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What is Permanent Bracelet? Know the Hype Around it

You must have heard about getting a permanent tattoo done. But have you ever heard about getting a permanent bracelet?

The fashion world is all about what’s trending and what’s not. The trends regarding apparel, jewelry, and accessories keep coming and going, and the fashionistas embrace them with their hearts. Earlier, only fashion shows and runways used to be the hub of fashion worldwide. But with the introduction of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, things seem to have changed. Now you can explore the best fads on these platforms and get inspired by them. One such trending fashion of the moment is a permanent bracelet.

You may have worn different bracelets on your favorite outfits, but have you ever thought of having a permanent bracelet? Here’s everything to know about this trend.

What is A Permanent Bracelet?

A permanent bracelet is exactly like what it sounds. It is permanent. You cannot take it off as this bracelet doesn’t include a clasp. Ever since the popularity of this jewelry has increased worldwide, many jewelers and designers have started offering them. And guess what! People are actually following this trend and wearing a permanent bracelet. Many influencers on social media, too, are seen donning the bracelet.

What’s the Story Behind its Craze?

Every passing fashion comes with a story of its own, so does the permanent bracelet. A celebrity, Julia West, was recently seen wearing a thin gold chain that was permanently welded to her wrist. When asked about the same, she said that she and her best friend thought of getting a permanent bracelet.

When Catbird, a famous jewelry brand, introduced different designs of permanent bracelets as a casual luxury, West bought it. She has been flaunting this beautiful piece of jewelry ever since.

The popularity of a permanent bracelet then increased by leaps and bounds. You may as well spot your high-on-fashion friends wearing one.

What is a Permanent Bracelet Called?

The original name of this piece of jewelry remains a permanent bracelet. But they are also referred to as infinity bracelets or forever bracelets. An infinity bracelet is an arrangement of chains without a clasp. It is a modern, minimal friendship bracelet designed to rest on your wrist forever until you decide to remove so.

This trend has become a big hype among female friends, who are seen getting this bracelet done to celebrate their friendship forever.

Can I remove Permanent Bracelet?

Although the name suggests that a permanent bracelet can never be removed, it is possible to loosen it. If you have got this bracelet but are bored of wearing it every day, you can get it removed. Use a pair of special scissors and cut your bracelet. Some bracelets can also be removed by other tools. Once done, you are good to go.

Why Should I Wear a Permanent Bracelet?

As stated, the idea behind wearing a permanent bracelet is to honor the permanent bond or relationship that you share with your friends. Not just friends, you can get a permanent bracelet to celebrate your bond with your parents, family members, and partner. This bracelet has become an increasingly popular trend on TikTok.

If both of you decide to get a permanent bracelet, you can wear a matching one and show everyone the love you have for each other. Catbird, the store that introduced this bracelet specializes in making it. You can run into an extensive choice of permanent bracelets at this store. It takes only fifteen minutes to zap the bracelet on your wrist. The two ends of this piece of jewelry are welded together into a clasp-less arrangement.

Apart from Catbird, many other shops and jewelers, too, have started making permanent bracelets for their customers. They are selling this accessory like hotcakes.

What is a Permanent Bracelet Made Of?

Most jewelry makes this accessory in solid gold. It serves as an advantage as it does not get detected by a metal detector. However, you may need to remove this bracelet during your MRI scan.

Does Wearing Permanent Bracelets Hurt?

If you hear that wearing a permanent bracelet hurt, it is a myth. Wearing these bracelets is quick and easy, which doesn’t lead to pain.

How Much Do These Bracelets Cost?

The overall cost of the permanent bracelet is decided by the metal and type of the chain you use. If you want to opt for metal like solid, get ready to pay a handsome amount to buy the bracelet. Many brands offer permanent bracelets in solid gold. They are expensive but worth their high price.

Besides this, permanent bracelets are crafted in other metals, hence a cheaper alternative to the original gold bracelets.

Why Should I Buy A Permanent Bracelet?

There are many reasons why buying a permanent bracelet is a good idea.

  • Permanent bracelets are a must-have for jewelry lovers, who love buying and owning good jewelry pieces.
  • As this bracelet rests on your wrist permanently, there is no chance you will lose it.
  • A permanent bracelet can be given as a token of love and bond to your partner, best friend, or family member the events like their birthdays. You can even gift them to a couple at their wedding function.
  • Permanent bracelets are lightweight, hence easy to carry.
  • If your fashion and jewelry sense is minimalistic, wearing a permanent bracelet will solve most of your problems. You do not have to wear any other jewelry piece to accessorize yourself.
  • The delicate-looking bracelet works well as office jewelry too. It doesn’t look loud at all.
  • You can pair this bracelet with all kinds of outfits and accessories. You can even mix and match accessories like your watch, stacked rings, or statement rings with a permanent bracelet.
  • When you buy a solid gold permanent bracelet, it makes a good investment.
  • A permanent bracelet is easy to maintain.

Permanent bracelets have become a popular jewelry trend for all the right reasons. If you buy it in solid gold, choose a reliable platform or a credible source. Always check the authenticity of the gold before buying it.

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