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10 Best Laptop Brands With Price in 2024

With tons of options present out there on the market, it’s quite hard to choose a particular laptop brand. But we are here to do the hard work for you, we are going to mention the collection of 10 Best Laptop Brands all over the globe. All the brands mentioned below are working day and night to provide us with cutting-edge technology, innovations, and excellent customer support.

In this post, we have mentioned the Top 10 Laptop Brands based on specifications they provide to their customers. By the end of this article, we can guarantee that you will have your mind clear on which laptop you’re going to buy next?

10 Best Laptop Brands to Buy in 2024

Ever since the invention of the portable laptop in 1982, the competition for providing the best technology at the cheapest rate is increasing day by day. Every brand is setting a benchmark for itself, and doing hard work to achieve it completely.

Coming to this post, if you are confused with various laptop brands present in the market, we are here to ease your problem.

Here’s a collection of the 10 Best Laptop Brands in the world along with their best laptop that you can buy in 2024. So without any further ado, let’s begin the listing of top laptop brands in the world.

1. Apple

How can a list related to laptops, smartphones, and computers be complete, without mentioning the name of Apple? Apple tops our listings, all thanks to its excellent customer support, premium build quality, user-friendly interface and design, best-in-class power, and display quality. They generate more than $230billion annually only formats laptop sales.

When it comes to providing customer care service, besides the physical stores, Apple also provides 24 * 7 free call service to its customer.

Best Apple laptop to buy in 2024: Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch M1

2. HP

Hewlett Packard, or popularly known as HP is considered among the oldest electronic brands to present out there. However, nowadays their popularity is comparatively less than that of its earlier days. HP is mainly famous for providing the best laptop for students and office-going workers.

When we talk about the range of HP laptops, they are famous for providing convertibles, fanless laptops, that are mainly designed for gaming. HP has launched various series in the market that includes Pavilion, EliteBook, Essentials, ProBook, Chromebooks, and many more.

Users mainly get a minimum of 3 years warranty on any of the HP laptops, which will save your laptop from any serious damage.

Best HP Laptop to buy In 2024: HP Spectre X360 15

3. Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the leading computer manufactures in the world with having almost 25.1 percent share of the global computer market. They are famous for providing premium quality laptops, at a bit higher price than the other manufactures.

Most importantly, Lenovo laptops are for everyone, doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer businessman, or a regular college-going student. The Yoga and Flex are two of the most successful series of Lenovo.

When it comes to customer care support, Lenovo is not far from its close rivals like Apple and HP. Lenovo also has tons of offline service centers in almost every part of any country.

Best Lenovo Laptop To Buy In 2024: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3

4. Dell

Dell is famous for providing the best Windows laptop throughout the world. Their customer care support and other services are also worth praising. Most of the Dell laptops are present-oriented, and they provide their own design and hardware which is quite powerful.

However, their simple design is also one of the reasons that some laptop audiences avoid going with Dell.

Dell Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware series are among the most sold Dell laptops. Inspiron is mainly designed for low-budget users, go with XPS if you are having very high use of a laptop, whereas, Alienware is mainly designed for gamers.

Best Dell Laptop To Buy In 2024: Dell XPS 13 2021 Model

5. Acer

Acer is mainly known for providing the best value for money laptops. The company has a 5.7 % share in the global market when it comes to laptop production and sales. Acer also provides a very decent battery life in your laptop, and its performance is also worth praising. Acer Chromebook series has taken over the laptop market, as they are available only for just $150.

Along with the performance and decent battery life, Acer is also popular among its audience for providing a decent customer care service.

Users can communicate with the Acer technical support team via live chat, technical calls, emails, and even social media platforms. However, Acer lacks behind providing durability to their laptop.

Best Acer Laptop To Buy In 2024: Acer Aspire 7 Gaming

6. Asus

The laptop brand that is famous for providing affordable laptops mainly designed for gaming is Asus. Their Chromebook series is also famous for providing the best quality on a very low budget.

Initially, during their launch in the laptop segment, they were facing difficulty to even consider themselves in the laptop manufacturing brand, but now Asus is considered among the top 10 laptops brands in the world.

Asus claims to provide a minimum of 4 hours of battery life in their budget segment laptop. The company also manages to provide a powerful gaming laptop in the form of their Asus ROG series.

In case of any difficulty, users can communicate with the Asus technical team via live chats, emails, phone calls, or even social media platforms.

Best Asus Laptop To Buy In 2024: Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

7. MSI

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, what better brand can be for you other than MSI. MSI is famous for gaming laptops and this brand is mainly popular among eSports players. Their focus is to keep improving their graphics card and motherboard.

However, the pricing of MSI laptops is quite expensive, but considering their quality, one can beer with the pricing. Their new designs are mainly designed to attract gamers.

Their technical support is also worth praising, they offer 24/7 customer care service. The only downside about MSI laptops because of their limited options they are losing a lot of their sales.

Best MSI Laptop To Buy In 2024: MSI GF63

8. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is one of the largest producers of personal computers. Their products are mainly designed for faster performance, thinner quality, and powerful performance. Microsoft surface is a perfect combination of Windows-centric hardware software. Surface Go is among the most sold Microsoft product.

If you are looking for a higher range product, go for Surface Pro 4. It is totally a high-end device with slimmer aesthetics. In case your priority is battery life, go with Surface Book 2. Their customer care service is also excellent and they provide good warranty coverage on their products.

Best Microsoft Surface Laptop To Buy In 2024: Surface Pro 7

9. Razer

Like Asus, Razer is famous among its audience for providing gaming laptops at a decent price. Razer has a wide variety of laptops ranging from gaming to normal day uses. The performance of their laptop justifies their exorbitant price tag.

Razer isn’t a company that is famous for making budget-oriented laptops. Their focus is mainly to make laptops for gaming in different screen sizes. Their after-sales service is also noticeable, and anyone can contact their technical team, via online channels, telephonic conversations, and emails.

Recently, the brand has collaborated with Acro engineering to improve its physical service center. Overall, Razer also provides 1-year manufacturer warranty, on each of their laptops.

Best Razer Laptop To Buy In 2024: Razer Blade 15

10. Samsung

Samsung is among the top names that come to everyone’s mind when it comes to any technology-related product. They manufactured smartphones, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, as well as PC.

However, they don’t have a loyal customer support base in the laptop category. Laptop users avoid going with Samsung, all because of its poor battery life and old design.

Talking about positive aspects, Samsung is famous for providing excellent tech support. Users are just one call away to solve any technical difficulties that come across in their Samsung product. Users can also contact them via emails and live chat support.

Best Samsung Laptop To Buy In 2024: Samsung Galaxy Book

Final Words

So, these were the collection of 10 Best Laptop Brands in the world. Go with the one that suits your demands the most, however, all of them are good in their own aspects. Moreover, if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the post, let us know in the comments section.

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