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Apple Introduces 21 New Emojis in iOS 16.5, See the Full List Here

The new iOS 16.5 update is here, and along with the new features and security updates, Apple has also introduced some new emojis for iPhones and iPads around the world. A total of 21 new emojis have been added, including some highly awaited ones.

It should be noted that a number of users already got their hands on the new emojis with the iOS 16.4 update in March this year. However, those were not released globally at the time. With iOS 16.5, the emojis have been made available to all Apple users worldwide.

iOS 16.5 New Emojis

Apple has added 21 new emojis in the iOS 16.5 update, including a smiley, two hand gestures, three new colorful hearts, a few animals, birds, and foods, and some activity and faith symbols. Here is the full list of emojis being introduced in iOS 16.5:

  • Shaking Face: A smiley that gives the appearance of a face shaking from side to side. It can be used to express external forces like earthquakes or loud noises, or internal feelings like shock, confusion, and fear.
  • Light Blue Heart: The heart emoji in a new light blue color, represents friendship, love, or warmth.
  • Grey Heart: Another new color added to the heart emoji representing the same feelings as the earlier ones.
  • Pink Heart: The pink heart was one of the most demanded emojis by users. It has finally been made available in the new update.

  • Rightwards Pushing Hand: An open hand gesture with the palm pushing to the right.
  • Leftwards Pushing Hand: An open hand gesture with the palm pushing to the left. The two hand gestures can be used together to represent holding or pressing something.
  • Moose: An emoji showing the face of a moose with big antlers. Can represent the actual animal, as well as countries like Canada and Sweden where it is considered a symbol.
  • Donkey: A full profile of a gray donkey or a mule.
  • Wing: A white wing with its feathers rightwards. Can be used to represent flying literally, and metaphorically.
  • Blackbird: A full profile of a blackbird, to represent the bird or something ominous.
  • Goose: The full profile of a white goose, in reference to the bird or idioms associated with it.
  • Jellyfish: A bright blue-colored jellyfish emoji with some tentacles and a domed bell.
  • Hyacinth: A picture of the hyacinth flower with purple petals and green stems.
  • Ginger: The spice which is used worldwide has also made an entry into the list of new emojis.

  • Pea Pod: An emoji featuring the pea pod, which is cut open showcasing the peas inside.
  • Folding Hand Fan: A red and peach-colored folding hand fan has also been introduced in the new iOS update.
  • Hair Pick: Apple has added a gray-colored hair pick with long teeth, representing combing and self-grooming.
  • Maracas: A set of Maracas instruments with a colorful motif.
  • Flute: Another popular musical instrument, the flute, has been added as an emoji.
  • Khanda: A symbol in the Sikh faith.
  • Wireless: The symbol of Wi-Fi connection.

To get the new emojis, update your Apple device to the latest version of iOS by heading to Settings and selecting Software Update in the General section.

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