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What to Wear at a Concert? A Simple Guide for Women

Q: What is the best thing that could ever happen to a music maniac?

A: Attending the concert of their favorite artists.

Going to a music concert or gig is one of the most amazing things for all music lovers. Seeing your favorite artists and bands performing live on stage, feeling vibe of the concert, and gelling up with the people with the same music tastes as yours is a fun experience. The culture of music concerts and gigs isn’t new and dates back years ago.

Music concerts give the artists an opportunity to play live in front of their fans. You get to connect with your favorite musicians. Besides this, music concerts also give you a chance to dress up and look the coolest.

What to Wear to a Music Concert?

You hear news that your favorite band or artist is performing in your city next month, and you are excited about attending their event. You book your tickets in advance but remain confused about what to wear. Well, we are here to help you out.

Listed below is the guide to what to wear at a music concert.

A Relaxed Jeans

A pair of relaxed denim never goes out of fashion. Whether it is a music festival, rap show, R&B show, or concert of any other genre, you can put on this denim and look your best. Pair the denim with a fashionable top, and you are good to go.

For instance, floral prints have become the flavor of the season. Grab a beautiful floral top, put on your relaxed jeans, and wear your favorite sunnies. You can wear this look both during the day and at night.

Keep it Sporty

You can never go wrong with Bohemian sports clothing at a music gig. Just like relaxed jeans, this idea fits all – reggae concerts, rock concerts, music festivals, etc. This sporty-chic ensemble is an excellent choice for warm weather. You may also accessorize the outfit with retro sneakers. If you want to give this look a touch of glamor, pick a pair of hoop earrings.

The Rockstar Chick

The rockstar style goes well if you are up for a rock or metal music concert. All you need to do is put on your graphic T-shirt and leather pants. It is the best look to unveil your inner rock star. To make the look more gothic, you can choose a pair of boots in the colors like black and brown. Sometimes, you may also complete this look by wearing your favorite heels. Do not forget to put kohl in your eyes for them feels.

Too Much Glamor

If you are to attend a pop concert of your favorite Jazz or R&B artist, a pair of leather pants with a gold lame top and pointed heels decked in rhinestones work the best. These are the rockstar wardrobe staples that go well on all body types. When you add extra glamor to your clothing, try to be minimal with your makeup to give yourself a balanced look.

This look gives a solid glam-rock vibe. Additionally, you can add your favorite accessories such as sunnies, big hoops, and some statement rings.

Biker Babe

If you are looking for something super-trendy and edgy at the same time, let leather overalls and biker boots do the talking. Give this look a go. Take out that sporty white bralette or crop top from your wardrobe and wear it underneath your leather overalls. Pair the dress with funky footwear.

We suggest choosing loafers or sneakers as they are highly comfortable and go well with leather pants and tops.

Go with the Flow with a Flowy Dress

Another versatile dressing option that you can pull for any music event is a flowy dress. A simple flowy dress is one of the easiest ways to remain comfortable and stylish at the same time. It is a great summer wear option. You can choose colors, prints, patterns, and whatnot. Complete your flowy dress look with a floppy hat and your favorite sunglasses.

Tank Top and Slit Skirt

Talk about the casual look at any music concert, and the mention of a tank top is a must. You do not have to pair your tank top with denim always. You can experiment a little bit and pair it with a slit skirt instead. This outfit idea may be simple, but it is here to stay. The breezy skirt will keep you covered yet cool. Match the skirt with your favorite footwear, such as strappy sandals or even metallic slip-on. Do not forget to carry your bag, and wear a lot of sunscreens.

The Country Style

You can go to a music concert and show off your country chic style. Cowboy boots are quintessential for a country concert, and you can experiment with this look anytime for a music show. Pick a pair of knee-high leather boots as they are an ultra-chic starting point of this look. Wear a dress, mini skirt, or even flared pants.

You can also pick a pair of denim shorts from your closet and combine them with a white-collared shirt. This country look never goes out of fashion.

Festive Style

We recommend the festive style look for the music gigs like Coachella in Palm Springs, Glastonbury in the UK, or any other elaborate music festival. Pick out more simple pieces with unique details to set your look apart.

Carry your belt bag and western-inspired boots, and you are ready to rock.

Some Tips to Swear By

  • Each genre represents its own distinct look. You can take some cues from these genres and choose your own dress style. For instance, go more glam by wearing sequined tanks and trendy tees for pop. If you are attending a hip hop music concert, opt for joggers and loose clothing. Pick darker colors for a rock concert.
  • Stand out in style. If you are not ready to do a full cosplay of your favorite artist, you can choose your own style statement and stand apart.
  • Always choose comfortable clothing. Music concerts are all about jumping and dancing. Thus, ensure you do not choose something that doesn’t let you concentrate anywhere else but your outfit.
  • Take extra care while selecting the shoes. They should not only be good-looking but comfortable too.

We hope this guide helps you select the best clothes to wear to the upcoming music concert.

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