month, agenda, etc.). The week-long viewpoint is the most used view. From a single screen, you can see the entire view. You can reschedule anything by simply dragging and dropping them to a different time and date.

The app doesn’t support natural language input, but it does offer a calendar store for scheduling events. The store is a fantastic extra feature. You can add to your list the upcoming weather, the dates of important people’s birthdays, the schedules of upcoming sporting events, and much more.

It has arguably the most comprehensive set of customizing options available. The app’s color scheme, default layout for new events, and icon set are all customizable.

You can use the Week Calendar if you need to keep track of a busy schedule. WeekCal is available as a free download, and the Pro version (which adds widgets, smart calendars, reminders integration, and more) may be purchased for only $19.99 annually.

8. Choiceworks Calendar

Do you need a calendar for your kids? Since children don’t need fancy features, this app is minimalist and simple. It’s a picture-based learning tool as well.

Lots of icons (for vacations, visitors, doctor’s appointments, and so on) are already included, and you may also upload your own.

Help your kids visualize the passage of time between now and big events like birthdays and the holidays with a daily countdown tool. In addition, there are both visual and audible notifications that are liked by children.

9. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Even though Microsoft Outlook is designed for Windows computers, its calendar app can do a fine job of replacing your iPhone’s default calendar. Microsoft has stepped up its design game, and the result is an Outlook app that’s every bit as intuitive and user-friendly as the other best calendar apps for iOS.

For the different viewpoints available (Agenda, Day, 3-Day, and Month), simply tap the corresponding icon on the right side of the screen. By default, Agenda and Day views will only show you a week at a time; to view the entire month, simply pull down on the week you want to view.

Outlook is the best calendar option for integrating email, schedule, and contacts, and you can install it if your company already uses Outlook for email. Furthermore, Outlook can be synced with other calendar apps, making it simple to keep track of both business and personal appointments in one location. When you use Outlook at your office, your schedule is synced with everyone else in the office automatically.

10. Informant 5 Calendar

The next best calendar for iPhone is the new Informant 5 Calendar. Features like daily/weekly planners, projects, triggers, etc., are present in the app to make your life more planned and organized. It helps you to keep yourself on top of your agenda.

The app does not require the creation of a new account and can be used with your existing calendar accounts. However, you’ll need to create an Informant sync account in order to access all of the other app’s data.

11. Things 3

When it comes to paid iPhone calendar apps, Things 3 is a top pick. It has been recognized on multiple occasions for its innovative design and useful features, and it often surprises and delights its user base with the release of brand-new features.

Things 3 is the best iOS calendar software not just because of its sleek and user-friendly design but also because it makes organizing your time and tasks a simple task.

In addition, Things 3 allows you to build a separate area for each aspect of your life, so You can have places such as work, finance, home, etc., to store all the appropriate tasks, projects, and plans. In addition, you will get a handy widget on your home screen that displays all of your lists.

12. BusyCal

Another powerful iPhone calendar app is BusyCal. This app’s customizable calendar features make it easy to keep track of anything from appointments to to-do lists in one convenient location.

BusyCal is a calendar app that, like a few others, allows you to easily create events and tasks through the use of natural language inputs. The app’s versatility comes from features like the ability to set up your own calendar views, to-do lists, maps, and search bars, preventing you from using any other calendar app.

These are the top 12 calendars that you can try as an alternative to the default Apple calendar app. The apps are selected on various aspects like ease of use, customization, notifications, integrations, etc. So, do try them out and let us know your favorite calendar from the list.



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