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Madonna Shares Daring Topless Photos, Giving Tough Competition To Britney

Britney Spears may be celebrating her freedom with endless nude pictures, Madonna has taken this game to the next level. ‘From candy to a money bag’, Madonna may have hidden certain assets, but she’s sure it at 64 in her recent Instagram stories. The pop singer’s hot stories come after she celebrated the 30th anniversary of her 1992 Sex book last week.

Eye-Candy For Fans…

Madonna is serving her 18.5 million Instagram followers with some real eye candy. The “Hung Up” singer recently posted some bare breast pictures in her Instagram stories on Friday (Oct 28), keeping her modesty with some candy and money bag emojis covering her nipples.

“Went from candy to money,” Madonna wrote with the photos. In the pictures, Madonna can be seen clinching her waist in a gorgeous gold corset, complimenting it with matching undies and black fishnet stockings. In another monochrome picture, the 63-year-old pop star can be seen modelling a black bustier, with colourful candy emoji over her crotch. 

If you aren’t aware, Madonna recently revealed her obsession with sex and her regret for marrying twice. She revealed that “sex is the secret behind her incredible life and career”, and she isn’t hesitant to admit that she is kind of obsessed with it. In her previous YouTuve clip, the 64-year-old beauty answered 50 fan questions about her album, “Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones”, which was released on Aug. 19. 

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