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Lauren Jauregui Talks About Patriarchy, Emotional Immaturity and Mental Health

Lauren Jauregui is letting all her thoughts out! Not long ago, the former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony talked about a vast variety of topics during a live session on the social platform Instagram.

The American singer and songwriter spilled the beans on different topics like patriarchy, mental health, and emotional immaturity in her Instagram live. Continue reading further to know what Lauren had to say in her live.

Lauren Jauregui discussed many important topics during her Instagram live

Recently, the More Than That singer took to her Instagram page to spill the beans on a  few topics. She did an Instagram live session where she put some light on several significant topics. “Just some late night thoughts. Existential crisis in the bathroom. Feel free to share yours🤍✨,” she simply captioned the video.

Lauren began the Instagram live by saying, “I didn’t tell anyone I was coming on so I’m not expecting anyone to come but I just was having a thought and this thought has been coming up for me a lot.”

The Back to Me singer went on to say, “And I guess I wanted to share it but I don’t want to share it short form or in such a way where things can get like clipped or like I just I just want to like stream of consciousness kind of think out loud more so and I figured why not do that on a live right. Cuz we should totally do that on the internet.”


She said, “I have these conversations with myself often but I felt like sharing this one today. So I was on Twitter now and you know on these social media sites I see a lot of different things a lot of different debates all the time I watch I like to observe people speaking to one another in comments sections the way people debate things the way they talk about things because I feel like there’s so much truth that comes out through dialogue.”

Lauren put light on the men versus women narrative and patriarchy

The Expectations crooner further added, “One thing I always notice is how we always talk about the men versus women narrative. And I see all kinds of a range of expressions I myself partake in a lot of thoughts the collective thoughts that we all have but I feel like that you know this binary that exists for us in this moment tends to steer us away from the truths because of a lots of things as we tend to take a side pick a side.”
Lauren went on to say, “We lose nuance and I feel like one of the things I’m like shaking weird one of things that comes up for me really deeply when I’m thinking about this is how statistically men are exponentially more violent than women right? Like you just need to look around. You need to look into your family, look around, look in the neighborhood.”

Lauren thinks emotional immaturity is the root cause of patriarchy

The I’m in Love With a Monster singer continued, “Watch the news, not watch the news listen to local people speak about their experiences to understand that this is you know partially true because it is true but the patriarchy to me is more the issue and I believe that the patriarchy breeds emotional immaturity and that emotional immaturity to me is the root cause of so much of this pain that we are all experiencing.”
Lauren said, “And I say emotional immaturity because I feel like when patriarchy takes over when people split up in these gender binaries and they become what a man is or become what woman is they have roles that they need to uphold right. And in upholding these roles they deny themselves parts of their truth.”
She explained, “And so when me suppress their emotions which they’re inclined to do way more than women just the way the society’s set up they’re more inclined to push down their truths more inclined to not speak about their feelings which then, in turn, creates volatile mental health situations of course and they’re also asked to not have empathy.”
The pop star said, “They are told empathy is weak. Um and the things that make you know women overly emotional. Essentially to me is also maturity. Right? Requirement of emotional intelligence to be able to understand everything that’s going on all the time. To interpret people’s feelings before we really know them. You know before we even have a conversation.”
Lauren added, “And I feel like that’s all detrimental to women or to the feminine and again  we’re talking binaries right now. I’m not I understand that through queerness there’s a whole of bunch but I’m right of the way that this expresses. I’m specifically talking about like this is head of the narrative. And how much of that drives society regardless of whether or not queers we exist.”
She went on to say, “You know, what I’m saying? These narratives are what I feel perpetuate you know conservative Republican thought right? Which is to preserve a family unit which is to preserve the binary which is to preserve these ideas and I feel like the emotional immaturity that we all myself included exhibit so often has do to with the amount of feelings that are being suppressed instead of felt whether those feelings are positive or negative.”
Lauren added, “quote unquote another binary you know what I mean feelings are feelings and they are all temporary as long as you let yourself feel them, as long as you let yourself experience, express them in one way or the other right so if we have a bunch of volatile people running around who don’t know ho to express their feelings or don’t feel safe expressing their feelings or their needs because we live in this tense state of existence right now where like a lot of women are being asked and are listening to the call up energetically to move in to accordance to their truth and not allow people to gaslight them.”

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