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Meet Sofia Jirau: First Victoria’s Secret Model with Down Syndrome

“If you dream it, you can work it”, 25 year old model based out of Puerto Rico has taken the internet on a stroll after becoming the first Victoria Secret Model with Down Syndrome. 

Victoria’s Secret just dropped their new campaign that stars various models including Sofia Jirau as first ever model with Down Syndrome. Here’s everything you need to know about her!

Sofia Jirau: The Model

Puerto Rican model, Sofia Jirau thrilled the world when she became the first model with Down Syndrome to feature in the New York Fashion Week. Sofia is now the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome. 

She posted the news on her Instagram sharing her happiness with the world making her dream come true. Jirau has launched the apparel and accessories brand Alavett.

Added another feather to her career being a model for a global brand through their inclusive campaign. 


She wrote,” One day I dreamed it, I worked on it and today it is a dream come true. I can finally tell you my big secret… I am the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome! 💗

Thanks to all of you for always supporting me in my projects. Thanks to @victoriassecret for seeing me as a #NoLimits model and making me part of the Love Cloud Collection inclusion campaign. 

This is just the beginning, now it’s formed!” “Inside and out there are no limits, Alavett!”

Love Cloud Collection

Victoria’s Secret has launched their fresh campaign “Love Cloud Collection” starring Sofia Jirau along with Devyn Garcia Cuban Miami based model and Celilo Miles Nez Perz tribe firefighter. 

The comfort wear collection is releasing this week and is said to be unique in terms of size inclusivity, daily wear comfort line. 

A Take On Self Love

Sofia Jirau’s biggest strength is loving herself and comfortable being who she is.

Her spirit of body positivity and make peace with yourself attitude is one of the biggest contributors to where she is today. 

Earlier she shared a post on her Instagram sharing her secret to achieving her dreams is loving herself. She shared a post with the hashtag #medoylike with a video of herself liking her own posts on Instagram.

She writes, “Thanks to the Triple-S family (@grupotriples) for making me the #MeDoyLike challenge. I am going to like all my photos because I love myself, I am beautiful, authentic, strong, generous, a good person, and powerful.” 

Aside from being an entrepreneur and a model associated with a global brand, she is also an advocate for the Down Syndrome community and is actively supporting the cause with the inclusion of campaigns and awareness.

Recently, she launched a Limitless campaign towards the inclusion of people with Down syndrome to get employment. 

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