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Top 10 Countries To Visit For A Family Holiday

A holiday is a time of wonder, bonding, and making memories with those you
love. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the top ten countries to visit (with
kids and toddlers).

What Is The Best Country To Travel 2024?

Since we couldn’t pick one country, we made a dedicated list of the top 10 best
countries you must visit in 2024! But if we pick favorites, Japan, Turkey, the USA,
and Mexico are definitely on our top tiers!

1. Japan

With a population of 125 million and a culture filled with rich history, fantastic food, anime, and breathtaking scenery, Japan is a wonderland for a family trip! 

What makes Japan the ideal destination for a family trip is how safe the country is. Japan also has easy transport, making moving the kiddos around this beautiful country easier. Speaking of transportation, you must visit the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo (the busiest intersection in the world) and experience the rush!

If you are still hanging out in the capital of Japan (Tokyo), a trip to Harajuku is crucial to the experience. Enjoy the soft glow of neon signs roaming in the fashion streets, and explore the modern side of Japan!

Children love ninjas, so it is fitting to visit Edo Wonderland in Nikko with the kids and explore the small town of Japan, filled with mountains on the northern side of Tokyo. And if you feel tired and want to dip in the hot springs, head over to Kusatsu, Shiga, and bathe in Onsen (Japanese Hot spring) with the entire family!

2. Turkey

Turkey has everyone wrapped around its finger with a beautifully diverse culture, scenery that is to die for, and food that has united us all under one roof! Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are the top places to go with your family but do note that you need to dress appropriately. 

If you are unsure of what to wear, use a VPN for Turkey and search for the perfect modest clothes for the destination. Hagia Sophia has a history of being a Greek Church and a mosque, but now it functions as a museum.

The Blue Mosque is still a functioning mosque in Istanbul. Children and adults can learn about Tukey’s beautiful culture and religious elements through Blue Mosque! Other than that, in Turkey, free VPN can be beneficial for navigating different parts of the country and learning more about its hotspots.

Turkey is also filled with theme parks, gorgeous beaches, aquariums, thermal pools, museums, and a chance to experience hot ballooning in the breathtaking region of Cappadocia.

3. Australia

Crowned as the seventh top country in the world, Australia has so much to give on vacation; it’s insane! If you open the internet with a VPN, you will discover the fascinating world of animals, experiencing the four seasons at once, and modern builts with an Aussie twist!

Aside from being an architectural wonder, the Sydney Opera House is a place for those who love the performing arts. Whether you have just started or are a fanatic, the opera house is a place of culture and wonder for the entire family.

Perth has a remarkable blend of white sandy beaches hugging the suburbs, Mount. Eliza, Botanic Gardens, and Kings Park are all waiting to get explored and admired by your family.

4. Canada

There is so much to explore in the second-largest country worldwide, making it the perfect vacation spot for your family! Canada is known for its scenic views, modern buildings of busy cities, indigenous people’s rich culture, and land-sharing with the Artic!

Niagra Falls is the top tourist location in Canada. This gorgeous nature beast holds the record of being the largest waterfall, making it a sight to have! If your family is a fan of the outdoors, then Banff National Park is where you need to be. 

See the majestic mountains, dreamy skies, and fantastic hiking spots! If you are looking for thrills of edge walk with a world record of the tallest standing building and mouth-watering food in their 360 restaurant, then the CN Tower is the place for you! 

5. USA

America is arguably one of the best know countries in the world, filled with
multicultural people, food, and landmarks. The US has so much to offer, making it

the perfect spot for a family holiday. The USA has big tourist attractions like the
Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Disney land, and much more!
What is the best place to travel to with kids?

Kids can be challenging to engage in, so you must pick a place they will enjoy
throughout the trip. We believe that the United States is a winner.

From Disney Land to Universal studio, zoos, theme parks, beaches, water parks,
and so much more! The US is one of the best international places to travel with
toddlers, mainly since it accommodates English speakers, has a family-friendly
atmosphere, and is a place where kids and adults can have fun.

6. France

France is a place to ignite passion, enjoy delicate foods and wine, explore the Eifel
Tower, and be in the center of fashion. While the parents can enjoy France’s
ambiance, children can pick up French while exploring Disneyland Paris!
France is a worthwhile country exploring ancient cave drawings of Lascaux,
getting lost in the theatrics of the Roman theater of Lyon, and discovering the
French Revolution’s history at Arc de Triomphe.

7. United Kingdom

The UK is a fascinating place to tour with your family. This country caters to the
interests of every age, including the Royal Family, Harry Potter, The Beatles,
fascinating architecture like forts, castles, and rich culture.

You can take the entire family for a tour of the Tower of London or visit Windsor
Castle, enjoy multicultural food, the Harry Potter world, and the Stone Hedge.
England also has amazing beaches for your family to enjoy.

8. Spain

Spain has a robust family-friendly culture with relaxing beaches, affordable
restaurants and hotels, monumental buildings, rich culture, and incredible food.
Take a trip to La Sagrada Familia and explore the unique creation of Antoni Gaudí.

To better educate yourself on Spain’s history, you can use VPN and watch
documentaries on the beautiful country. If you get lucky, you may be able to get a
free trial when you download the app!

To make the family tour fun for all, you can discover the remains of Moorish in
Málaga, visit Rio Tinto to take an old mine train, and learn more about chocolate at the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, and enjoy the Blue Flag beaches in Costa

9. Mexico

Mexico is one of the best countries for a family holiday. Mexico is a place for
everyone to enjoy, even toddlers! It is most commonly known for its beach resorts;
what is better than the sand under your feet, warm air, and beautiful sunny
weather? It is a terrific way to spend the holidays, but you can do more!
Discover the charming city of Oaxaca, and learn from Museo Nacional de
Antropologia, or surf the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon).

10. Sweden

Have you ever wanted to dine in an actual Ice Hotel? Hôtel de Glace is sure to give
you an icy welcome to Sweden! Sweden is a terrific place to vacation with the
kids, as it has perfect locations for hiking, kayaking, and fishing and an amusement
park in Liseberg!

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to pick the ideal vacation destination for you and your family to make
sure that toes memories are picture-perfect. We hope this top ten list inspired you
to travel with your little ones without fear!

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