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AirPods Keeps Falling Out? Here’s How to Fix this Problem

Owning an iPhone and Apple AirPods has become a status symbol.

There is a lot to like about Apple AirPods. You do not have to worry about the wires getting tangled. You can pair them with all Apple devices. This new technological creation ensures a good battery life and solid audio performance. Since the release of AirPods, many other brands have jumped on the bandwagon and started copying the brand. But do you know using AirPods, especially AirPod Pro, may annoy you in some cases?

Although AirPods Pro has become a massive hit that the brand cannot keep up with inventory, you may face some issues while using them. One of the biggest problems with this device is that it keeps falling out for some owners.

Why Does AirPods Pro Keep Falling Out?

Your AirPods Pro may fall out of your ear if they do not fit you properly. When this happens, you may experience that the Active Noise Cancellation feature is not working properly. For it to function well, there has to be a seal between the device and your ears. Without a proper seal, the sound may leak, thus frustrating you. You may not want to use them again.

Apple uses silicon ear tips in the AirPods Pro, which may slip and fall down now and then. But fret not. Every problem has a solution.

What to do if AirPod Pro Keeps Falling Out?

If you are constantly experiencing your AirPod Pro falling out, there are a few options you may try to keep in place.



Change the Tips of Stock AirPods Pro

You will see two extra sets of interchangeable ear tips in the box. Along with this, one of them is already attached to the device. If your AirPods Pro keeps falling out now and then, you can change the air tip and attach it according to your ear size. The medium size comes attached to the device. You can try a small or large version to ensure they fit properly.

Use Memory Foam Ear Tips

If the stock ear tips are not working in your favor, you can choose the third-party memory foam ear tips to feel more comfortable while using the device. Many brands offer memory foam tips that sit comfortably in your ear. Ensure to research each brand properly before you buy from them. Read their reviews online and choose the one with the highest positive reviews. 

Put Them in the Right Manner

One of the reasons why your AirPods pro falls out is you may be putting them wrong all this time. It is crucial to wear them rightly to feel more comfortable. The method is simple. Pull the ear upward from behind your ear and push the AirPods Pro deep inside your ear canal. Let go of the ear. You will realize that the fitting of the AirPod is much better than before.

Wear them Upside Down

Another way to avoid frequent falling of AirPods Pro from your ears is to wear them upside down. This hack has been discovered by some users lately when they were performing physical activities like running or working out in a gym. Here’s how you can wear them upside down.

  • Flip your AirPods pro upside down.
  • Place the left AirPods in your right ear.
  • Place the right AirPods in your left ear.

Rotate and Wedge in the AirPods Pro

It is a good idea to rotate your device and wear it until you reach the point where the earbuds feel tight and secure. It is a locked position when the stems of the device are almost parallel to your jawline. It avoids falling and breaking your AirPods Pro.

Tips to Wear AirPods Pro Correctly

Compared to the standard AirPods, the AirPods Pro requires a little more attention. It is because they use silicone ear tips. We have listed an easy guide to help you wear the device properly.

Flip the Silicone Tips to Check their Size

The first important thing before you wear the device is to check its size. When you overlook the right size, the whole process of putting on the AirPods Pro goes useless. You can check Apple’s sizing guide on the internet to figure out the size issue and find the best one for you.

Align the Sizing Letter with a Black Vent

On your AirPods Pro, you will see a sizing letter and a black vent. To obtain a perfect fit and keep your device from falling, align the sizing letter and the black vent. You will hear a click when you have turned them properly.

The Press and Wedge Motion

Plugging AirPods Pro requires the same old pressing and wedging motion, just like the device’s predecessors. Press the AirPods Pro slightly, and rotate and wedge them to fit into your ears. This step offers a comfortable fit. You will feel their wedge into your ears.

Ear Tip Fit Test

To check whether you have plugged in the AirPods correctly or not, you can run the ear tip fit test. It is a handy feature from the company that helps you achieve a better seal with your Apple earbuds. When you wear the AirPods Pro, connect them with your iPhone. Now, go to the Settings option and choose Bluetooth. Click the information button beside the device and press ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’.

The above-listed tips will help you fit your device well so that it doesn’t fall the next time you listen to good music or talk to someone using your AirPods Pro. If you think that these earbuds may damage your ear, do not worry. They are not long enough to harm your ears. The only suggestion we will give you is not to listen to music too loudly. Listening to loud music may affect your listening capabilities.

Apple is set to release its iPhone 14 series in a few months. The brand has already highlighted all the new features that the series will feature. All eyes are on this new release. Get ready to splurge, for nothing beats an iPhone and your AirPods Pro.

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