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‘Shahs of Sunset’ Star Lilly Ghalichi Reveals Having a Nose Job with Recovery Pictures

Lilly Ghalichi is showing off her new nose. The Shahs of Sunset alum just got plastic surgery done on her nose and did not shy away from displaying the results on social media. “Most people would hide this, some maybe even deny this,” she wrote, sharing a selfie of her look after the surgery.

The 39 year old reality star revealed that she got the nose job done not only for a better look but also because she faced problem breathing due to the crooked shape of her nose before.

Lilly Ghalichi Reveals Getting Nose Job 

Ghalichi took to her Instagram stories to share the update with her fans and said, “I had had a previous rhinoplasty before, and although my nose was super cute — it was very cute — I couldn’t breathe for anything. I would sleep in these strips at night that would, like, open my nose.”

She continued, “My nostrils, which are so perfect and even now, were completely crooked. My septum … was not straight, which was causing me to not be able to breathe, and my nose was crooked.” She further revealed that she was insecure about how her nose looked earlier, “I was scared because it’s your face. So, is something worse going to happen?”

“Let me disclaim by saying I did not get anything for free. I paid for surgery in full even though [my doctor] Jason is one of our best friends,” she said, adding, “I am 12 days post-surgery, so I’m still really swollen. But it’s already so straight. I can breathe so well. My nostrils are completely even. … He did an incredible job.”

Some Followers Trolled the Reality Star

A number of her followers started trolling her, believing that she did not actually pay for the nose surgery. Ghalichi then posted a follow-up video clearing things up and said, “I actually paid. A lot. I’m very successful if you haven’t noticed and I can pay for anything I want.”

She added, “I posted because I am so happy with my results and wanted to help others that were unhappy with a previous surgery like me-not because I got anything for free, the DR wasn’t even aware I was going to post anything at all.”

Ghalichi Previously Made News for her Plastic Surgery in 2019

Lilly earlier made headlines for going under the knife after one of her breast implants got ruptured in October 2019. At the time, she shared the photo of her implant on social media and wrote, “Getting breast implants is a life long decision- you will likely need more surgeries and have complications.” 

“So I hope any girl considering them reads this and reconsiders to makes sure it’s really what she wants. Don’t get me wrong, I love how my boobs make me feel more womanly, and in some sense more beautiful- but if I could go back in time, after all the problems I’ve had, I wouldn’t have gotten them.”

“I share my story only because I know millions of young women look at me and others with implants thinking they need them too, so I just want all the women in that position to know things aren’t as perfect as they seem, and implants come with real risks,” she concluded.

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