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Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Live in 2024

Although the idea of relocating abroad is surely thrilling, it also brings up some major issues. Even the most daring people may be discouraged by the difficulty of finding work, obtaining a visa, and paying for basic necessities. Fortunately, it’s not always as difficult as it appears.

Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Live in 2024

Given the variety of currencies as well as exchange rates, it can be challenging to determine how expensive or inexpensive a country’s way of life is, especially if you want to stay longer than just a weekend getaway. Here are the ten cheapest cities in the world to live in. 

1. Vietnam

If you want to live and work in a foreign country without splurging, Vietnam can be your dream destination. It’s among the easiest and most reasonably priced places for expats to live.

Although Vietnam is still kind of an untapped resource when it comes to relatively inexpensive areas to live and travel, there is a great opportunity to see there. 

Travelers craving adventure, scenic views to explore, and mouthwatering local cuisine should visit Vietnam. The cost of living has shown to be manageable for slightly more than 80% of the foreigners who call Vietnam home.

2. Ecuador

There are many low-cost of-living nations in South America, but Ecuador is one of the best. Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands, the Andes Mountains, and a section of the Amazon rainforest, making it a country with a diversified geography.

Ecuador is an excellent destination for anyone looking to relocate and work overseas, even if many people are drawn there for tourism. One-bedroom flats in the heart of Quito can be had for as little as $300 per month. This makes the experience in the capital feasible when combined with low food and transit costs.

3. Poland

84 percent of expats rated Poland’s low cost of living as a favorable characteristic, making it one of the cheapest in the world. Poland is another wonderful and reasonable alternative if you have your heart set on residing and working in one of the most affordable nations in Europe.

Poland, which is far less well-known than its neighbor nation Germany, is gradually developing into a popular destination for tourists and expatriates. The major cities of Warsaw as well as Krakow are quite contemporary and offer all the amenities found in the West, but at a fraction of the cost of a trip to Germany. 

4. South Africa

South Africa might be the most inexpensive English-speaking nation to settle in. Don’t bother about heading to any school for learning language. Maximum South African towns have a high quality of living related to Western places, which would also make the journey much simpler. This makes it to be the country with the cheapest cost of living that speaks English!

In addition to being the most southern nation in Africa, it is among the world’s most ethnically and culturally diverse countries. You will be massively thrilled in South Africa for safaris, zip lines, whale sightseeing, river rafting, surfing, and much more activities.

5. Mexico

Cheers, Mexico! In Mexico, everyone may prosper. Consider the untouched Caribbean waters, Mayan ruins in the rainforest, and laid-back beach towns along the Pacific.

On a poor or limited income, life can still be enjoyable because it’s a great place to live long-term or travel while working remotely.

6. Thailand

Thailand has to be there when one curates the list of cheapest places around the globe. With a total area of 513120 kilometers and a population of only 69 million, it is the fifth-largest nation on the planet. Many cities in Thailand offer a kind of cost of living that is quite affordable. Thailand is the ideal country to reside and work because of its clear waters, lovely culture, and mouthwatering cuisine.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an absolute beauty! You are bound to be mesmerized with it for its lush green forests, tropical coastlines and generous people.

Costa Rica’s easygoing way of life blends beautifully with its coastlines and rainforest. Ecotourism is thriving, whether you enjoy hiking, scuba diving, or surfing. Expats are particularly comfortable at Arenal, Tamarindo, Jaco, Escazu, and Heredia if urban life is what you’re all about.

8. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is recognized as among the least costly countries in Europe to live in and has quickly grown in popularity with travelers. With nations such as Greece and Turkey just on your doorstep, Bulgaria’s center location makes it the ideal place to explore the region on a small budget.

Bulgarian cuisine is moreover very flavorful, big on cheese and nation is very proud of its produce. The country has a rich history which is quite evident from its towns.

9. Portugal


Spain, Portugal’s neighbor, frequently casts a shadow over it. But that doesn’t mean its culture doesn’t have much to offer just because it isn’t as well-known. Portugal has a laid-back lifestyle, lovely weather, and one of Western Europe’s lowest cost of livings.

There won’t be a scarcity of fresh seafood since the entire western portion of the country is on the shore. Produce is affordable and frequently grown locally.

10. Indonesia 

A variety of leisure opportunities are available in the lovely nation of Indonesia. In South-East Asia, the Republic of Indonesia is situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world with around 17,000 islands, has a population of 264 million people.

It’s really a great destination. From surf bars in Bali to the breathtaking natural settings scattered around the archipelago and the historic landmarks you will discover throughout. The people of Indonesia take great pleasure in living in a diverse nation where everyone gets along.  

Coming to End

There are a lot of awesome cheap countries around the globe to live happily in. Utilizing your pay in a low-cost nation can allow you to spend less money and explore more. Whichever cheap nation you opt for from the list, be sure to research and inquire extensively to have a great time. Researching will help you know living hacks and far better deals present at the moment that you can make the most of! Happy traveling!


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