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Are Apple Watches Waterproof? Find Out About Yours

Apple watches are considered to be one of the best watches in the world but these watches may not have every feature that other watches may have. The Apple Watch is a costly piece of tech and is generally never categorized as affordable and rightly so.

The biggest question that people have when talking about the Apple Watch is its ability to survive swimming pools and open seas and the answer to this question is quite complex. Most of the newer Apple Watches are made to be worn while swimming or showering but older generations were never made with that consideration.

Older Apple Watches Are Not Waterproof

Apple Watches before the series 2 are absolutely a no go for things like swimming or taking a shower with them as they may get easily damaged. There are still a few people who use such older variants of these watches but the population doing so is very small.

People who have these extremely older smartwatches may not be able to swim with their Apple Watches but can surely survive a drizzle once in a while. These watches had a coating that made them water resistant but there is no rubber sealing done hence if submerged these watches will die.

Newer Apple Watches Are Waterproof

Newer Apple Watches post series 2 are rated with up to 50m of depth which means that these watches can be taken for a swim without any issues but they cannot be used while playing water sports or in any situation where the water will be forced onto the watch.

The newer Apple watches have superior rubber gaskets that protect the watch from any water seepage up to 50m but this gasket may fail when pressurized water tries to be pushed onto the watch.

List Of Apple Watches That Are Waterproof

  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • Series 4
  • Series 6
  • Series 7
  • SE

The watches given in the list are rated for swimming in pools and open seas but are not covered for being exposed to pressurized water.

Steps to Save Your Apple Watch from Water Damage

Never wear your Apple Watch for water-based sporting events as the watch may get damaged due to pressurized water breaking the rubber seal. If using the watch in seawater one must always remember to wash the watch with fresh water and turn the watch’s crown to get rid of any debris that is lodged in the crown.

The watches also have a dedicated water mode that locks the screen when in water and only unlocks the screen when the digital crown is rotated. While unlocking the watch also pushes out water using high-frequency sound waves. Users are advised to use this mode for maximum protection.

A lot of times people try and clean the speaker in the watch and the mic, while cleaning they may poke the speaker with a needle which again may break the rubber seal that makes the watch waterproof so it is advisable that one should not do the same with their Apple Watch.

In its entirety the Apple Watch series is waterproof but there still are some limitations to what the watch can withstand so make sure you handle the watches carefully.

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