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6 Best Ways to Get Water Out of Charging Port

Even the newest iPhone models, which can be immersed to a depth of six metres, are water-resistant, as are the majority of high-end cellphones. Water doesn’t affect the external components, but the interior ones are still susceptible to damage.

Getting water out of a device’s charging port fast is important because it will affect your internal components. If you don’t take precautions, water may get into the hardware of your smartphone. There are certain instances where you end up getting water into your charging port. So, what do you do in such cases?

In this article, we’ll discuss some ways by which you can get water out of the charging port easily.

Best Ways to Get Water Out of Charging Port

Many of the solutions circulating around the internet to remove water from a charging port have the potential to cause more harm to the device.

Here, we’ll discuss only credible and safe methods to remove water from your charging port. These methods are backed by major mobile companies such as Apple and Samsung.

1. Leave it to Dry Naturally or Under a Fan

The easiest approach to dry a charging port is to leave it alone and let it dry. This may seem too simplistic, but it works every time.

Keep the phone in a well-ventilated environment, preferably one with a fan to keep the air moving. In order to speed up the drying process, leave the charging port open, and if feasible, position the charging port down.

Check the port on your device after 30 minutes of drying time. Keep waiting if you can still see moisture within, or if the gadget continues to display a “liquid detected” error.

The charging port should be pointed down and can be tapped gently if your gadget is small enough to grasp with one hand. Excess water may be flushed away by this method.

2. Use Cotton Cloth

You’ll first need to remove the dampness or moisture. Using a little piece of soft cotton material, you can actually pace up the drying process. You can carefully massage the cloth inwards into the charging port to clean it.

Then, for up to half an hour, you may leave your phone to dry on its own. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the charging port as it will cause more damage to it rather than drying it. This can also cause the water to get into the charging port a lot deeper.

3. Contact the Service Centre

Try contacting customer support if none of the previously mentioned fixes worked and you suspect the charging port is broken. For Samsung customers, the Support website or a walk-in service facility are the only options. In case you use iPhone, head on to the nearest Apple Support Centre as soon as possible.

You can take your wet mobile to the nearest local repair centre. They Have professional gears which can help to dry the phone’s charging port.

Top Myths to Dry the Wet Charging Port of your Mobile

Now that the methods to get water out of your device are discussed, there are some things that need to be avoided. People usually do the following things and end up getting in a worse situation. So, try avoiding the following methods to get water out of your mobile phone.

1. Don’t Place Your Phone in Rice

It is not recommended that you store your mobile phone in a bag of rice. To remove moisture from electronics, rice has long been considered the holy grail. It may be seen in ads and television shows. This strategy, although reasonable in theory, may actually do more harm. Even though rice is effective at absorbing moisture, the small particles it leaves can damage the smartphone more.

Small particles of rice or starch may fix in the charging port and cause harm, which is why this method is not recommended. This will not help in drying the water any good than simply letting it dry below the fan.

2. Don’t Use a Hair Dryer

When you find water in your USB port, the first thing you may want to do is blow it out. Although this is not suggested since it is ineffective and the focused power of your hair dryer may drive water farther into the USB port, it is also not recommended. So, only use one of the approaches outlined above.

Many guides are available on the internet which suggest you bombard the dryer into your charging port. But this is not recommended as it can overhead the device and even deform the soft metals which are present inside the charging port causing permanent damage.

3. Don’t Charge your Phone

The most important thing which you should avoid doing is charging your phone while the charging port is wet. This single piece of advice can save you from spending a lot of bucks on your phone. This is because, if you put the charger into a wet charging port, it is dangerous to both the charging port and the charger.

This can even cause a short circuit inside your mobile device. An active electric current inside of wet port is highly dangerous and should be avoided.

These are all the things that you need to keep in mind while drying your phone’s charging port. A phone is an electric device and should be treated cautiously when dealing with water. So, keep in mind the above advice while you get water out of your charging port.



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