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Post-accident Fitness: What Types Of Exercises Are Recommended?

A car crash is one of the most terrifying experiences someone can go through, taking a toll both on your physical and mental health and leading to financial damage. One of the first things you must do after a vehicle collision is to seek medical attention so your doctor can examine your injuries and recommend the proper treatment. Since you aren’t likely to have peace of mind due to the financial impact of the car crash, it’s important to remember that you have the right to seek compensation. 

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After a car crash, it’s worth noting that both rest and exercise play an essential role in your recovery. Rest allows your body to heal from the trauma it suffered by repairing ligaments, soft tissue, and tendons and reducing inflammation and swelling. However, you don’t want to be completely sedentary during this time, as it can cause stiffness and limited mobility, only delaying your healing.

Exercise is essential because it increases blood flow to the injured areas of the body, which will benefit your recovery. Moderation is key here, too, as you should avoid rushing into it and doing exercises that your body isn’t prepared for. The best way to approach recovery is to find the right balance between exercise and rest. 

How Much Time Is Required For Recovery After A Car Crash?

There is no specific timeline for recovery, as it depends on the severity of your injuries, and other factors, such as your age, any underlying conditions that could prolong recovery, and how soon after the accident you sought medical attention. If you’ve suffered whiplash, broken bones, or concussions, the healing process can extend throughout 6 to 8 weeks. 

Exercising After A Car Accident: How To Get Started?

It’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding exercising. If fitness was part of your lifestyle before the accident, you might feel tempted to plunge back into your routine; however, this isn’t a good idea, as it could negatively impact your recovery and leave you more susceptible to harm. Instead, you should start small, with gentle activities like walking and light stretching, yoga, and pilates, which will help your body adapt gradually to exercise.

Let’s further take a detailed look at what types of exercises can aid in your recovery process. 


As mentioned, stretching is one of the most recommended forms of physical activity for those recovering from a car crash because it is most beneficial to your body, as it promotes the rebuilding of new tissues and lowers scarring. Furthermore, stretching can alleviate the pain and restore flexibility and strength. Here are some of the best types of stretches you can try: 

  • Forward bend: This is an excellent stretch that provides relief to your shoulders, neck, back, and hamstrings and requires little effort. You begin in a standing position, continue by raising your arms over your head, and end by slowly bending forward. You can touch your toes if possible but it’s also okay if you lay there for 10 seconds with your knees bent a little. Once 10 seconds have passed, you can get to your standing position by rolling your body back up. Repeat the stretch two more times to get its benefits. 
  • Downward dog: As you are in your forward bend, you can transition to a downward dog by stepping one foot back, followed by the other, while your palms are placed on the floor in front of you. Make sure to keep your feet and hands flat on the floor, and your body makes a triangle shape. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, while maintaining an even breathing, and then step your feet one at a time forward. From here, roll back up gently to a standing position. Do the same movements twice. 
  • Shoulder rolls: This type of stretch is designed to alleviate shoulder stiffness, and it’s very easy to do: in a standing position, you need to keep your feet hip-width apart and ensure your arms are relaxed at the sides. You begin by inhaling and lifting your shoulders towards your ears and then moving them back while squeezing the shoulder blades together. As you exhale, you drop the shoulders. 
  • Neck extension: This stretch must be done while sitting straight on the floor or in a chair. With your shoulders and neck still, begin by raising your head to look up until it goes as far as it can without increasing pain. Stay in this position for ten seconds and then gently lower your head down until you can look straight ahead. 

Gentle Exercises For Body Strengthening

Recovering from your injury also requires strengthening your body (namely, regaining the strength you had before the accident).

While it’s best to seek your doctor’s advice regarding the physical activity you can do based on your specific needs, you can consider some general exercises for strengthening your injured areas. While they focus mainly on the core, they also help strengthen other muscles in your body. 

  • Seated Russian twistsThis exercise is done in a seated position, without the back touching your chair. Begin by bringing your knees together and bending your legs at a 90-degree angle. Create a fist in your lap by grasping your hands together and maintaining a tight core as you inhale, bringing your fist to the outside of your left thigh, and then exhaling as you bring your fist to the other side. After you touch both sides, rest in the middle. 
  • Seated leg lifts: For this exercise, you need to sit towards the chair’s middle part while maintaining a good posture. With your hands firmly placed on the seat on both sides of your thighs, you begin by inhaling and lifting one bent leg high and continue by exhaling as you extend the leg and hold it a while in the position. Inhale and bend the leg again, but this time, when you exhale, let your let drop slowly. Repeat the movement for the other leg. 
  • Standing bicycle crunches: Keep your feet hip-width apart and your breathing even as you place your hands behind your head. As you do this, make sure that your shoulders and back are in a straight position and that your elbows are in line with your ears. Then, start lifting your left leg as you bring the right elbow towards the knee, and repeat the same movement for the other leg. 

The Bottom Line

Recovering from a car crash can take time, but with enough rest and exercise, you can get your life back on track. Remember to listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself. If you experience any discomfort while exercising, make sure to consult your healthcare provider.

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