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Negative Parenting Test Trending on Tiktok: How to Take it?

Yes, it’s another TikTok Challenge day. But this time it’s more like a TikTok quiz that everyone is participating in — Negative Parenting Test Quiz.

If you’ve been curious about the ‘Negative Parenting Test’ quiz, here’s everything you need to know. The quiz is created by IDR Labs, and we’ve grabbed quite a few from their website recently.

We believe that the test’s name summarizes what this quiz will be about. It’s a test to see if you’ve had negative parenting in your upbringing.

And we know that many people have issues with their parents, some with their dads, and some with their moms.

This test will tell you if you’ve been subjected to poor parenting. Let’s get in-depth about this quiz and how you can take it.

What is the Negative Parenting Test?

As previously mentioned, the quiz is purely designed to identify if you have experienced poor parenting.

The Negative Parenting Test, developed by Dr. John Philip Louis and his colleagues, assesses whether you are experiencing common harmful behaviors as a result of how your parents mistreated you.

The quiz contains a number of questions that users must answer. The entire series of 30 questions begins with the phrase “When I was young…”

The test yields results such as the following:

  • Competitiveness – Parents who are highly competitive and want a reputation frequently put pressure on children to succeed, and they perceive events as contests even when there is no clear winner or loser.
  • Rejection – Parents who humiliate and discard their children sometimes criticize, degrade, and ignore them. They regularly humiliate their youngsters.
  • Deprivation – Parents who deprive their children of sentimental affection end up creating grown-ups who, in turn, will also become emotionally hindered.

How To Take Negative Parenting Test?

Now that you know what this test is all about, let’s dive into the specifics of how you can simply take it.

  • First and foremost, you should visit the official website of this negative parent test.
  • The website will then ask you to agree to something.
  • Once you’ve agreed, you’ll notice that there is a slew of questions you’ll need to answer.


You have several possibilities listed below. For instance, when I was young, my parents… Were overly concerned with social status and appearance.”

  • There are 30 questions in total, and once you’ve completed them all, you can view your results and share them on social media.

Some Of The Questions From Negative Parenting Test 

Here are some questions that the test includes that will help the system determine what kind of parenting you went through.

  1. When I was young, my parents… Would call me names (like stupid or idiot) when I made mistakes.
  2. “When I was young, my parents… Saw me as someone with little to contribute.”
  3. “When I was young, my parents… Were demanding and expected to have things their way.”

Do let us know what do you think about this test in the comment section below. If you’re taking it up, don’t forget to mention your results only if you’re comfortable. And stay strong!

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