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Megan Fox Flaunts Surprising New Blonde Haircut on Instagram

The new year has brought up a new look for Megan Fox! On January 27, the actress surprised fans by letting go of her signature long black locks and showcasing a short hairdo on her Instagram story.

Fox has not only cut her hair short into a shoulder-length bob but also changed its color to blonde. The 36 year old is now sporting bangs as well, starkly different from her previous look. Read on to see Fox’s new hairdo.

Megan Fox Flaunts Surprising New Haircut

The actress recently took to Instagram to post a selfie on her story, which featured her looking straight into the camera while showing off her layered blonde hair. Her hair now has darker shades at the roots and transition into a honey-blonde shade towards the ends.

Megan was also seen rocking bangs, which hung below her dark eyebrows. It is not yet known whether the Transformers actress got a haircut or if she was wearing a wig for any upcoming project. The selfie was taken inside a trailer, which hints that the star could have done the temporary look for a shoot.

The Actress has Sported Long Hair for Years

Fox has kept her hair long for most of her career. However, she got a haircut last summer as well, when her stylist revealed the look as ‘short-ER and bouncy.’ Earlier in 2014, she had dropped her long hair during the promotions of her film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

In April last year, she had impressed fans by doing pink tresses in boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly’s film, Good Mourning. Later in December, she made news for her waist-length ponytail, which she flaunted during an outing with MGK. Meanwhile, the long bob seems to be a trend again this year, as Hailey Bieber also got the same hairstyle recently.

Over the years, the star has also expressed that she would like to be remembered for her personality and not her looks. “I’d like to be remembered as somebody who was brave, who was unafraid to explore and become myself, regardless of anyone else’s commentary,” she revealed in an interview.

“But I also want my legacy eventually to be someone who helped others, either helped others to find themselves in a similar way or helped others to feel love, to feel self-love and to be able to give that love to their own children and to their own family. Because that spreads, obviously. And that’s what we’re all missing right now,” she continued.

Fans Shocked by Fox’s New Look

Fans, meanwhile, had mixed reactions to the actress’ blonde look. While some appreciated her bold move, others seemed to like her previous hair better. “Why did megan fox do this to her hair,” wrote a fan, while another wrote, “Megan fox cut her hair and went blonde so ima cut my hair and go blonde.”

A fan also tweeted, “oh my god Megan fox new hair thooo [love emoji],” and another impressed follower penned, “Nah Megan fox new hair is insanely sexy….” A social media user commented, “I was always curious to see Megan Fox go blonde and…I don’t know how to feel lmao. It’s cute, sure, but…she doesn’t look like ***Megan Fox*** y’know?”

What are your thoughts on Megan Fox’s new look? Tell us in the comments section.

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