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Women Body Shapes: 11 Different Types Explained

The whole world is talking about body positivity and how you must enjoy being in your skin, no matter what weight, color, shape, size, or flaw your body has. A woman’s body is one of the most beautiful creations and embracing your body with love, respect, and pride is what every woman needs to do.

Various factors such as fat distribution, bone structure, pregnancy, hormonal combination, etc. play a role in determining the body shape of a woman. Furthermore, your engagement in physical activities such as yoga, sports, work-out, and gymnastics also have a role to play.

What are the Different Women Body Shapes?

Dear women, embrace yourself the way you are and celebrate your femininity by loving your body shape. We have curated a list of different body shapes for women. If you are a fashion-forward lady, the guide on what to wear and what to ignore will help you present yourself most beautifully among all.

  1. Straight Body Shape

Also known as rectangular body shape, the women having it have the same measurements for all the sections of their bodies. It is also called a ruler or supermodel body. To put it more clearly, you have a straight body shape if the measurements of your waist are the same as your bust and hips.

Metaphorically, this body shape is also addressed as a banana body. If you want to style this body type, wear more tube dresses and off-shoulder tops. As your waist remains straight, you can accentuate and make it look a little curvy by putting a belt on your blouses and dresses.

  1. Pear Body Shape

A pear body shape is characterized by large hips and a small bust. Geometrically, it is referred to as a triangle-body shape. Your lower body is more muscular than your upper body, giving it a triangular appearance.

To style this body shape right, you can opt for the styles such as boat-necks and scoop-necks. It is because since your upper body is small, you may want to add more width to them. You can also elevate your look by accessorizing yourself. If you wish to make your busts look fuller, a push-up bra will do it for you. Avoid wearing figure-hugging dresses for this body shape.

  1. Spoon Body Shape

This body shape is pretty much similar to a pear body. You have larger hips than the rest of your body. Women with spoon body shape often look like number 8. And when you gain weight with such body type, it targets the upper body, especially your stomach and arms.

You can opt for lighter hues while styling yourself with this body shape. You can also try darker colors, but reserve them only for your bottoms. Wearing a pair of shorts or short dresses is a good idea. You can further accessorize this look by putting on your favorite accessories. When it comes to shoes, wear anything that matches your clothing style.

  1. Apple Body Shape

Apple body shape is the opposite of a pear body shape. It means your upper body is heavier than your lower body. In this body type, the waist remains undefined. Your shoulders are round, legs slim, and hips small. When people with apple body try to put on weight, they gain it more on their upper body than the lower.

So, what do you wear to make yourself look the best with this body shape? You can try A-line dresses and well-fitted clothes. With such a body shape, you can experiment in the way you want. Even the clothing options like summer jackets, boot-cut denim, flared bottoms, and others work well with this body type.

  1. Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass body shape is the most balanced of all. This body shape is when you have balanced buttocks and bust-line and a thin waist – just like an hourglass. Women with hourglass body shapes are often envied by others. An hourglass body shape also defines rounded shoulders aligning perfectly with your buttocks. Your legs, too, are in balance with your upper body. In short, everything is perfect.

Call yourself lucky if you have an hourglass body shape because you can wear anything and everything you want. You can accentuate your waist by wearing belts in different styles. You can also experiment with the dresses like flowy, bodycon, A-line, and others. High-waist pants and a blouse suit an hourglass figure the best.

  1. Top Hourglass Body shape

As the name suggests, this body shape is similar to an hourglass body. The highlight of this body shape is your waist. It looks slim, slender, and highly toned. Your shoulders are round, and your buttocks are heavier than your busts. Women with a top hourglass body shape have toned legs. Overall, their body shape looks appealing.

When choosing the right kind of clothes for this body type, you can experiment as much as you want. We suggest you pick more V-necks as they will balance your body like no other style. Choose dark colors. For winter wear, you can choose beautiful jackets, blazers, shirts, and coats and dress gorgeously.

  1. Oval Body Shape

In an oval body shape, the busts are heavier than the rest of the body. It means you will have narrow hips, and your midsection will appear fuller. Oval body shape is the most common shape of middle-aged women, and the main reason behind it is extra weight gain because of pregnancy. Women with an oval body shape gain more weight in their stomachs over any other area.

We advise you to be a little careful with what you wear when you have an oval body shape. It doesn’t mean you cannot experiment. You can try wearing styles like U-neck, V-neck, and square neck in the form of shirts and tops. You can also get dolled up in skirts and jackets to make the area around your stomach look slim.

  1. Diamond Body Shape

This body shape is defined by broad hips and narrow busts in alignment with the shoulders. Ladies with a diamond body shape often have their midsection appearing full, similar to oval body shape. The waist is not so well defined, and your thighs may be heavier than the lower legs, but the real highlight of this body shape is your well-sculpted lower legs. Females with this body type are gifted with toned and well-shaped arms.

You can dress well by focusing more on your bust than the other parts of the body. Thus, choosing dresses and tops with a V or plunged neckline work the best with this look. For your lower body, you can choose pants and skirts as they will make your bottom look slimmer and balance the entire body shape.

  1. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangle body shape is all about having small hips, broad shoulders, and slender legs. It is when your upper body is voluminous than your lower body.

When choosing the right clothes for this body type, always find something that helps you accentuate your upper body. You can try styles like checks, stripes, floral, front pockets, satin dresses, and even V-necks to carry yourself perfectly during casual dates or formal dinners. A skirt, too, makes a good choice for people with this body type. Accessorize as much as you want. Adding some chunky pieces of accessories is not a bad idea either. But do not get carried away with your dress sense. There are a few things that you must avoid wearing – noodle straps, baggy dresses, pencil skirts, to name them.

  1. Athletic Body Shape

As the name suggests, this is the most toned body of all, and the ladies who often engage themselves with physical sports and gymming have an athletic body type. The curves are well-toned and attractive, and the body falls on a more muscular side. Your butts are well-lifted, thighs tight, and calves well-sculpted. Athletic body type is further defined by well-built arms and slender waist.

You can style your athletic body type in different types of clothes, ranging from skirts to knee-length dresses to low-neck blouses, palazzos, trousers, loungewear, and others. You can also opt for styles like boat necks, off-shoulders, wrap-around, and high-necks. Accessorize your apparel with anything that’s in vogue, and you are good to go.

  1. Lollipop Body Shape

Last but not least, this type of body shape defines a full and round bosom, longer legs, slim waist and hips, and broader shoulders. As your hips are a little slimmer than the rest of the body, wearing high-waist bottoms will balance the look. You can also try some thigh-high slits and body-hugging maxi dresses.

When it comes to wearing tops, choose from among the styles like V-neck, off-shoulder, wrap-around, boat-neck, turtle neck, and others. Avoid wearing long skirts, boxy skirts, loose clothes, or chunky necklaces.

We hope that the above-listed body shapes help you determine your body type. All you need to do is take an inch shape and measure your body stats. Compare them with the details above, and find out your body shape. Follow the styling tips to look your best. Above all, carry yourself with your pretty smile and oodles of confidence.

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