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Who are Smarter – Men or Women? Know These Scientific Studies

Men and women are seen as equal in all aspects of life. Many feminism and equality movements have strengthened the position of women in society. Gone are the days when men would dominate the opposite gender by showing their so-called masculinity. Things have changed for good. Today, many women are leading companies, living freely without worrying about the opinions of society or societal norms. Women have become more liberal and less vulnerable.

Many things have a role to play in defining such freedom for women in today’s world. Intelligence is one of them. Trying to compare intelligence between the genders doesn’t yield much in the way of productive discussion. However, sometimes research comes along, thus making opening this particular can of worms worth it.

When it comes to comparing men and women in terms of ability, potential, capacity, intelligence, prospects, and other considerations, there is no consensus. In general, there is equal support on both sides of the divide. Regardless of increasing feminism, men are presumed to have an upper hand over women in different parts of the world. Women are often treated as second in life, further strengthened by the religious, cultural, or societal beliefs.

However, beyond this comparison, some reports highlight that women are more intelligent than men. What a man can do, a woman can do even better.

Women are Smarter than Men

According to many recent studies, women are smarter than men. So, what makes them more intelligent than the opposite gender?

Some factors include having a better memory than men, being able to handle stressful situations better than them, having the quality of multitasking, etc. It is found that women are better leaders, more careful drivers, and better students than men. Some studies also state that women are more focused and frugal than men.

The Results of a Popular Study have Confirmed the Smartness of Women over Men

A study published in the British Medical Association’s Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry stated that women are more intelligent than men.

An examination of 600 Netherlanders via an intelligent quotient was carried out. It was found that female participants were quicker and smarter than their male counterparts. This study adds the reason for the difference in their intelligence is not social but biological.

According to a famous American Expert in Intelligence Research, Professor James Flynn, women score higher marks than men in intelligence quotient. A test was conducted in different parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand, where all the women managed to maintain a higher score than men.

The professor further observed that even though the scores of both genders in their IQ tests have been rising for a longer time, women’s scores have increased faster than men’s. He further stated that it is not the formation of their brain or changes responsible for women’s intelligence, but how they approach modern problems that confront the world at the time.

Girls Respond Better To Problems than Boys

While boys are more active when it comes to spending more time awake, showing narrow interests, or talking about science and vehicles, girls are more well-coordinated. They have a better hearing quality. Girls also express an extensive interest in things. They are more vocal, and expressive, make more eye contact, and are more interested in social and emotional stimuli. All these factors make them respond better to problems than boys.


Girls also show more concern for others compared to boys. They are better at reading other people’s minds, thus making them have a better instinct.

Does Brain Size have a Role to Play?

No evidence suggests that males have bigger brains than females or that the size of the brain is responsible to make one gender more intelligent than the other. The brain size is proportionate to the body size of the individual.

Your Emotional Quotient Affects Intelligence Quotient

Decades of research and studies have proved men and women to be equal in general intelligence. However, it is not the case in terms of their emotional intelligence or emotional quotient.

There are subtle differences in their expressions and understanding of emotions. Gender is perceived as a common place for people to throw labels around emotions. These generalizations have labeled women as everything from overly emotional to fairer sex and men from emotionally aloof to reluctant and explosive. But do you know none of them is true?

An enormous amount of research suggests that emotional intelligence or EQ is critical to men’s and women’s performance at work. It is responsible for 58 percent of performance in all jobs, and 90 percent of top performers are always high in their EQ.

What Defines your IQ?

IQ or intelligence quotient is determined not by the size, but by the quality of your brain cells. It is a function of the quality of those cells of individuals. When your brain cells are of high quality, you are bound to be more intelligent, regardless the gender. It is the reason why many doctors, psychiatrists, and other health experts suggest their patients to follow a healthy diet, not just for their bodies but brains as well.

Who Wins?

There are various areas of life that demand a feminine outlook and attention, and only a woman would be superior to men in these areas. At the same time, men do better than women in other things. Thus, the variation of intelligence is not due to sex but to the quality of brain cells. In certain situations, you may see women displaying high intelligence than men.

Intelligence is a person’s ability to solve a specific problem in a specific situation. Intelligence quotient is measured by mental age. It is divided by chronological age and then multiplied by 100. That being said, women are going places and redefining the norms of society using their mental skills and intelligence. Women have upper hand at many tasks than men.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on the intelligence quotient between men and women. Keep in touch for more on health, fitness, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle.

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  1. Just praising women and belittle men with foolish information.Of course women wrote it and it explains anything.Recently I have seen research that men handle information for 25-75% better and make better decisions and men are smarter than women.Also the smartest people are men,men invented almost anything,men are better leaders,better presidents of companies and countries,men are richest,men are most skilled,better at sport and I can continue it infinitly


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