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8 Times Kate Winslet Looked Gorgeous With No Makeup

Kate Winslet is considered to be one of the prettiest actresses out there. One of the most admiring parts about her beauty is that she embraces aging as a natural part of human life.

Unlike other celebrities who run to get botox at the sign of a wrinkle, Winslet has encouraged millions of people to be comfortable with who they are. She has openly refused to get any type of plastic surgery and said that it went against her morals.

More About Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is an English actress who is known for starring in period dramas and independent movies. She has acted in a number of movies with complex topics and characters and won many accolades for them including a Grammy award for the movie called The Reader.

Although she had been doing well, the movie that shot her to international stardom was Titanic, which went on to become the highest-grossing movie of the time.

No Makeup Pictures of Kate Winslet

Winslet was only 21 years old when she shot the Titanic. Decades have passed since then and yet she continues to be the epitome of beauty in Hollywood.

  1. Hello, It’s Me

Kate Winslet was spotted talking on the phone. She did not mind getting snapped by the paps without any makeup on.

She had told Harper Bazaar in an interview that “What’s been so nice is that we’ve all been unified in our joy of not having to put makeup on and not make so much of an effort. I’ve actually enjoyed really not wearing makeup, and certainly wearing less of it.”

  1. Black Beauty

There is something about Kate Winslet looking stunningly beautiful in a simple black dress.

The L’Oreal Paris spokesperson smiled for the pictures. She had her hair done in a normal ponytail and looked gorgeous without any makeup on her.

  1. I Am Worth It

 Kate Winslet posted an inspirational picture with a long caption on Facebook. She wrote “I know I have wrinkles on my skin but today i want you to see beyond that,” she continued, “I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.”

She went on and asked people to further share the post so that it could hit back at the “haters” as she refused to become a victim of negative comments on social media.

The Reader actress added that “Share the message everywhere and let it reach the haters and let them know that you don’t give a damn about the negatives and you chose not to be a victim to those bullies who make fun of others based on appearances, race, gender, etc.”

The video was sponsored by L’Oreal but the message resonated with many others who had been shamed for the way they looked.

  1. A Doting Mother

The elegant actress has faced a lot of negative comments and judgment for having three children from different partners, but people seem to forget that she was the mother and did a wonderful job at being that.

She is often seen out taking her kids on a stroll or just spending quality time with them. Although she is a superstar and dedicated a lot of time to work, it never came between her and her children.

  1. Mare of Easttown

Over the years, Winslet has played many diverse roles. One such role was Mare of Easttown. The character was more serious and intense than some of the other ones she played.

To give the character that depth, they added in “these teeny, tiny patches of an eyebrow.” Other than that, little to no makeup was used on Winslet. She even revealed that she refused the director’s offer to cut out her “bulgy bit of belly” from the movie.

  1. Right Role Model

We all know how kids observe and follow what they see others doing. In this regard, Winslet does a great job of being the right role model for her children. In most of the scenarios where she stepped out with her children, she did not have any makeup on.

Her hair was usually tied in a pony and she wore non-flashy normal clothes.

  1. Bye, Bye Birdy!

A lot of celebrities do not like to be photographed, and that is understandable. But paparazzi’s’ still pry at people’s privacy and take their pictures especially when they are vulnerable. To avoid getting photographed, celebrities often cover their faces or try to hide in plain sight.

But not Kate Winslet. There are so many times when she got clicked by paparazzi’s but did not seem to care. This time, she decided to wave back at them, her cheeky way of saying “I see you!”

  1. Raw Portrait

Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson were a part of Vanity Fair’s “raw portraits”. They were described as “a rare and impressive 20-by-24-inch Polaroid camera” by the American painter and photographer Chuck Close.

He added that “it takes a real act of generosity and faith on the part of the subject to go with it and to give me their image without having any control over what’s gonna happen.”

The portrait features the actresses with no makeup with a grey background. Their wardrobe is also something that people would generally wear, nothing special. Notably, Winslet was pregnant with her third child at the time the portrait was clicked, yet she looked gorgeous.

Kate Winslet is aging gracefully and she makes sure that people know that she is all-natural. She often speaks up about accepting ones’ natural beauty and not getting procedures done to change how they look.

Although she has been trolled time and again for aging, she does not allow it to change how she looks or behaves. Not only has she talked about being natural in many interviews, but she was also part of campaigns and photographs where she encouraged many to embrace how they look.

Her fine lines add a great deal of character to the roles that she plays on-screen and also sets a great example off-screen to those who look up to her.


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