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Top 10 Toothpaste Brands for Your Oral Health

Your oral health depends on several factors, including the floss you use, the toothbrush you use (manual or electric), and the toothpaste you use. The number of toothpaste brands has increased significantly over time. There are many toothpaste brands accessible, whether you purchase toothpaste in-person or online.

It is sometimes paste, or occasionally a gel, that is employed to clean teeth and stop gum and tooth diseases. All around the world, dentists suggest two minutes of toothpaste brushing twice day. Therefore, it is not surprising that toothpaste tubes are present in almost every washroom in the world.

Others are more concerned with the naturalness as well as environmental effects, while some consumers require a brand supported by decades of research. These days, consumers are interested in the corporate culture of the businesses that create the brands they utilize. When a patient visits for an oral care appointment, they frequently receive a free sample of toothpaste.

Top 10 Toothpaste Brands for Your Oral Health

Although it’s wonderful to have choices, it can be difficult to sort through them. The top ten toothpaste brands are listed below.

1. Colgate

William Colgate established Colgate in 1806. Initially, the business produced soap and candles. However, they didn’t start selling toothpaste inside jars until 1873, after the inventor and namesake passed away.

Fluoride was added to Colgate toothpaste in 1968 as a strategy to preserve oral health. The parent business, Colgate-Palmolive, has other brands that concentrate on health and cosmetic care goods, but the Colgate brand only concentrates on mouth hygiene.

2. Sensodyne

People having sensitive teeth frequently use and trust the Sensodyne brand of toothpaste. The formulation of Sensodyne reduces the discomfort brought on by sensitive teeth. For both kids and adults, Sensodyne also makes toothpaste that whitens teeth and protects tooth enamel.

Sensodyne aims to lessen your sensitivity so that you can take pleasure in the activities you love. To lessen sensitivity, Sensodyne toothpaste employs three major ingredients. Each ingredient is used in a different toothpaste from Sensodyne. You will have relief both currently and in the future if you continue to take Sensodyne.

3. Crest

Crest is indeed an American brand even though Procter & Gamble is an international company. In other nations, toothpaste bearing the Crest brand is marketed under a different name. Crest’s primary US production facility is in Greensboro in North Carolina.

It was first launched to test markets in the year 1955, then it was expanded the following year and expansion continued nationwide. Crest was developed by Procter & Gamble, in contrast to numerous other Procter & Gamble businesses.

4. Close-Up

This company is renowned for using mouthwash components. It is made specifically to guard against cavities, lighten the shade of teeth, and freshen breath. In 1965, Close Up first hit the market. White pastes based on chalk were the only options prior to Closeup.

Closeup employs a group of experts dedicated to creating cutting-edge toothpaste to assure superior product development. The company’s primary goals are to protect against cavities, provide customers a “freshness feeling,” plus whiten teeth.

5. Aim

This toothpaste company sells gel toothpaste that reduces tartar buildup and fights tooth decay. For individuals seeking high-quality toothpaste at a reasonable price, AIM Multi-Benefit Toothpaste seems to be an excellent choice.

Your teeth are protected from plaque by AIM Multi-Benefit, which also contains 30% more paste. Many of the advantages of the more costly brands’ toothpaste are available at a lesser price with AIM Multi-Benefit Toothpaste. It is renowned for its capacity to strengthen, cleanse, and refresh your teeth.

6. Pepsodent

The Pepsodent Company from Chicago first introduced Pepsodent toothpaste in 1915. In the paste’s original formulation, pepsin was used as a digestion aid to break down food stains on teeth.

Pepsodent aids in plaque removal, teeth whitening, and tooth enamel strengthening. This specific toothpaste brand provides remedies for dental issues like sensitive teeth as well as bleeding gums.

7. Tom’s Of Maine

The components used in Tom’s of Maine are all derived and sourced naturally. They value openness and excellence when it regards their components. You’ll discover that neither their toothpaste nor any of their other items will contain flavorings, colors, as well as preservatives.

Tom and Kate Chappell, a couple founded the company in 1970, but they didn’t present toothpaste until 1975. In addition to encouraging staff to volunteer 5% of its paid time at charities of their choice, the company gives 10% of revenues to charity organizations.

8. Arm & Hammer

Baking soda is a natural ingredient in Arm & Hammer toothpaste, which benefits teeth whitening, general tooth as well as gum health, and oral hygiene. Its existence for more than 150 years is evidence of its efficacy.

Arm Hammer has a parent business and a CEO in common with some other brands. Church & Dwight, despite having a less well-known name, owns the majority of the top ten toothpaste brands.

9. Aquafresh

GlaxoSmithKline, a British multinational, owns Aquafresh. Although they are both owned by the exact same parent business and are only one slot behind their sister brand, Sensodyne and Aquafresh have a very different number of consumers.

SmithKine Beecham, which would eventually become GlaxoSmithKine, initially produced Aquafresh toothpaste in 1973. It was the initial launch of striped toothpaste. The two bands (blue & white) stand for two distinct product advantages: preventing tooth decay and maintaining fresh breath. Since then, a third (red) stripe has been added.

10. Jason

Jason is a different all-natural toothpaste brand that produces toothpaste, especially for sensitive teeth that also need to protect and care for the gums. The Hain Celestial Group purchased Jason Natural Products, a well-known producer of natural personal care products, to launch Hain into the health and beauty industry.

Jason toothpaste offers several advantages, including whiter teeth, healthy gums and teeth, tartar management, and fresh breath. One excellent feature of Jason’s toothpaste is that it doesn’t include propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates,  artificial colors, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. The Jason toothpaste is thought to be vegetarian-friendly.

The Bottom Line

Even though toothpaste is a need, sales of beauty & health care products do not place it among the top 15. The global toothpaste market reached $35.5 billion in 2022. Through 2030, the market for toothpaste is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.4%. Each year, Colgate sells more than 80 million tubes of toothpaste.

From Colgate to Jason, every brand is evaluated and ranked in this list. Hope that this list is useful the next time you are looking for a toothpaste that would suit you.



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