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Nail Slugging – Know about the New TikTok Beauty Trend

TikTok never fails to amaze users. From numerous slangs to beauty and makeup trends, the social media platform has taken the internet by storm. Currently, users are obsessing over the new beauty trend it introduced. It’s called Nail Slugging.

Your nails are often exposed to breakage and brittleness. However, not anymore. This TikTok trend ensures your nails do not break so easily and remain strengthened and moisturized in the long run. Even dermatologists have given a thumbs up to nail slugging. It means this trend is here to stay!

Here’s everything to know about Nail Slugging and its benefits.

What is Nail Slugging?

Nail slugging is perceived in a similar way that it also means to combat the dry skin on your hands and repair the damaged cuticles. It follows the same concept as skin slugging – keeping your nails moisturized.

This beauty trend involves locking the serious hydration to your hands, nails, and cuticles. These days nail slugging is considered an essential part of your body-care routine. According to Charles Puza, MD, this trend can strengthen your nails by leaps and bounds and protect them from breaking or other kinds of damage in the long run.

People who often get their nails done at nail salons and spas turn a blind eye to strengthening and moisturizing them. Poor nail care often exposes them to breakage. Nail slugging ensures that your hands and nails become soft and supple. Thus, this trend is a must-try if you do nail extensions very often.

There are many different ways to slug your nails. Moreover, you can always put your own spin on it. Perhaps, it is what makes this trend more popular as you are not restricted to follow a particular regimen. You can choose your own products and get going with this beauty trend.

What Does Nail Slugging Include?

You do not have to go out of the way to slug your nails.

Step 1 – Exfoliation

You can begin by exfoliating your hands with your choice of body scrub. Regular exfoliation ensures that all the dead cells and skin are removed from your hands. This step prepares your hands and nails better for further steps.

If you have sensitive skin, choose a gentle exfoliator. You can apply it to your damp skin and gently massage it for a few minutes before finally rinsing your hands.

Step 2 – Application of Cuticle Oil

Once you are done exfoliating and drying your hands properly, the next step includes applying cuticle oil. Apply it to each of your cuticles and massage them gently using mild strokes. Cuticle oil from many leading brands comprises Vitamin E and other moisturizing elements which penetrate deeper into your nail plate. It not only makes your nails soft but also accelerates their growth and strengthens them.

Step 3 – Layering

After applying and massaging with cuticle oil, the next step includes layering.

This step provides more hydration to your nails and skin. You can combine the oil with a hand lotion of your choice. The combination of both these ingredients makes the products work better.

You can either combine the two or layer up (first cuticle oil, then hand lotion) to provide enough hydration to your dry and brittle nails.

Many dermatologists suggest wearing cellophane gloves for 30-45 minutes after this procedure. This step will lock the moisture. Alternatively, you can use a pair of old socks to cover your nails.

What are the Benefits of Nail Slugging?

The people who have tried this trend are raving about it. Nail slugging has served as a knight in shining armour to their brittle nails, thus making them strong, supple, and hydrated. Many dermatologists and nail experts have given a thumbs up to this trend, increasing its popularity even more.

Listed below are the benefits of nail slugging.

  • The combination of cuticle oil and hand cream for this regimen creates a super hydrating and moisturizing infusion which absorbs well into your skin and nails, thus hydrating them enough and keeping dryness at bay.
  • Cuticle oil is rich in Vitamin E, which not only helps your nails in hydration but also strengthens them in the long run. Eventually, your nails become stronger than ever. You can even apply petroleum jelly instead of cuticle oil.
  • You can customize this beauty trend as per your preference. While the standard nail slugging routine involves the application of cuticle oil followed by moisturizing lotion, you can also do the reverse. You can apply the moisturizer all over first and finish by layering the nail or cuticle oil.
  • Nail slugging is one of the best beauty trends for women who often expose their nails to nail extensions, paints, and other nail art trends. Such nails are prone to damage. Thus, slugging helps protect them from breakage.

How Often Should I Slug my Nails?

The answer to this question is subjective. You can slug your nails any time you want.

However, it would be smart to make nail slugging a regular part of your self-care routine. Whether you want to take care of your dry cuticles and brittle nails or prevent any further damage caused to them, slugging can be used in both cases.

You can add slugging to your weekly body care routine, similar to scalp treatment and nourishing hair mask, to witness the results shortly.

Keep this in Mind

While nail slugging doesn’t have any side effects, there may be some downsides to this beauty trend if you get your nails done professionally.

If you wear gel nail polish or experiment with any other nail trend, such as acrylic nails or other nail enhancements, and there is any sign of lifting, avoid applying too much cream or oil to your nails. It is because such oil or cream may get trapped underneath, resulting in further lifting. In some cases, water may begin to get trapped under such lifted nail coatings. If you leave your nails for too long in this condition, it may lead to bacterial growth.

Take Care of Your Nails

Besides nail slugging, eating healthy to strengthen your nails is essential. Take supplements containing biotin to restore your brittle nails. Many dermatologists also advise drinking plenty of water to treat the lack of fluid in your body, as it can lead to the flakiness of nails. It is equally essential to give your nails a break from nail art and extensions every once in a while.

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